Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's been a while. Finally I've got some spare times to come here to write a few words. When I come to blogger, usually is the time that I feel exceptionally lonely. I have been waiting for today to come for so long. It's here, finally. I don't know, but I really have this mix feeling. I'm really excited but in the mean time I'm so so sad of seeing him leaving. Everyone was expecting me to cry at the airport, well, at least I expected myself would be so, but afterall I didn't. I don't know why, I am that kind of weird person you can say, when Gap left Penang for Canada, I was feeling so hard to have him to go as he is one of the best friend that I could ever asked for, and yet I didn't cry. When grandma passed away last year I was really really upset too as she always so so sayang me, and too I didn't cry. *haiya*... How I wished you could be here right now. By having your company for the past few weeks, it's making me missing you more. *sigh*..What to do, What to do?

I used to think that life is never fair. Sometimes, the amount of efforts you put in might not get you the result that you are looking for or you may even have the thoughts that it could be effortless. Today I realised that I was wrong. Life is not that unfair that we may seem as it is, we just have to learn to balance it some where. Or you can even say that life's fair, it is just the way how you seeing things. I admit that for most of the times I take things for granted. But i swear this only happen on the person I love, or else I just don't care. *aiyks* I guess I really have to learn to overcome this, well maybe I will just make this as one of my new year resolutions. *ngek ngek* Good idea.. *hehe*

A brand new year will be here in 2 days time. Frankly speaking I am still wondering what to do in the coming year...ahh..that's me..lazy ming..=p

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yay Yay! last subject of final at 3pm later... and I can go back to penang after! although its kinda rush, I'm happy!! I miss penang, it's only a week plus plus but i'm already missing missing dat place...*haha*.. gonna reach penang kinda late tonite..but still got someone wanna date me!! ahaha.. these all ghost of gambling..cant wait for me to go back to play big2 n mahjong..*ming shakes head*..naughty naughty... tomorrow gonna be great too..cos gotta go shopping for pam's pressie, the other day i went to midvalley just to look for her gift n lime green the end i didnt get her anything but i bought a lot of stuff for myself..muahaha..anyway..tmr gonna be great cos we can go pammy's birthday with everyone wearing clothes in lime green n black color. =p..we all will guess..*haha* I cant wait to see everyone..!! I'll meet up chowlih one of these teach her how to bake cake..muahaha..she really tot i can bake cake..nvm..we will try... then elaine n willett..nono..i miss gerron more...then..weiyong n new gf...then stupid andrew beh chimpoh...then yea..ah lik..we will wait for u to complete ur thesis n come back to pg..=p ..then who else..mona, nana, nino, n...aiyo....Puh-leeeennnn-ty la..plenty i mean...=p anyway..before i chiao...Happy Holidays everyone..*hehe*..may u guys have lots of lots of fun no matter u r having winter holidays, or summer holidays,or semester holidays, or year-end holidays..or wutever la..=p..just have fun in wherever u r..

p/s: elaine...2 weeks are not enough for u to enjoy all da penang food la..=p

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The list of the songs in my play list lately:
1. Because of you - Kelly Clarkson
2. Have a nice day - Bon Jovi
3. Angels n Devils - The Click Five
4. Just the girl - The Click Five
5. Photograph - Nickelback
6. Fa Ru Xue - Jay Chow
7. Hei Se Mau Yi - Jay Chow
8. Hao Ren You Hao Bao - She
9. Tien Hui - She
10. Xie xie ni ai guo wo - She
11. Bu zhuo ni de peng you - She
12. Wen Rou - Mayday
13. Zhi Zu - Mayday
14. Believe it - FortMinor
15. Stick with you - PussyCat Dolls
16. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
17. More than words -Frankie J
18. All I want for christmas is you - Mariah Carey
19. This gift -98 Degrees
20. Where are you christmas - Faith Hill
21. Boulevard of broken dreams - Greenday
22. Dont love you no more - Craig David
23. Ying Zi - Nicky
24. Xi pai - Nicky
25. Cool - Gwen Stefani
26. Shine on - Ryan Cabrera
27. Follow Through - Gavin Degraw

That's all mp3 player only can fit in these number of songs as some of the files quite big in capacity..=p you can find a few christmas songs in there as I'm already in christmas mood...haha...some songs r kinda old like boulevard of broken dreams..cos i have a few broken dreams lately.. =p..there are a few songs that i keep repeating hearing dont love u no more by craig, beautiful by blunt, stick with u by Pcd, she's hao ren you hao bao, jay chow's fa ru xue..anyway..jaychow's november chopin album is really really good..must buy k..although i didnt buy..=p n She's new album is good too.. the fortminor album just so so although mike shinoda is in the group..=p

Friday, December 02, 2005

The very last month of 2005, another month to a whole new year. Time flies. I wonder what had I done for the past 11 months, nothing major basically. It's a bad year I gotta admit. A whole new year, a whole new me (well, hopefully).

Waiiiittttt....the photo dat i took recently dat i posted on friendster really look like wanna kill ppl mer? aiya.. at least suat ling think so...*haha*

Thursday, December 01, 2005

a mix & blend of feeling.. excited n happy yet kinda sad...