Friday, September 28, 2007


UNLOCK iPHONE only ma!!!
but DONT SCOLD ME ma!!!




XIAO XIAO JIAN, dun get mad at me, i still LOVE you no matter how much you have scolded me......



Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Chatting with Anthony can be very fun, cos he is so adorable la! We have known each other for a year now... From Emerge 06' until today.. Seeing him from a guy just won a singing contest until a singer today, it's been a long journey for him. A lot of things have been changed, but he still stay the same!

When I first got to know him, he was so friendly, and not shy at all! =p Miss those days when I had to fetch him to airport and Astro when he just sold his car, Miss those days when I can just sit there to listen to his beautiful voice, Miss those days when I can enjoy looking at him playing the piano.

I miss the day when we went to RedBox to sing from 12noon to 9pm! I miss the day when he decided to 'dump' away his friends and accompanied me and Jason on Christmas.

And last but not least, I love him simply because he bought my very cute Kelisa from me! *haha*

Anyway, cut the craps, so..His EP album just released not along ago, I especially love one of the song in the album: 倔强爱着你 (Jue Jiang Ai Zhe Ni).

The way he presents or sings this song is lovely. You will love it. =)

Oh yea! Do not download his song from the internet, buy original album ok! Support him!


泪一滴 笑一滴 每一滴存进我手心
宠着妳 守着妳 把世界赢回来给妳
如果突然晴天下起雨 淋湿的也只有我而已
所有的困难 教会我怎样保护妳

不变不怕不灰心 我就是这么倔强爱着妳
才不听有多少反对声音 凭着爱什么不可以
不走不放不犹豫 我还是这么倔强爱着妳
妳只要相信 我永远坚定

苦一滴 痛一滴 每一滴酝酿成甜蜜
在努力 在珍惜 准备好完美的自己
如果突然阳光都结冰 我的手会暖热妳的心
所有的崎岖 是未来珍贵的风景

用我的笑填满妳眼睛 要妳的明天比今天开心
我们拥有无尽的勇气 擦干泪为彼此放晴

Monday, September 24, 2007


During our trip to Mrtyle Beach... in one of the restaurant...Our manager was discussing with us which show to watch after the lunch....he didnt know that we actually added salt, pepper, ketchup into his drink when he went to the restroom...All of us were waiting for him to take a sip of the Coke. Haha..

He is the best manager ever. We love him!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am not happy. I am so not happy.

I do not feel like going home anymore.

I have tons of work to finish off before I leave.

I haven't prepared a notice for selling off my car.

I haven't met up with my professors for telling them I am taking a 2-week holidays.

My Summer job customers give me hell of problems. So many returned and dishonest checks, and 5 dollars get deducted from my account each time I received a bounced check. Thus, I haven't remit any money to my company.

I haven't bought a dress for myself for my brother's wedding.

I haven't bought anything for everyone back home.

I haven't brought my I-20 to the International Admission Office to get okie-dokie from them.

I lost my laundry card that have at least 10 dollars in it.

I haven't memorized the US & Canada national anthem's lyrics for upcoming performance during the football games.

As an assignment of career&internship class, I have to find several job descriptions online. This is scaring me off. All my "desire" jobs require at least 2 years of experience, and some even a master-degree. Yes, I am worry for myself.

I kinda screwed up 2 tests last week. It was really bad. I studied but...sigh

Every time walking down the hallway in the dorm, I can see everyone is either watching movie or chatting in the room; I am so jealous of them. This is the difference between a final-semester-senior and a freshman.

I hate to tell my friends that..."Hey you guys go ahead, I have works to do..."


I have no life.


So many things to do, so little time I have.

I want to sleep. Let me sleep.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am always known as the most disgusting person among my friend. Just now during dinner, I shared one of my 'idea' to my floor mates. I have shared this to a lot of friends, but it's ok, I wanna share it with all of you again.

Let say, one day my husband and I become very broke. Super poor that type. We left one very last 5-dollar note. So I decided to give the 5 bucks to my husband to spend on a buffet. Because, he can eats as much as he can in the buffet, and also he needs to eat more to have energy to work. So he gets to eat while my stomach is empty. Being a smart husband, he will not let his wife dies in hunger, so he comes out with one brilliant idea! He decided to vomit out everything he has eaten, and I will eat whatever he has vomited. *yummy* BUT! This not gonna feed us for tomorrow and the day after and so on. So, this time I am smarter, so I suggested that I am gonna puke out everything that I have just eaten and keep it in the fridge. And Taaa-daaaa, that will be our breakfast for tomorrow! And the same procedure will be repeated.... And we do not have to worry about our meal again. (:


One of my friend, Jack, he said he has a better version. So let me share it with you.

Two brothers went on a flight. The younger brother, Chris, kept on vomiting because of the dizziness. His vomit soon filled up the paper bag (and also the brother's paper bag). So, the elder brother, Justin had to go look for air stewardess to get more paper bags. On the way back to his seat, Justin noticed that everyone on the plane started to vomit just like Chris. Being curious, Justin asked Chris about it. And then Chris told his brother:"As you took so much time to get me the new paper bag, I decided to drink all my vomit so I get an empty paper bag for myself to vomit again, and I have no idea why everyone started to vomit after that ..."


I think I love my version better, cos I can apply it in the future. =p

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Do you believe in LDR? I mean Long Distance Relationship? Tell me about it.

Talking about this, my very good friend just ended his LDR. So now they are trying to make LDR so scary. But hah! I am no no gonna be influenced or affected by them! Well, I am sad for him, it was just yesterday I read his blog on him saying how happy he was having her in his life, and this morning he told me this bad news. wth. Things just can't be predicted huh? Sigh. Look at the bright site, he is up for grab again. If it wasn't that I am attached, *heeHee, he will be mine! =p Ahhhhh, I love him since the day I got to know him though. He is a great guy, a great friend. A friend that I have learned a lot from. A friend that never let me disappointed, well, yet. =p A friend that never failed to be there. A friend that will tell me the truth, tell me what's good for me, and what's bad.

You know what. I have three very good friends. They are all guys. They are all 23. They are all smart. They are all so sweet, nice, friendly. But aR, they are all singles!! They have almost all the qualities that a girl is looking for, they have the great personalities, looks, money (a lot =p, it's not important though), but they are not attached until now... hmmm.. Alllllaaaaa, they are just being so picky and choosy la! *no eye see* Putting that aside, they are really nice to me though. They're like best of the best! *haha* One day, we will have our very own business together, like a shop or something, yea, that's our dream... hmmm...

Oh yah, one of them rite, is the sweetest! Sweetest!! He will always remember me, and calls me, everytime when he is driving. How sweet is that? =_= I'm being more and more sarcastic nowadays. I know, it's not a good thing.

Ha. Whatever la! Let me post a song for them. Best Friend by Kiroro.

Best friend - Kiroro - Romaji Lyrics
Mou daijoubu shinpai nai to nakisou na watashi no soba de
itsumo kawaranai egao de sasayaite kureta
mada mada mada yareru yo datte itsu demo kagayaiteru
toki ni wa isogisugite miushinau koto mo aru yo shikatanai
zutto mimamotte iru karatte egao de
itsumo no you ni dakishimeta
anata no egao ni nando tasukerareta darou
arigatou arigatou Best Friend
Konna ni takusan no shiawase kanjiru toki wa shunkan de
koko ni iru subete no nakama kara saikou no purezento
mada mada mada yareru yo datte itsu demo minna soba ni iru
kitto ima koko de yari togerareru koto sonna koto mo chikara ni kawaru
zutto mimamotte iru karatte egao de
itsumo no you ni dakishimeta
minna no egao ni nando tasukerareta darou
arigatou arigatou Best Friend
Toki ni wa isogisugite miushinau koto mo aru yo shikatanai
zutto mimamotte iru karatte egao de
itsumo no you ni dakishimeta
anata no egao ni nando tasukerareta darou
arigatou arigatou Best Friend
Zutto zutto zutto Best Friend
Best Friend - Kiroro - English Translation
I don't have to worry anymore, because I know you'll be by my side when I cry
You always smile at me
I am blessed because you always shine before me
Things that we have missed hastily at time, that's the way it is
Faces that always being looked at
Forever stays in my heart
Your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend
You have brought a lot of happines into my life
All the friends that I have here, you will always be the best gift
I am blessed because you will always be by my side
You have given me strength to help me to accomplish thing in my life
Faces that always being looked at
Forever stays in my heart
All of your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend
Things that we have missed hastily at time, that's the way it is
Faces that always being looked at
Forever stays in my heart
Your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend
Always always always my Best Friend

Ahhh.. pardon for the bad translation. I should sing to them instead of posting the song here. Heeee...

That's all for the friend friend part.

Now. Weather update. I am loving the weather here. It will be very cold for you if you wear sweater alone. But people gonna laugh at you if you wear winter jacket and with all the mitten on. =_= I was looking through my closet and I couldn't even find one wind breaker!! Sad la!

I am hoping someone will be kind enough to buy me a wool jacket. A black color one please. Or you can send me the money and I buy it online. =_=

Oh, in 2-week times I will be back to Malaysia!! wahhhhahahahaha! Joy Joy JooooYYy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The weather changed! It's so freaking cold right now!! It finally hits Zero Celsius today! I feel like hiding myself in the blanket for whole day...=_+

I have so many works to do ar, I don't know where to start...=_+ Everytime I don't know which to do first I will head to the bed and sleep sleep sleep sleep...and friend please please please do not call me in the midnight, I'm in sleep deprivation...

I don't know why even 1 credit class got so many works to do...=( The funny thing is I have to teach 5-10 minutes Yoga class as one of the assignment, I hope I wont break my classmates arms and legs at the first minute..=_= Facebook la... go and register an account ok... aiJJjjJjooor...

What else ar..... oh, I love tortoise...My tortoise is missing again...=(

I'm so random..

Sorry...I have no idea what myself is doing as well...

so till then! =p

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to school

I am taking 8 subjects this semester, super busy ar!!
Firstly, Psychology Research Lab with Dr. Hook, super banyak articles to read..=_=
Cognitive Psychology, another class with Prof. Bennett, honestly I am not a big fan of her but looking at how she has treated me last semester, I will try my best to be a goody girl in her class. Then, History and System of Psychology, I thought I do not have to deal with all the philosophers in my whole life anymore, but I was wrong. =( I was having hard time when I was taking Philosophy class and Ethics class in M'sia. I worked my butt off to get A for both classes, sigh, I will try to fall in love with all the philosophers again this semester.

That's all with my major classes.

I am taking yoga class too, at first I wanted to enroll in tennis class but somehow it clashes with my other courses. I had my first lesson yesterday, it wasn't as bad as I thought. hehehe...Natalie helped me to enroll in Lifestyle for Wellness class, gosh, this is boring!! Then I am in the Varisity Singers class too, it's like a choir and we have performances and trip during the end of the semester. I am the only Chinese in the class....Phew~ During the first class, they asked me what makes me special, I really have no other idea than telling them I can speak a few languages and I smile a lot. During the summer, David thought me the "Jesus loves me" in Chinese version, and I sang to a lot of old grandmothers when I was in the book field. I sang to the professor and the classmates again in the class yesterday, and they were like...amazed! *hahaha* I am taking Career & Internship class too where they teach you how to write a good resume.. last but not least, *sigh* I enrolled myself in Chinese Conversation class. I dont know why I wanna make myself suffer in the class, I feeel like I am a retarded student in the class. I have to pretend like I cannot speak that language at all. But after that I chose to be honest to the professor, I told her that I was chinese educated just that I have friends that criticized my pronunciation. Because of other students where they are all Americans, I have to learn the basic things together with them. It's good though, cos I just found out today all the while I have been reading my chinese name incorrectly! =(

Phew! This is my very last semester here and also my very last semester for my degree. I hope everything goes well and have as much fun as I can while I am still in school.

Yesterday I got myself a parking ticket!! so Soi ar!! But I went to the security office to debate with the officer today! Heee!! I was so innocent ok! I just arrived in school 2 days ago where they had labor day holidays so I did not have a chance to go to purchase my parking permit. On Monday midnite, PM Chang sms me saying that "hey becareful with your car, they gonna start writing ticket tomorrow".. I was like OK lo, so I woke up early in the morning to go to buy that stupid permit, but when I was on my way back I saw that officer was standing in the parking lot writing tickets already la! But nvm la, after debating he decided to void my 15 dollars ticket...phew~

I am still staying in the dorm this semester while a lot of friends of mine decided to move out to off campus housing. I am glad that I made the choice of staying here because Open Borders Floor is just so great! This is my second semester staying on this floor and the students for this semester are more happening than the last semester! It's so great to have people from different different countries and to see Americans blend with us so well. When I was in Nebraska, I thought people there are so-not-friendly, but here people are TOO-friendly. They are like super friendly and hyper active all the time.

Although school has started, I am still missing the people that I have spent my summer with. I miss them like a lot a lot lo! And we have to talk to each other like almost everyday. =_=

They are tres bien!

Anyway, I am loving the weather here in Bemidji.. The weather is slightly colder than Genting now, and I cant wait for the winter to come! =p

Monday, September 03, 2007


Back to the dorm!! Finally! Wahhhhh..! I am back to Bemidji..!! I feel like I am back to home..=_=

After 3 months of Summer job, 18000 miles of driving (dats rite, 18k miles!!), I am finally back to my second home. After the summer job ended I drove back to Bemidji from North Carolina..

On the way back I made a few stops, the 2nd last stop was at Nebraska, and I paid Ted & Sherlyn a visit. Its more like I troubled them for a few days. =_=
Taken a lot of photos during this summer but I will be posting up a few only for today. Eh, lazy la!

The Memorial Stadium of UNL, people there not friendly. =_=

Ted & SherLyn brought me here and there luuu...and this was at the Lincoln State Fair.

Something very weird in Nebraska. Their gas price. The Regular one is more expensive than the Silver!! Siao ar!

I wanted to write more but I am very sleepy now. =_= Anyway, I purposely post up this photo for JonJon one, cos he said he misses Ted.. =)

so till then la!

p/s: Jon: Ted did not lose a lot of weight, it's thr angle!! =p