Sunday, May 20, 2007

it's a great day to be a bookgirl!

I am going to bring sunshine to you this summer...
North Carolina...Watch out for me!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

*don't laugh* These pictures were taken yearSSSS ago...
Anyway, a picture says a thousand words! (2 pictures I mean)

Mummy, we LOVE you!



Everytime I travel, there's sure something will happen. FOR SURE!!

1- When I wanna come over to Bemidji from M'sia, air ticket was fully booked. So I have to fly to Minneapolis (city) and take a bus to this small little town Bemidji. Nevermind, I was fine with it, because I got to travel around in the city.

2- Then, United Airlines told me they "kinda" left my luggages in Chicago and for some reason they have to delay my luggage and they left me alone without any extra clothes during winter in St. Paul, Minneapolis airport. Fine then. I got to go to Mall of America to get new clothes.

3-I took a flight to Indiana from this small little town during Spring break for summer job orientation. I had a bumpy flight all the way to Indiana. It was ok cos I kinda enjoyed it. So after few days orientation, time to fly back to Bemidji. When I reached the Indianapolis airport with my friend, OMG, the airport is FILLED with people. We were not late, but it was not likely we can make it in time to go through the custom and get our butt sit in the plane. So we approached the officers in airport, they were like "you guys should be here 3 hours at least before the departure time"'s just a domestic flight...Our flight at 9am, and we were there at 6:30am, not enough somemore aaaaRRrrr? Nevermind, cos later they rescheduled for us, just that we need to wait in airport for a couple of hours....

4-So things happened during Winter and Spring. and now Summer. =_=" I got my "new-sporty-car"--> it's written on the car, I didn't make this up. The initial plan was drive to DesMoines, Iowa and overnight at Eva's place before continue my journey to Atlanta with her. It needs 8 hours from Bemidji to Iowa...So I started to drive at 6pm..My car functioned pretty good, very smooth, steady, and fast... I drove like 70mph in average...I reached Minneapolis after 4 hours, I took a short break at a gas station, then later I decided to drive a little bit faster as I was getting tired and I really felt like reaching my friend's house faster...then suddenly "uh-oh" I heard something...something broken but I didnt know what exactly...and I saw the battery light was on... scared the hell out of I pulled over to one gas station to have a look..but no one help me..=( I called up my manager he said shouldnt be a problem to reach I continue my drive...then then then..Jeng Jeng Jeng... the interior lights were getting dimmer, no more radio...crapz..I prayed hard that please please please at least let me drive to an exit with a brighter place... then the ABS sign was on...then the Airbag sign was on... I was like..DIE...then I tried my best to drag my car to the nearest place (a pig farm...=_="), I couldn;t control the car the steering dont allow me to do anything....then in just a few seconds my car just stopped I stepped on the brake and off the engine...*sigh*..I dont know why this thing always happen on me...And I wasn't even know where was I...luckily I have such a greeeeeat manager and gf that help me to call AAA...then got hot guy came and picked me up..hahahahaha... this is my very first time sitting in a tow er!! and I kept looking behind..and he was like "your car wont runaway..." hahaha.... =p anyway, by the time I reached my friend's house was already 5am..damn tired..=_+" for the past one two weeks i've been sleeping for 3 hours each day and now this thing somemore happen on me..aiyo!!

So I woke up early in the morning to call the mechanic workshop...haih..dunno what what belt was broken..then dunno what what what oil was spreading all over..=_=" as big hole in my pocket again...I'm so broke now...the petrol somemore so Bemidji, the price was 2.60 per gallon...then when i reached another town..i saw 2.90...then later 3.00..then now 3.30...they really want to suck my blooooood one...I still remember when I first reached Bemidji like 4 months was only 1.90 per gallon...=( I really need to earn more money this summer...

and now...after get my car fixed...I need to drive another 15 hours... please..pray for me....i mean my car...aiya!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't want to leave....

Leaving for the Summer job this coming Friday... I am all excited but yet...*sigh*...It's so hard to leave all the nice people here in Bemidji... I'm gonna miss here so much. Miss my dorm, miss my friends, miss my family friends, miss all the kids in sunday school, miss all the crazy people...miss my professors...=( my church friends and my family friends make a farewell party for me and another girl as we are leaving this town for three months.... We have a lot a lot and different different kind of pies...Yummy!


A gift from my Family Friends..They are so caring!! Atlas, torch light, First Aid Kit......

This is from Mara, a little girl...I love comes with great verse!

Look closely..... I need all the words! and sisters....I need your prayer for safe trip k..hehe..It's gonna be long drive..30 plus hours...omg..=_=" I can make it ... I can make it! hopefully..hehe


I have been sleeping at 3a.m. and waking up at 6a.m. for one whole week.
Running. Keep on running.
Started the race badly but will end it nicely.
Will not give up until I touch the final line.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Was browsing through my old collection of photos and I found these...

The blue blue dayz.. Macau is missing Birdy


Go West! Go West!


This person killed my puffer fish

Good old timez

Miss them a lot a lot..sometimes I feel like flying back just to see them...of cos my family too la! i yo!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Such a pretty 'wedding gown'

These pictures were taken like 2 weeks ago during Emily's Bridal Shower. During one of the games, they tried to make us (me and Concha) look like a bride. We were so pretty =_=""
-pretty lerrRrrr..wahahahaha-
-My back-

*hahaha* Don't laugh.. It's pretty..OK!! I won the game cos they said I have a pretty and gorgious hat...wahahaha...But I love the ring on Concha's's pretty..=)

I wanna to get married la!! I want I want I want!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Take a break - KitKat time - Argh, I am just so tired of doing my work. 7 more critical thinking reviews to go tonight. Ganbatte Ming Ming!

I am missing this particular friend of mine in M'sia.

I am missing the time when...
we stay up late at night to talk nonsense
we go round round KL with our cars
we go to mamak eat the best maggiee goreng in the world and see the rats running around at 3am
we eat jagung during the midnite
we stay up late to do the laundry
we gossip about other people
we go online to Friendster to look for cute and hot guys' profile
we leave each other messages on the door
we cook the potato + chicken, and not fogetting the healthiest soup in the world
we cook the tortoise-shell-jelly...wahahaha
we go "window-shopping" together
we are so broke together and only can eat instant noodle or bread everyday
we complaining about the traffic jams in Subang n Usj
we encourage each other with the "warmest" words
we sing the boy-groups songs together..
we go to country bird to listen to out favorites Preston n Laurance..
we sing " I'll never break your heart...I'll never make you SMILE"
we go all the way to Kepong to eat steamboat with many many "fu zhok"
we worhip God together...
we laugh at each other..
we go through all the ups and downs together...
we order teh ice kurang manis
we fight for the bathroom to see who can go to shower first. I always lose =(
we work as the "envelope-opener" hahahahahaa
we cry over silly thing..erm..not silly maybe..aiya..dunno la..girls cry no need reason one..=p
we eat maggie goreng pedas twice a day..sometimes 3 times perday..=_="
we go for grocery shopping and what we buy is pokka green tea and maggiee goreng
we are rushing our own assignments...
we go watch movie during the DAY...
we go Asia Cafe to eat wantan-tong..
we bully Joel together..
we talk in hokkien and no one understands us and then we will start laughing out loud
we listen to Keith Urban's "you'll think of me"
we "plan" for our wedding...
we learn to speak hakka...
*iyo a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot more...If I keep on typing I dont have to pass up my assignment tomorrow already..=_="

Macau is missing Birdy.

lurve you heapz babe! Mwahz!