Tuesday, August 26, 2008

another post on LDR

wedding is like one of a major life events right? so you know when a bride is getting married, she usually will have this positive form of stress (or we call it eustress) when the bride is feeling all excited about her wedding. on the other hand, the bride will also have the negative form of stress (or we call it distress) when the bride is stressing out on whether she is handing the next part of her life to the right person.

u know what, not long ago i had the exact same feeling as the bride. but not on a wedding, but on a long distance relationship (ldr).

i don't know about other ldr couple. but to me, it is weird (not weird weird but you know what i mean) when you have to be really close and lovey dovey to your bf when you haven't seen him for awhile. i haven't seen edwin for 295 days, which is 7080 hours, and which is 424800 seconds. if you asked me, i 'd tell you that's a long time. =_= so recently we met up when i was back to m'sia. like a few days before i went to kk to see him, i actually freaked out.

the upcoming meeting up with him produced good form of stress as in with all the excitement and anticipation, i mean after like so so so long, and finally you know!! BUT, at the same time, i was all stressed out (i am pretty sure this is distress!!) because of the nervousness and anxiety i have for the meeting. i felt so stress partly was because i wasn't sure how's everything gonna turn out to be. you know you can be like so loving and all on the phone or msn but when you actually meet up you don't know how you should act.

i am not sure whether you understand what i am trying to tell but one day when you are getting married you will understand how i feel. although i am not quite close to anywhere of getting married yet, i am telling you it's the same thing when you are in a long distance relationship (the meeting up part la!).

a map to conquer kota kinabalu

during my vaca back to m'sia, i paid a visit to kk. this is my 2nd time visiting kk. the first time was 2 years back during hari raya 2006. there were not much changes in term of the roads. i can be a pretty dumb gf, but one thing i am pretty good at is remembering directions. i have a pretty good visual memory, hehe. from edwin's house i can drive myself to a lot of places: kk downtown, tanjung aru, airport, lido, lintas, likas, kelompong, bukit padang, damai, penampang, beverly hills, one borneo mall, city mall, and probably find my way to mount kinabalu. even i know how to get to those places, it still bothers me a lot as i do not know whether they are actually located at north, south, east or west. edwin was kind enough to draw me a map. i love the way he drew it. i love guy who is good in direction too. hee.


a night of hard work. hope you love it. heee.

Monday, August 25, 2008

the life so far

what i have done so far ever since the day i got back to this evergreen state. seattle is also named as the evergreen state where they explained it in the way that you can always see greens in seattle in every season. seattle is also famous for the washington apple. i remembered mom always buy fuji apple or washington apple. the first starbucks coffee is in seattle too. it's 2 and a half hour drive from seattle to vancouver. ah, why did i talk so much about seattle?

oh ya. i was having diarrhea on 4 consecutive days when i got back to the u of A. I noticed myself was having searious water retention problem when i was back to m'sia. my whole body was bloated, you know like the puffer fish. i felt that my clothes and shoes were smaller in size. i felt terrible. i felt like a balloon even i did not eat much. so the first day when i touched down in LA, i started to have this watery bowel movements. i felt that i have lost waters and salts from my body in that 4 days, and now i feel 'normal' again.

i had minor jetlag as compared to the trip back to m'sia. i worked on the first day i got back here. i woke up like 3 in the morning and could not go back to sleep. so i was basically very very very blur when i was at work. the first day of work was good. i mean, having all the kids coming to me and telling me how much they have missed me. but at the same time, i felt i have lost patient in them. i was blur at chaotic situation, i asked my colleague "perhaps, we should call clear-the-floor?" and she nodded, and i was like "oh.. it's CLEAR THE FLOOR!". aw, i was slow by 10 seconds in everything i did on work that day. i need time to get used to everything again.

i am moving to a new place. i do not have much to say about this, but ya, i am moving to somewhere like 3 blocks away from here. packing and more packing.

i miss home, i miss edwin, i miss friends. the question that i hate to hear the most now is "so what's your plan on your future".

once again, i am standing on a crossroad, praying that there will be a light to lead me the way.

a thank you note

p/s: this post is on my vacation back to m'sia

there are so many of you that i wanna say thanks to.

thank you for picking me up from the airport most of the times. thank you for wiping away my tears and telling me everything gonna be alright. thank you for the tight hug that i felt that i am so much loved. thank you for letting me know that you are always just one call away. thank you for helping me to see the best in each situation. thank you for being there for me when i needed someone the most. thank you for the text messages that filled with encouragements and loves. thank you for telling me do not give up. thank you for telling me the truth. thank you for waiting for me for the entire night where you could have done something better. thank you for giving me the courage to speak. thank you for speaking up for me. thank you for being there. thank you for listening. thank you for your words that makes me always feel with loadsa hopes and possibilities. thank you for being just so caring. thank you for your prayer. thank you for picking me up when i fall. thank you for helping me to make a phone call when i did not have enough malaysian ringgit at the petrol station. thank you for taking off from works just for the gathering. thank you for driving all the way back to Penang for the meet up. thank you for the many karaoke sessions. thank you for the chit-chats that make me feel we are all so grown up. thank you for a place to stay. thank you for trying every possible way to make me a happy girl. thank you for a lovely family. thank you for being just so understanding. thank you for being yourself.

i could not thank you guys enough.

thank you for letting yourself be my hiding place.

when in the time of need, let me be your place to hide.

this song is for you guys.

- place to hide, by lucie silvas -

If you're lonely anytime
You can talk to me
When you have trouble on your mind
I will always be
Here to shield you from it all
The best way that I can
Anything you want from me

Call me day
Call me night
Call me anytime you need someone to hold you
The tears in your eyes
Will be gone, they will dry
And if you still find that you can't face the world outside
Let me be your place to hide

I could always lie to you
If that's what you need
Tell you life is never cruel
And people never leave
But love is not always kind
And hearts break all the time
And even if I'm far from you

Call me day
Call me night
Call me anytime you need someone to hold you
The tears in your eyes
Will be gone, they will dry
And if you still find that you can't face the world outside
Let me be your place to hide

Little corner of the world is what I give to you
Somewhere you can find some peace and understanding
Life can be so sweet

Call me day
Call me night
Call me anytime you need someone to hold you
The tears in your eyes
Will be gone, they will dry
And if you still find that you can't face the world outside
Let me be your place to hide

love y'all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the weddding

How sweet.

i like everything on a wedding. the vows reading part (their own vows, i didnt meant the other one) always earn my tears. the heartfelt thoughts that your bff says about you. the wedding songs. the dance. the way the couple look into each other eyes. the stress-less look of the bride, knowing the husband will be there and everything gonna be alright.

the best thing at the yesterday wedding was seeing Lisa running around with her gown and wearing a face filled with happiness. i am truly happy for her.

have you ever thought of how's your wedding gonna be like? the list of love songs. the invitation list. the venue. the gown. the bridesmaid. and the most important thing of all, the man that you are going to say 'i do' to.

when will be my turn?

there was one very cute guy at the wedding yesterday. lol

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i believe

love always prevails.

Friday, August 22, 2008


He always says the words that light up my day.

He always gives me the charming smiles that kill me.

He always acts in different ways that make my heart goes..awww....

Today he came to me...

He called me "Mingy"..

He said..."Mingy, don't ever go back to Malaysia again Ok?"..

He said..."Never ever, ok?"

He said..."I missed you when you were gone..."

He then hugged me.

And he is just a kid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Los Angeles - the city of Angels

So I did not waited stupidly in LAX for my connecting flight to Seattle... I went out from the airport and rented a room in a motel and joined a night city tour in LA. (FYI it was a 20 hours gap before my next flight.)

LA from above.

This is the best shot I can get for the LA downtown. =_+ Me sucky. The tour guide was driving so fast ok!! I even missed the Hollywood board sign!!!!!!!

I am going to Holllllllywood!

This is a cute name for a road.

Universal Studiooooooo~

I did not go into the theme park as I was on the tour with this travel agency. But it was more than enough. =)

The Universal City.. the City Walk.

King Kong is the man!

This is guy is so good in spraying art!

City Loft where the clubs and pubs at.

Dodgers fans anyone?

The popcorns smell good!

This is for me. lol

And this is for you!

Me with the doughnuts magnets. I miss Krispy Kreme!

The socks market. =_+

My favorites of all.

Some performance la. lousy audience.

In a Candy shop - It'Sugar. We're ballsy. lol

Marilyn Monroe made from JellyBeans.

The chocolate store.

looks yummy!

BUT.. Jalapeno dipped in Chocolate????

Chocolate in chunks!

They are all mine!

I took this with iPhone!! =p

So that's all about the universal studio. The next stop was Hollywood downtown. And it was when my camera chose to die on me! I did not charge my camera since I left for M'sia as all my friends have camera. =_+ Sigh..and iPhone doesn't work at night one! no flash!!

I was all happy even when people tried to kill me. Beware of all the dressed up people in Hollywood (those in costume). If you take picture with them you are expected to pay them tips!!

The Mann's Chinese Theatre.. it's the plave where the footprints and handprints of your favorite movie legends.

eat that American. it's Chinese territory! lol

The walk of fame...Godzilla! Michael jackson one was so dirty.

hand and footprints!

The Kodak Theatre... the home of the Oscars!

The stairs to the theatre.

Giordano store in the Kodak Theatre. But they do sell brands like Ed Hardy too!

I love the Departed!

The ROosevelt Hotel. The first Academy Award was held there... The HBO Entourage was filmed there too, and also a lot more movies like Charlie's Angels...

The next stop was Sunset strip. We walked a long the sunset boulevard. They call it the playground of the stars where you can see the chic and trendy shops and restaurants. No picture. =_+

Then we went to Beverly Hills..the home of the rich and famous. Ahh. they were all pretty. Coulnd't really have a clear look at it was dark at night. Then we passed by Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive where the stars shop in many exclusives boutiques like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Chanel, LV, Jimmy Choo and more. In fact, Vivian Ward from the PrettyWoman movie shopped at here too!

A few of the shops. It's very pretty and clean!!

Regent Beverly Wilshire.. where Julia Roberts get to enjoy the high-life. =p

After that the tour guide brought us to Olvera Street, the place where Los Angeles was born in 1781. It's actually a very small downtown of old LA. You can google for the picture. =p

The last stop was the LA downtown. We get to see the Music center where the Broadway meets LA...then the Walt Disney Cocert Hall. It is huge and pretty!!!

However... I do not have good impression on LA. I don't know. I think it's too big and too many cars. It's different from New York where everything is located near to each other, while in LA everything is scattered around.

Anyway.. I made a new friend during this short trip!

She is Eli from Norway! She came up to me and asked whether I wanted to walk together with her. =p Eli was having a long wait in the airport for her connecting flight to Brazil, that's why she joined the tour too! =p What can I say, she is a really nice person!

What I left behind...

was a lot a lot a lot of LOVES.

Miss him ar.

Deli Randall. He never failed to make me laugh.

I like this picture, because Randall was squeezed in between.

Look at Pam!

Jansson, the guy who never grown up physically!

Edwin's friend - Ken's son - Darren? He is so cute I want to have my own!

I have to develop this picture!

Me and the little puteri payung, Edwin's sister, Daphne.

Deli, Me, Ed

the girl, neilson, deli, me

eee..so sweet..with daphne chii chiii

heart melted.

so many talented friends.

they are the best.

little gap. When he picked me up in KL, he was wearing the pink polo shirt that I gave him 3 years ago.. jeez.. love him!!

He is so cute that he deserves a space here. =p

love the charming smile. love the dimple.

so sweet.

so loved.

so hilarious.

kawaii. i can't act. =_+


my beloved mei mei.

Lik..wth are u doingggg.

How I wished we have more us-time.

ted, suzan my sister, me, lik

at the last bbq gathering.


love u guys!!

my best buddies.

weejian i want more our pictures!!

i love this pic!

my cousin, she is so busy all the time. =_+

with mc dreamy, weiyong

with xiaoxiao jian!

missing you two!

another one! cheez!

With SueAnn, during our early birthday celebration.

My big family. tak boleh tahan my bro n sis in law they are always so loving one!

the girls.

me & JJ! Come see me in Seattle k..................... =p

Too many pictures already. =_+ But still I don't know why I didnt take any photo with Jacob, Anthony, Delvin, Shirley, and a lot a lot more people. =_+ I missed the chance!!