Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kelisa became Sa-li-ke

Ming says: It's been some times. Laziness. This says all. =)

Was looking at all the pictures in my comp, and I found this picture.

That was my car back in year 2004. Ted was that guy in grey shirt. The Kancil which can be seen from far far away belongs to Jin. Matthew was the one who took this picture. Where was I then. I was standing beside the road, crying.... *sob sob*

It's not some severe accident. Just a car crash between a small little Kelisa and a big Mercedes, and of cos an aunty who had no idea what she was doing at that time. Making a U-turn down the hill of Damansara Heights? CRAZY!

Ted never late when comes to picking me up after class. That day was SUPER-late. Over the phone he told me that he met an accident. *ping pong piang*.. Oh, that's my heart-breaking-sound. =p

When I knew that, the first thing that crossed over my mind was How's Ted, *bish, damn worried man*... then the second thought was, How's the car... And then How am I going to tell my parents.

So I had to walked up the hill to see what's actually going on. Then I saw Ted, my car, another car, and an aunty. Was worried bout him cos I was afraid there will be internal injuries that couldnt be seen from outside. And I was sure that he bang himself on the steering very hard. BUt he insisted that he was ok. Fine then. =p I was crying during that time cos I really dunno wut to do. So, me this cowardy-ming only dare to sms my brother. *haha* Guess what, my parents didnt even scold me or neither blame Ted for anything. So nice of them. =p

In the end, we dont have car for 2 months? During that period, you can see those nice people around that who always offer to send us to school, to any place la.. Especially JonJon and Jin.. So sweet of them you know..*hehe*

Oh yea, why am I posting this up when this is already an old story. Because, to tell you the truth, back in those days, I do not dare to look at this picture. *wakakaka*..Seriously, I dunno why la, just not dare to look at it.. Dun la ask me why cos i really dunno why...=p

p/s: Ted is a nice guy with good driving skill. =p

Friday, October 20, 2006

Best Friends...II

Ming says: We're big and mature enough to see the truth and believe the truth, but not to create nonsense.. Hmm!!

Last few days, I posted up the blog on "Best Friends...". Then, I have friends complaining that why their names were not mentioned there..*haiya*...You see, I have too many good friends, TOO MANY! How is it possible for me to mention everyone? It's not dat i dun treasure others as my friends, haiyo...I keep everyone inside my heart one la...ish ish ish!

But I'm glad that I have friends who understand me a lot.. I will name a few then later people will complain again..but i dun care la!
1: Weiyong!! He never failed to cheer me up with his singing.. He actually sent me the "happy birthday" and "friends-cantonese" that sang by him to me..woohoo..
2: WeeJian!! He disturbs me a lot but he is always there..cos he always online ma...wakakakaka...=p
3: Ted!! nothing much to say but I cant deny that he understands me well, and he always know when to call or when to talk to me...=p
4: Sean!! Er.. he is the special one? wakakakaa...=p

HOld on, the point is not about mentioning bout the ppl above.. haiya.. just want to say that, i have a lot of friends that I dun keep in touch often, but in our hearts we know dat we are there for each other la... ish..dunwan to say d la.. But i'm really happy to have so many good friends around..*hehe*

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Best Friends...

Ming says: What else to ask for when I've already have You in my life... =)

Let's promise to be best friends forever,
in good times, and in bad times,
for better or worse, richer and poorer,
through thick and thin.

Let's promise to share,
our secret and dreams,
to trust enough to tell the truth and hear the truth,
and to forgive and forget.

Let's celebrate mistakes,
and cry over anything,
and laugh at nothing,
and just to be there for each other -
forever and always......

This song is specially dedicated to friends who have always been there for me... No one deserves this song better than my Birdy-Pam! girl, this is for you, and sing by our favorite - Preston and Lorance! Hope you like it...! And lately, I get to know this new friend, Edwin, I think he deserves this song too! I'm really thankful to have you guys in my life.... *smile* and not to forget Jamie-choot-lilgap! wow, your e-card really makes me smile! Love y'all... =)

I've learnt that to have a good friend is the purest of all God's gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange in payment.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Thank You!

Ming says: I'm blessed!!

Hey guys, just wanna say thank u n thank u n thank u again.. you guys are so great... I'm so so so happy.. =) see the big big smile on my face? yaya, i'm really really happy...=p

Pammy Birdy... mwah! love you babe....thanks for the surpriseeeeeee... love the ice Lorance & Preston too...haha... the "I'll never break you heart" was a great one... Finally a complete whole song from them...haha,... you are too nice d,..and i shall dedicate one of my wish to you...hmm...cannot say it here lo..its the wish you told me the other day..=p

wahhh..i'm so happy la...cant even write a proper blog..=p

mwah to everyone of you! =p

Friday, October 13, 2006

exam exam...

Ming says: My Tag-board got problem...I can't remember my username and password, macam mana ar? =(

Exam Exam...
  • I'm the last minute kinda person when comes to preparing for exam.
  • Procrastinator, yes I am.
  • I only will study Text book once, that's when I do my own notes.
  • I don't read lecture's notes, I read my own notes. =p
  • I always walk into the exam hall with full-of-confidence-look on my face, but actually inside my heart, it goes "ping pong pong piang.."=p
  • I'm always too confident until there is this guy -smart guy- always ask me to share my answers with him during exam.. but he dunno actually I'm so lousy...wahahaha
  • I do not take exam seriously. I'm so comfortable with exam. It's not a good thing. Dont learn from me!
  • I study smart er..not study hard one... oiseh!
  • I do not waste time on the question I do not know how to answer... I will just leave blank one! I dun even want to crap when come to essay question...haiya..I know it's a bad dun learn from me!=p
  • I must have my favorite pen with me during exam!
  • I like to sit in front of the exam hall.
  • Always leave exam hall early, do not like to sit inside the hall and try to squeeze my brain for the answers.
  • I don't double check my answers! eh, too much works for that!
  • So now you must be wondering, I;m grade A student, or B, or C, D, or E... well, I dunwan to tell u..bleh...=p

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shayne Ward - no promises

Ming says: 2 more papers to go..eew..=(

Shayne Ward - No promises!

Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love.
Every time you're near I feel like I'm in heaven, feeling high
I don't want to let go, girl.
I just need you to know girl.

I don't wanna run away, baby you're the one I need tonight,
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms

Here tonight

Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love.
Everytime you're near I feel like I'm in heaven, feeling high
I don't want to let go, girl.
I just need you you to know girl.

I don't wanna run away, baby you're the one I need tonight,
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms

I don't want to run away, I want to stay forever, thru Time and Time..
No promises

I don't wanna run away, I don't wanna be alone
No Promises
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, now and forever my love

No promises

I don't wanna run away, baby you're the one I need tonight,
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms

I don't wanna run away, baby you're the one I need tonight,
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms
Here tonight.

He is too good I have to post another song from him..*hehe*.. See the way he sings la..aiyo..dats the way a guy should sing to a girl ma.. =p

Shayne Ward - Stand by Me

Ming says: This world is filled with so much love!

Shayne Ward - Stand By Me

Nothing's impossible
Nothing's unreachable
When i am weary
You make me stronger
This love is beautiful
So unforgetable
I feel no winter coat
When we're together
When we're together

Will you stand by me
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me
With you i know i belong
When the story gets told

When day turns into night
I look into your eyes
I see my future now
All the world and its wonder

This love wont fade away
And through the hardests days
I'll never question this
You are the reason
Why only reason

Will you stand by me
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me
With you i know i belong
When the story gets told

I am blessed
To find what i need
In a world loosing hope
Yuor my only belive
You make things right
Everytime after time

Will you stand by me
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me
With you i know i belong
When the story gets told

Stand by me
No more darlin i want you by my side
I want you hear with me

After JackJOhnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, Craig David.. I found another sweet emotional voice --> Shayne Ward! woohoo!Look at the way he sings..ahh.. it touches my heart definitely... =p

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sleeping Disorder

Ming says: I'm running out of time...

Yeap! I think I have sleeping disorder...

You must be wondering, like what kinda sleeping disorder huh...


No no...~ That'll be too minor for me, well, maybe that was like few years back when I had Insomnia.. Now? No No... I'm in the situation where it's way more serious than this... Cos basically Insomnia is the chronic inability to sleep, for example, problems with falling asleep, awakening repeatedly during night, waking up too early...

So how about now?

Hmm.. I have this disorder call Circadian Rhythm Disorder (CRD).. Sounds cool huh? =p

So, whats dat? ok, let me tell you then...

CRD occurs when peoply try to sleep at times that are inconsistent with their circadian rhythm. This is common among shift workers..

But why do I have dat?

Because, sometimes I sleep at 2am, sometimes 3am? sometimes 4am? sometimes 5am? 6am? 7am? I'm not even a shift worker for some factories.., but why do I sleep at these times ar? Whose fault is this?

WeeJian-XiaoxiaoJian-SoyaBean-CowardyJian-La!! (la la la la's pay back time..=p)

So, the best therapies to cure this disorder is "target bedtime" or "light therapy".. I'm picking Target Bedtime as the treatment.. Thus, Vjian you gotta be responsible for this.. From now on, you have to ask me go to bed at a desire bedtime, and sing me lullaby to make me fall asleep... *muahahahaha*

The above information is all true one woe... else from the part which saying I have CRD a bit fake.. But i'm sure I will get dat very soon if i continue being like dat la...=p

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random facts..

Ming says: I love my life...

*ahem*.. I know i've not been updating my blog as often as last time...firstly, I'm busy.. Secondly, I'm lazy.. =p haiya! nevermind.. cos today I'm here to update my blog, nothing special, just a lil bit update of myself, and a few random facts of ME! =p

1. I've been busy and lazy!
2. I do not have a proper meal time, which is a bad thing!
3. I won a mooncake during mid-autumn festival, and I had fun during the gathering..
4. I love singing lately, and met a bunch of people who love singing...
5. I think weiyong still the best among all... (refer back to No.4)
6. I do not have enough sleep...due to...
  • Chatting everynite
  • Youtube everynite
  • Xiaoxiao jian kacau me (=p)
  • Constantly thinking about my future
7. I'm still thinking about this question everynite (am i being too selfish..?)
8. I do not study enough..
9. This week is mid-term week...
10. I wished I've enrolled in more interesting subjects this semester..but it's too late now..
11. How I wish they cancel Saturday class every week...
12. Not enough money for petrol.. wanna thank Randall for the Vpower..=p hahahaa
13. I scratched my car...Ssshs...cos I havent let my brother know..
14. I do not have good relationship with my housemates else from sad..=(
15. How I wish I can understand them better or they understand me better...
16. I love bible study and I've already finished FF1...woohooooooo!!
17. I have a long list in my prayer, basically if you are someone matter to me, you'll be in the list..=p
18. I think all the guys should train under City Harvest...
19. I do not update blog often, but I'm active in other ppl's blog. I read Birdy(Pam)'s blog everyday, I visit so often, Rojak's Daily keep me smiling...=p
20. I still think that Friendster is better than Multiply...
21. I wish that my birthday wishes will come true..although it's not here yet....
22. I know what's my wishes will be after Pam said my wishes are too simple the other day..
23. I think Edwin, Eric, Randall, Anna, and me are cute..cos we bought liverpool jersey from Petaling Street together, and we gonna wear that together!
24. Tuesday 10th October is a public holiday..where to go?
25. *shit* I'm gonna be 22 soon.. I was counting this and Pam came into my room..hahaha
26. Wynx wanna intro me to his boss to help me to get scholarship! He is so so helpful!
27. Pam n me enjoy Lawrence and Preston's singing every monday nite, although they a bit off one... i'll never break your heart...i'll never make you "smile", wuts dat? =p
28. I can't wait to visit to Sabah...
29. I'm still scare of watching ghost movies in the cinema, eventhough the movie is some crap movie...
30. I wish I could hear him sings to me again and this time I wanna look straight into his eyes just to see lagi ada feeling tak...but too far away la.. how woe? skype? =p
31. I'm not bagai kacang lupakan kulit kinda person...yes.. s.e.a.n, i'm not...=p
32. Shirley and David are such a lovely couple...
33. I see things differently now...cos I think i've grown up? =p
34. "Ish" is my favorite word for the time being...
35. Lazy to drive. The best is having someone to fetch me everyday even he or she has to drive my car...
36. I'm still waiting for my university admission result...
37. Toefl results gonna be out on 15th Oct, I screwep up the test basically, hoping miracle will happen... if you dun see me around on 15th meaning i....hmm...dunno? =p
38. 6 research papers to do.. and I'm on the first one..great!
39. So many things to do, so little time I have...
40. So many things to buy, so little money I have to spend..
41. I'm thankful for having so many great friends around...
42. I will go to Melaka with Birdy, it's a promise... no Birdy, no Melaka! =p
43. I love the pillow in Edwin's house... so nice... although it's 9.90
44. I still hug my teddy bear into bed everynite..=p
45. Pokka Jasmine Green Tea is the best!
46. Chicken Herbal Soup + Potatoes = tres bien!
47. I'm so gay, this line especially for vjian one...=p
48. My room is messy..books everywhere, bags everywhere...
49. I miss my urbanism, no one will understand this else from him who is far far away from me..
50. I wish I can write time, I will write 100 stuff k...=p

It's 2:24 pm, no breakfast no lunch..better go grab something to eat now..

It's a good thing that when i dun update often, many ppl will come to tell me "ming, y u neva update ur blog anymore..", anyway, I'm happy to see many ppl come and visit here, although nothing much for them to read...=p


Till then... =)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ming Says: My life start to get better ever since you came into my life..

JackJohnson -Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

His voice is so gorgeous and sends tingles down my spine, and then I have butterflies in my stomach..=p
His lyrics fit so smartly in with the music he's written, yet it's so simple.
He's wonderful.
I love him!
I still remember the first time I got to know JackJohnson through xxjian, cos he kept on singing his song in the car when we were out..nice one anyway..=p

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Romance 101

A few tips to be a romantic guy!

1. Send her flowers unexpectedly. Choose a bunch of her favorite flowers of her favorite colors, and give it with your heart and not commplain bout the price later. Or you can just pluck some flowers from the roadside, we will know when you actually mean it..=)

2. Write her a check for a million kisses, and let her take it to the bank.

3. Have your song playing on the stereo when she returns home from work or errands, and whisk her into a spontaneous dance.

4. For a change of pace ? eat breakfast by candlelight or have dinner in bed.

5. Fill her car with red balloons.

6. Write her a love letter ? it doesn't have to be perfect, poetic or long ? just from you. You don't have to be artsy, cos at least you try, we girls understand it..

7. Have a "play date" once a month, where you get away together for a day of fun. Play ground can be fun too, we just need to play like as if we are still kids.

8. Fill her answering machine or voicemail with romantic messages.

9. Kidnap her? blindfold her and take her to a favorite restaurant, the theatre, the racetrack or another place you both enjoy.

10. Grab her hand when you walk next to each other.

11. Write little notes.

12. Compliment her and have it come from the heart.

13. Be a gentleman (hold the door for her). This is the small small thing that we notice.

14. Take her for a long walk at night, even it's just around the housing area..

15. Draw on or rub her back as she is tryin to rest or sleep..

16. Tell her she is beautiful or adorable... not hot!

17. Hold her hand at any moment . . . even if its just for a second.

18. Wake her up to go to school instead of you asking her to wake you up! =p

19. When she is upset, hold her tight and just keep quiet. We girls know that guys are not saints that can help us to solve all the problems, it actually means a lot when you show that you really care..=)

20. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most.

21. If you're talking to another girl, when your done talking, walk over and hug her....let her know she's yours and they arent.

22. Introduce her to your friends . . . as your girlfriend. Always proud of her being your girlfriend.

23. Let her fall asleep in your arms.

24. Every guy should give their girl 3 things: a stuffed animal(she'll hug it everytime she goes to sleep), jewlery(will treasure it forever), and one of his t-shirts (she'll most likely where it to bed).

25. Treat her the same around your friends as you do when your alone.

26. Look her in the eyes and smile.

27.Kiss her in the rain (girls love this)

28. When she cries, kiss her tears away. Do not mind to take your hand or use your favorite shirt to wipe away her tears + sticky sticky stuff..=p

29. Use your hand to hold her vomit when she doesnt have enough time to run to toilet. This is really sweet! =p

30. Watch any movie with her, no matter how teary eyed she may get.

31. Sing to her no matter how bad you are at it..=p

32. Say cheezy stuff to her just to make her smile..We don't mind you for being lame..

33. Hold her hand through the roughest parts of life.

34. Run your fingers through her hair, like you are washing her worries/troubles away.

35. Tell her she makes your day better, just for being herself..=)

And Lots more.. Will add more later..Remember that It's not hard to be romantic..just use ur heart n use brain and think a lil bit you will come out with a lots of ideas that actually amazed yourself..=)

It's not bout the money.. Small things, small actions matter a lot to us. When you wanna do something for her, ask yourself, you do it with your heart or just trying to let her know that you are romantic.. It's different, and ya, we are smart to see the difference.. =p

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hair Loss Problem

Ming says: Where's the sunshine after rain?

I have serious hair loss problem!
I can't think of another cause than Stress..
Can Stress trigger hair loss problem?
Can la of cos...
Read below...

Stress may be a trigger of a form of hair loss called telogen effluvium.
Usually hair loss in this manner can regrow once the stress is dealt with.
Prolongued stress can be detrimental to your health in general, aside from hair
loss so it's a good idea to develop coping skills for handling stress and
adopting a lifestyle that keeps it to a minimum.

It's been a stressful week..I really need to cope with this... if not one day Ming will becomes like this...

OooOOpps... Scary isn't it?=p

Saturday, September 16, 2006

You'll think of me

Ming says: I've got nothing to say...

You'll Think of Me
by Keith Urban

I woke up early this morning around 4am
With the moon shining bright as headlights on the interstate
I pulled the covers over my head and tried to catch some sleep
But thoughts of us kept keeping me awake
Ever since you found yourself in someone else's arms
I've been tryin' my best to get along
But that's OK
There's nothing left to say, but

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories I don't need'em
Take your space and take your reasons
But you'll think of me
And take your cat and leave my sweater
'Cause we have nothing left to weather
In fact I'll feel a whole lot better
But you'll think of me, you'll think of me

I went out driving trying to clear my head
I tried to sweep out all the ruins that my emotions left
I guess I'm feeling just a little tired of this
And all the baggage that seems to still exist
It seems the only blessing I have left to my name
Is not knowing what we could have been
What we should have been

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories I don't need'em
Take your space and take your reasons
But you'll think of me
And take your cat and leave my sweater
'Cause we have nothing left to weather
In fact I'll feel a whole lot better
But you'll think of me

Someday I'm gonna run across your mind
Don't worry, I'll be fine
I'm gonna be alright
While you're sleeping with your pride
Wishing I could hold you tight
I'll be over you
And on with my life

So take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories I don't need'em
And take your cat and leave my sweater
'Cause we have nothing left to weather
In fact I'll feel a whole lot better
But you'll think of me

And you're gonna think of me
Oh someday baby, someday

Birdy, you're such a bad influence...this song been playing over and over again in my head....

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Love blind..

Ming says: You will lead my hand and help me to walk out from it...=)

I read something from my friend's blog.
He claims that "Love always come in sweet and end in pain.."
Hello!! wake up wake up! It doesnt necessarily end in pain, it depends on how well you handle it, how you control it, how much sweet memories you want to keep it, instead of reminding yourself all the pains...

Yesterday I heard from my friend that one of our friend has a new gf. At first I thought, wow, good for him, but after about 1 hour of coversation, I am sure that this guy gonna end the relationship in pain, so pain... argh, stupid, you are so blinded by love.. *no eye see*..

Last nite I get disappointed by you... I saw you, and you turned away... What was that? Married already cannot have friends is it? =(

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm good

Ming says: Mt stupid dog is so noisy, ah, I can't stand it...

Just to make you happy, I post this up!
When: 7th September 2006, on the way to work in the morning
Where: Taipan Usj9
Who: Ming, the watch, the car
Why: How I know? Do you think I want this to happen?
What: What the....hell....
How: The watch knocked on the car, and suddenly the car became like this! Amazing hor? But the 20-ringgit-chee-cheong-kai-watch one scratch pun tak ada! Miracle..
Who was there to laugh: Birdy, Jeff
Moral Value/ lesson learned: Don't look down on Petaling Street's watch, especially when you buy from this guy call Ah Miao!

The above incident abit kua-cheong and obviously I can't answer 5W n 1H question very well..=p

I'm back to Penang for 3 days? This morning I went for Saturday morning class, oh I damn sia-soi myself.. Class at 10am, I came out from home at 10am. So by the time I reached college already 10:15 cos of the stupid jam, ah, nvm..then I took the elevator to the 10th floor and without second thoughts I went into 10.10 room. I was late so I knocked on the door before I went in and I said to that bold guy "Sorry I'm late" before I sat down. Then, I thought, eh, since when my college hire this super-professional-lookalike-lecturer for psychology students, then I looked around, eh, how come so many students one, then I looked at the white board, wah, first day and the first 15 min already taught so much ar..nvm, I looked at the projected screen on the wall, about what what corporate, I'm taking issues and ethics class woe... nvm, I took a look at the professor again, he was wearing a name tag saying he is Doctor Ah Beng( I cant remember the chinese name =p), wait, my time table telling me that my lecturer supposed to be a girl called Reiko...He no where look like a girl..At that moment I knew that I went into the wrong class.. So I excused myself from the class without looking at anyone, damn sia soi ler..

Stupid ppl like me join this stupid college, class venue had changed also never put up a notice.. SO i walked around at 10th floor looking in to every room to see anyone look like Reiko to me.. Never met her before so I just have to guess lo... Finally I saw this class with a few psychology students who I can recognise and a female lecturer...So I went in and made sure that was issues n ethics class before I sat down.. =p and I was told I was late for 1 plus hour...wth? but it's written 10am on the time table.. see! stupid management didnt do their works again... lousy college.. =p

I thought I still can relax abit this weekend but so many assignments and reports waiting for me to finish, aiyo... even come back to penang also have to do work.. sien hor?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sun Ho - Your Shoulder

Ha! Finally! The song is up! I have problem uploading this song for the past few days... woohoo, now you guys can listen to this song and enjoy it... wei, it's a nice song er, if you dont think it's nice, then maybe you have bad taste... =p
No la..aiyo..the lyrics is on your right hand side, sing a long if you can read the chinese words..=p

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First day of class..

Ming says: Birdy and Macau is the best of the best!

It's only 6 hours-class today but I'm so tiring, I guess I'm just old. Physically, Mentally just cant take it anymore.
2 Psychology subjects and one freaking same lecturer, man, I hate him. I'm not trying to be proud but I think I can teach better than him, what's a need to conduct a lecture when you just read out from the notes and moreover you cant read every single word properly in the notes?
It's really sick when I hear him saying "Hey beibeh" or "babes, you gotta hang on for a few minutes more ya.." to the class where most of them have their heads cover up with tudung. I'm not being racist, but it's just sick.. Before I finish Abnormal Psychology this semester, I will turn into one abnormal person because of this lecturer I guess...

I have problem with people who borrow my notes and do not know how to take good care of it. Today it happened. This girl from the class came in late and wanted to borrow the notes from me to photocopy, I'm totally fine with it, but I'm not OK when I found that the notes did not look like it supposed to be then I'll be pissed off.. GRRRrrr...

Fine! There sure is something in college that make me happy. Yes, I found one! The Nescafe vending machine! Where I can buy hot or cold Nestle drinks such as Nescafe, Milo, Milk Tea, for only 60 cents per paper cup! That's the coolest thing in college...hahaha

Apart from that, the head of department is the best! Because when I asked a letter of recommendation from him, without further thinking, he just said OK! Wow, from now on I ishouldn't judge you on your cute cute head with little bit hair on it..=p

I find that I'm a little bit outdated when today the photocopy system in college amazed me.. I was told that I have to purchase a card something like touch N go card to do use the photocopy service in library. So i bought the card and I touch and I go! No la, I mean I photocopy my notes la..=p Cool man! So lame..Whatever! =p On top of that, they have photocy machine in every floor! Wherever you go, you see photocopy machine! =p

Today after class came home with a tired body and mind, but after seeing Birdy's message in her blog, suddenly I feel so awake, alive... =p

Monday, September 04, 2006

Emerge KL 2006

Ming says: The crocodile hunter - Steve Irwin dies in stingray attack. What a pity.

Timothy, Pam, Ming, Pauline

Leon, Pam, Pauline, Ming

Birdy and Macau

Babes you gotta put on weights ya..

Wild Wild West

Joel, Jeff, Pam, Ming

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Emerge Kl was fun, I'm glad I went!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ming Says: It's been a long time since the last update. =)

I'd like to dedicate this to people who have a dream. To you vjian.

If there was ever a time to dare,
to make a difference,
to embark on something worth doing,
Not for any grand cause, necessarily...
but for something that tugs at your heart,
something that's your inspiration,
something that's your dream.

You owe it to yourself to make your days here count.

Know, though, that things worth doing seldom come easy.
There will be good days.
And there will be bad days.
There will be times when you want to turn around,
pack it up, and call it quits.
Those times tell you that you are pushing yourself,
that you are not afraid to learn by trying.

Because with an idea,
and the right tools,
you can do great things.
Let your instincts, your intellect,
and your heart, guide you.

Believe in the incredible power of the human mind.
Of doing something that makes a difference.
Of working hard.
Of laughing and hoping.
Of lazy afternoons.
Of lasting friends.
Of all the things that will cross your path this year.

The start of something new brings the hope of something great,
All things are possible.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A long nite..

Ming says: Everyone makes mistakes... dua(2) hundreds... chit(7) o'clock.. =p

What's the must-have thing when you are planning to stay up late?
Coffee? No no..we prefer to have TEA tonight..Chinese Tea! Mom got me this, i dunno which type of tea this is, aiya, flower flower one la!


-in the process-

Jeng Jeng! fuuuulllllooooooowwweeeeeeRrrr....

The following part, everything happen on 3am onwards..
It's American Jagung time!

mine is the short one..n pam have the long one! yes..long n big!

2 38-poh with 2 huge jagung.. =p

big hor?

cooking..aiyo..i tell tastes really really sweet!

oh ya! must give credits...all pictures were taken nicely by -pamsong- =p

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grandma Birthday!

Ming says: Yay! The money is back!

Spot me in the pictures during grandma's birthday..

p/s: WST, gimme 10 reasons y should i remove your link from my page..=p

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Ming says: I m so sleepy and it's only 7:00pm rite now....

Hey ppl! I'm back! I'm in KL rite now and finally got my line fixed..*hehe*
Nothing much er...I will blog again later...

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Ming says: I hate snatch theft!

So happy to see pammy graduated!
So happy to see my tai sou graduated!
Ish, when is my graduation?
Brother actually said this when I took picture with tai sou..."Next year we gonna go to states to attend your graduation.."
well,..i hope so too..=)
damn stressful now..argh..!
I'm so tired today..HAVE to sleep earlier tonite cos tmr have to drive to Kl...but i'm sleepy anyway..haha..

Thursday, August 17, 2006

h.a.p.p.y b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y

Dearest lilgap aka jamie choot aka 4 legs snake!

On today 18th of August, 2006, 10:37 (+800 GMT), you are officially turning into 22! woohoo! Happy Birthday! See, I remember your birthday, even the time you were born!

I really dunno what to wish you as I think you already have what you should have by now..=p

eh..this is gap-volution number wut ade? =p

neway, all the best lo..the best to u..may u have the best of the best lo..haahaha!

Happy Birthday! muacks! you're the best (or 2nd or maybe 3rd la)! Glad to have you in my life..=)


Don't Laugh..ok!

Do Not Laugh - video powered by Metacafe
Do Not Laugh - English lesson

Everytime I watch, I Laugh..=p

Do Not Laugh - Biology Lab

me - animal

Ming Says: How come Blogger so lag nowadays? or is it my line?

Supposed to stop working on tuesday, but I decided to stay for another 3 days! Cos I love the kids..! *haha*

According to one of the standard six boy today, to him, I am a very "xun4 liang2 he2 wen1 he2 de3 dong4 wu4" to say this in english..erm..very tame n friendly animal? *haha*..cute hor him..cos according to dat boy I'm too nice to them and he thinks that I will never scold them...=p..yea havent seen the real Ming...=p

Today I read something very sickening er.. I'm not against homosexual..but this one...eew... n weejian, i really dun go against gay one...*hahahaha*

This Sunday gonna be pammy n my sis-in-law convo in Usm..wei pam..same place! same place! same time! same time! (yes, i very sam pat) I will attend k..n we will take pictures n i will get the pictures from you next year during this time..=p

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Ming Says: I think I'm pregnant with my own sperm n ovum..damn pms...

Damn Happy wei today! for some reasons la..haha..
At nite went to Pasar Malam with mom n sis...yay, i get to eat my favorite Bangkok Pancake..*hehe*..lots of ppl many ah lians, ah beng, aunty uncle..then hey hey hey..i ask you guys la.. when 9 girls (Daisy, Elina, Selene, Polly, Esther, Regina, Angeline, Tricia, Elline) went out or met up with 1 guy (Ah beng), what will they become? you guys dunno arrrr.... they will become DESPERATE la... =p i know..lame la..haiyo.. you cannot blame me..cos just now i saw so many groups of girls with only one guy eh.. n the words desperado was written on most of the girls foreheads.. =p haiyo..i duno what i'm toking oso..=p i think i better continue with my anime..hahaha

Monday, August 14, 2006

Kid's Food!

Ming Says: wanna see you desperately.. kikikikikeiki
These are Kid's food that I got it from BetterHomes! They named it as foods for kids, but I think it will be more suitable if they named it as Food For Ming! yippee!=p
Hot Diggity Dog! so Cute!
Caterpillar Confection...I wont eat it for sure!

Stacked Chicken, this one requires such a long time to do it hor..
Kooky Cookie Sandwich! i think they should name it as Cookie monster la!
By The Seaside Sandwich! Aww..I'm Loving this!

Stary n Ginger Breadman Sandwiches! lovely isn't it?
Last but not least, this is Pickled Frog..Especially made it for Pammy one, as a gift for letting me stay at your place..=p just wondering why they dun have Pickled Bird! Pam, we'll make one k? =p


Ming Says: I don't know why today when I was sitting in the room alone, my eyes filled with tears all of a sudden... pms is killing me badly.. i guess...

Yup! I'm tired.. So many things to do yet so little time i have. Applying to university can be so ma fan, although it's not my first time..Helping friends for their application is way much easier than helping myself..i'm just plain lazy i guess.. I have all the documents with me rite now, i just need to go to Inti to get signature from miss Simone..Seeing her is a really challenging stuff to me..haha..i damn scare of her er..dunno y...but the last time we went there she damn friendly to ted, well, maybe only to ted...dats the first thing i'm worry of..then..i have confidence in university accepting me, but i have no confidence in how much credits they will let me if they only accept credits from Help? die la me..dat time u will see me jump from KLCC tower..n i will be in the first page on The Star, and dat time, Ted, we are equal..hahahaha.. lame.. besides dat..hmm..stupid toefl more computer base test..i have to take the very-stupid-superduh-chao-o-kui-boh-akal-kanasai-damnlame-superchaochao Internet Base Test...=( and I have to speak this time.. why my last toefl score report expired dddddd..aiyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...n it cost me 150 usd, wei, 10 dollar more than the computer base test..hahaha..ok enuff of dat..

I had dinner with mom n my sisters in Yataimura (soree Elain, soree Willett), haha..damn nice oi..but a little bit expensive lo..they change their menu already..the set dinner no more free gyoza? wth....mana boleh...i'm not full yet..i wan gyoza gyoza gyozaaaaaaaaaaaa....=p

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weird Dream

Ming says: Seeing the red timberland bag on the newspaper is much more happier than seeing him on the newspaper...ok..fine..i lied..

Ted in the news

Last nite i thought that, me, xxjian, n wei yong can sing k in Skype..but they 2 were so busy...fine then, i ma watch bleach lo..then i fell asleep..n i had a weird dream.. i dreamt of myself, xxjian n weiyong, we 3 person were eating jagung at my house..and the funny thing is..the jagung i remembered its form Ames one, very sweet one, no need to cook one..i thought japan have this type of jagung only..mana tahu Ames also have.. n n n,..while we were eating jagung, we were reading newspaper as well..n the newspaper i never seen before's call as "ren ming ri bao"..wakakaka...=p anyone have freud's dream dictionary? i wanna check whats the meaning behind this dream ler..haahaha

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nite out with family

Ming says: i'm kinda addicted to Bleach already...hehehe

Today brother called home to ask us to get ready to go for dinner together.
So my youngest sister called up my mom..

Belle: mummy, where are we going to eat later? high class, middle class, or lousy one?
Mom: depends on brother where he brings us to..maybe high class one..
Belle: got air-con one or not? hotel restaurant ar?
Mom: hmm..maybe...
Belle: Ok..

(of cos they speak mandarin..=p)

Sigh..children nowadays..damn realistic.. is it matter where to makan? Then brother came back to fetch us to..."high class" restaurant makan.. mana's seafood again..haiyo..sien with seafood..its somewhere near beach side one la..prawn village or dunno whats da name..ahaha...da seafood very fresh lo, cos my lips no itchy good is my english..hahaha.. during the dinner we were talking bout bro's wedding as usual i come out with all those nonsense crappy ideas..hahaha..then suddenly... i think dad ate something wrongly...

Dad: ming, when you wan to kahwin?
Me: huh? siao ar...
Dad: you n him no more chance mer?
Me: ........ no......*hehehe --->fake smile*
Dad: quickly kahwin year, at the same time with brother.. (wah-lao, who to kahwin when i dun have a bf? )
Mom: yalo yalo..then will be easier for us..
Me: siao...
Bro: siao...she still young (he is the only one acting normal...)
Me: hano..siao eh..

yea,..they all nutsy.. today i'm happy becos someone said i look pretty..=p but a bit sad...cos everyone keep mentioning his name.. n SEAN BLUFF ME! YOU ARE SO DEAD!! wakakaka....





Friday, August 11, 2006


WTF? David Tao Concert's tickets sold out???

I usually dun swear..wait..i never swear.. aiyks!I was thinking to buy the cheapest one... but its all sold out, i thought the concert is in October..what the heck..the fans so kia su, so fast go buy for wut woe!! =( so sad la..i wanna go one ler, now how how how? no money go for the expensive seats la..and moreover i dont like the front seats..i prefer looking at him from far far away one... aiyks..but if u wanna sponsor me for the tickets, i dun mind going for the expensive one...wakakaka!

how now how now? i wanna go la!

old old mails...

Ming says: I hate terrorists!

Yeap! I'm so mou liu and dig some of my old emails to read read...and i found a few quite "interesting" sentences from the emails..

Jamie : You mail me often girl. Or could I call you dear? :P so sweet hor, i never realised u actually sent me this b4, until today..wakakaka

Pam: eh, what you mean our friend become papa? he go make his gf pregnant ar? so married eh di or not? tell la more details! you very cham wan... make sure your next e-mail got ha! i very long time never get good gossip di... ;p See See See! girls always so kaypo! And i realised that the following mails i received from her were all asking bout the same topic..=p

Willett: Why all of you treat you koko like that one meh???Such a werd thing...but I think I will get used to it lar....every week 2 days ..6 hours....must get used to it.....*clip clip clip*. Wei, its such a sweet memory ler..i miss clip clip clip! i guess so is pam too!

Akari: i found a gal from my class... that 1 give me choc eh is kinda same as u... hermmm i mean the feeling... hahaa but still is ah ming more cute n she quite idiot in computer's thing no same like ah ming so clever hahhaa He sometimes is this sweet la, but sometimes like devil..=p

Chowlih kachuak: just want some advice from u paiseh ppl like her also need my advice..=p

Ted: In one of the survey: Have you ever cut your hair : hhahahahaa...i sacrifice good things for better things I tell u this is the sweetest thing ever!! i swear..haha..

The album list in my Creative

The current playing list in my creative..a bunch of good musics!
Piece by Piece - Katie Melua
Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae
I love her voice!

Big band style for the new album..
Goodbye Alice in Wonderland - Jewel
Her voice attracted me since her first album..
To Love Again - Chris Botti
I especially love the songs which featuring Sting and Michael Buble..
So Beautiful - David Tao
The album cover looks a bit sissy, but trust me, the songs are awesome..=)
Back To Basic - Christina Aguilera
She is back! And she comes back with a great album, great vocal er!!
Two Lights - 5 for Fighting
Try to listen to his songs during nite, it sounds betta..*haha*

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just another day

Ming says: Somehow I think that, xiao xiao jian still...hopeless...=p

My Breakfast, My Lunch, My Dinner ---> Tang Yuan..

I looks very geli..haha..

I had Tang yuan only for my meal today..*hehe*.. My precious Tang Yuan.. If you have money you can buy LV bag, but this Tang Yuan, I dun think so.. The taukeh of this tangyuan super the lansi, you have to call before you go to buy, cos they only open their shop if they are happy..*haha*..cos they've been earning a lot i guess, so they happy they sell lo, no happy ma no sell lo... but today i'm lucky enough to see their shop open n get to buy the tang yuan lo! anyway, the tang yuan store is on the road side one, opposite the Shangrila's Hotel... I remember chowlih the kachuak once asked me and khaivin why we love this uncle tang yuan dat much, well, we really dunno er, the tang yuan is just so difference from others, even the one ur mom cook, i swear..*haha*anyway, if you want the taukeh number, you can always get it from me..=p, or maybe we can go makan together lo..

Oh ya, today someone got me this trucker's cap... it's pink! sweet hor... hopefully one day we will have the chance to wear this cap out together.. haiyks, dats another dream of mine..*haha*.. muacks to the buyer of this cap..*lame......haha*

Monday, August 07, 2006


Dear sunshine (u know who u r..=p),

*sigh*.. i wanna end this man-hunt thingy, the more i look for the more i get disappointed on those guys around.. i looked at the left and i looked at the right, i looked at the front and i looked at the back, and i got disappointed.. sometimes i wonder, can i marry all my best friends around instead of getting marry with only one guy? =p

No boy, no guyz, no man, well, it's ok.. becos i've got you! =)


Saturday, August 05, 2006


Tomorrow I'm gonna post up a series of pictures...actually i wanna do it tonite, but it takes such a long be patient might see your picture in my blog...=p so if u remember u have any very geli picture with me, ten ten ten ten *wakaka-very evilish laugh*, you shall see it here again tmr.. blek*

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Try to answer this

1. When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? (to be given a thought)
2. If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made out of that stuff? (very good thinking)
3. Who copyrighted the copyright symbol? (who knows)
4. Can you cry under water? (let me try)
5. Why do people say, "you've been working like adog" when dogs just sitaround all day? (I think they meant something else)
6. Why are the numbers on a calculator and a phone reversed? (God knows)
7. Do fish ever get thirsty? (let me ask and tell)
8. Can you get cornered in a round room? (by oneseyes)
9. Why do birds not fall out of trees when they sleep? (tonight I will stayand watch)
10. If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oilis made from vegetables,then what is baby oil made from? (No comments)
11. What should one call a male ladybird? (Nocomments)
12. If a person suffered from amnesia and then was cured would they rememberthat they forgot? (can somebody help )
13. Can you blow a balloon up under water? (yes u can)
14. Why is it called a "building" when it is already built? (strange isn't it)
15. If you were traveling at the speed of sound and you turned on your radio would you be ! Able to hear it? (got to think scientifically)
16. If you're traveling at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens?
17. Why is it called a TV set when theres only one? (very nice)
18. Why do most cars have speedometers that go up to at least 130 when you legally can't go that fast on anyroad?
19. If drink & drive is not allowed why the hell they have parking in Bars?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


YiPee! I found my Research Method's notes.. so happy u know...
See! loadsa info in there...*hehe* Life would be so miserable without this book...
Today the kid's parents make me mad..n one of the kids too..I was wondering is it the ways i'm teaching them or treating them were wrong, so when i came home I took these 2 books out to read..sigh..

This is 'Guiding Young Children's Education & Development" and "Shaping Your Child's Behaviors" by Dr Teoh Hsien-Jin... Dont ask me who is dat, he is someone someone la..=p Parents should get these 2 books ler, you can get it in major bookshop like Popular or's available in all those universities book shops too..*hehe* I bought this book when he came to college for a talk, i bought it n i kept it until now..ya, today it's my first read..hahahahaa

Monday, July 31, 2006


Monday was a great day, but i dun have enough sleep last nite.. n somemore stupid prank calls from one idiot that want me to hear his "ahh..ahhh..ahhh.." sound, damn sick... eeeww..

It's a great day though, cos get to go out with my boss n he got me a new's pink..=p ..The sad thing is, i cant go kai kai for too long cos have to go back to work by 4..haih...

Anyway, tmr i have to take care of the kids alone, becos the other teacher kena fired becos of me (cos i'm more hardworking than her..wakakaka..=p), i dunno i can handle the little monkies or not er...

Ohya...Friday weisheng gonna join me to dat a good thing? hmm...i dunno..

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Chinese Valentine's day to everyone! Yippee!
Love you guys! muackssss........
This is a special shout-out to some of my friends:
Pammy my sunshine: Love u! good luck to both of us on our man-hunting project..=p
Suz my meow meow: Huggiez for u...only u huh...=p
Elaine my daughter: Ask willett to take a rest n maybe go out for a dinner k? u both need to relax a bit la...=p
Jamie, Ted , Andrew: many girls around u guys dats more than enuff d lo...hmmmm
My XxJian: Ganbatte! Support u all the way! *hehe* all d best ya..
My pitiful ah Yong: *haiYa* stong hanging ur price high high la, it's mega sales season, give some discount ma..=p
My dearest tak-tahu-malu Sean Ch'ng: wei..i wanna go to dat restaurant on the tree one with u ok..haha..but i'm not in kl..=p so many girls flirt with u, i jealous la! *hahahah*

aiya..too many friends er..paiseh to some other friends...=p nvm long as u guys know dat i love all of u..*hehe..*..ya, i love all my friends one ma...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Baskin31 from Andrew

It's Baskin Robin ice cream from Andrew! woohoo! It's my favorites! Very Berry Strawberry n Chocolate Mint.. =p
Thank You Andrew the Tan aka Altui Tan aka Citui Tan aka Beh Chim Poh. Your secret shall be safe with me...*muahahaha*..I feel so bad rite now.. Vjian n weiyong la..make me feel so bad only..=p

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Midas Massage

When I surf through Baby Jee's page she is introducing this Midas Massage to her friends, so I thought why not i intro this to my guy's friends as well, especially those who are studying in Aus..*hehe*

Well, this is a site showing homepage of a massage center in Sydney. Yes, they provide first class massage service, they do it one on one, and on top of that, the masseuse is naked when massaging you.. It's one kind of service that can make you feeel like you are in heaven..=p

Click on the picture to go to the page

If you're wondering what are the rates, I can tell you, it's not that expensive, honestly, I rather have my bf go to this high class place rather than the hour-rate kok kok kei in petaling street..=p

The rates are:
$Aud 125 for Strong Shiatsu Massage, Front and back full nude body to body massage
I personally love this one.. =p
$Aud255 for Strong Shiatsu Massage, Head n face Massage, Hot Steam Towels, Sugar Scrub, Body Shampoo, Spa with girl, Milk Body Slide, Foot Massage in a Cinema Room...

And.. According to the site, they provide special services if you request for.. and it's like the Thai massage, you get to choose the girl..woohoo..i also wanna go.. =p

Which Malaysian Blogger are you?

Congratulations ming, you are...

Kenny Sia of

You have it all, or so you think. Big balls, big bird, big everything. Also a big heart and ever-ready big hug to give out to everybody who needs one. But you didn't know this. You're the one who need a hug the most. So hugs to you!

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Muahahaha..I don't know how many famous Malaysian bloggers there are, I just want to know is it no matter what you choose for the answer in the survey, the result will always be "kennysia"?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Food Loft!

What else to do there? Makan la! =p

I went with Lik Lik.. picture taken in the toilet...wah."38" hor..=p

I had lamb shank..eew...not dat good compared to secret recipe one..

and lik had speghetti bolognese lo! somehow i feel that this one better than mine...hmmmm..