Thursday, April 06, 2006

A great morning! Early in the morning there comes a post laju guy deliver me the check from Fedex. =pit's been really unlucky lately, the first thing is the valentine's day gift for ted sent by fedex only received by him after one month plus, the second thing is i sent Pamela a very cute lighter by pos malaysia n it got stollen by stupid postman, then ted received the parcel with magazine inside but realised dat another comic was stollen as well..aiyks..what happen huh?

Anyway, ted has been really helpful..=p, its been really quite some times since i last checked my email..he has been helping me handling the claim for compensation stuff from fedex, today when i check my mail i only realised dat he wrote a really reallygreat letter to fedex..*haha..nice can really write la.. especially these two phrases.."I do not know if any of the people in FedEx has ever felt the same way I did but giving such false hope like that over and over again is no different to robbing candy from a child." and also this "Please understand that my Valentine Day was robbed because of human errors and that such a significant day only comes once a year."..*haha*..goody goody, love u la ted, u've helped me to claim back the shipment refund and got me another extra 200 Usd..=p, although it's not something we actually wanted or asked for from fedex from the beginning, i'm really satisfied with da result la..dun be too greedy..*hehe*..oh ya da fedex guy whoalways call to keep me update with the stuff has a really cute voice..muahaha..sweet sweet voice la...

So, everyone been so busy sad la..the only one dat i'm able to meet up is ah lik..aiyo..we should do more shopping together n the other day u should stay back to see dat fat fat lee hom..=p..he gain on weight i guess.. aiyks,,so andrew..wei yong..they r allso busy..jamie even worse..havent talked to him like ages dee la..n pammy my sunshine aka chai bu shi de ye hua (wei cha boh who teach u dis la..) you promised me dat ugonna come back soon..u'd better keep ur promise n get me all my pictures yea..=p..and and broomy elaine, heard dat she is a busy suri u'd better dun take out a gun n shoot urself one day k..=p. me myself been really busy always not enuff oftime one..dunno y er?

Anyway, hardly go out lately too..parents been really really strict nowadays.. especially dad, been really strict to me ever since ted went to states..he never treated me like dat..last time they dun even bother if i dun come back at nite, but now, if they knew i went out until late at nite, die la me, they can keep on mumbling for one week long i guess..aiyks.. last time my brother dun call me at all dun care if i'm in kl or in penang..but now, he actuallycalls n check where am i, n y i still dunwan go home..aiyks..i'm 22 oledi la wei..n i'm still being treated like asmall girl..sometimes how i wish ted is here, cos when he is around, i'm like having an international passport, i can gowherever i like..=p miss u la..=(

o ya..if u guys wanna call my digi fon number k..0164131017, cos da fon dat have my maxis line alwayz low batteryone..lousy fon..hahaha..hope to hear from u guys soon la..=) ..if no one calls me then i'd be staying at home watching desperateah moi =p