Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's all good

Hello People. I am back in penang. Yay to myself, I survived the long journey! Travelling alone on the plane for so long is so sick. Let pictures replace the words.

The can-help-me-sleep-better-bear is travelling with me this time!

So from Seattle to Japan took about 11 hours. A lot of Japanese on the plane with me but unfortunately I have this grumpy old japanese man sitting beside me. The lucky thing is there were 4 seats on our row but no one was sitting beside us, so we eventually moved away from each other and we had 2 seats for ourselves.

I found this video pretty amusing. The played it on the screen when the plane took offfffff...

Apparently it taught you how to relax yourself on such a long flight. I found it even more funny when everyone on the plane started to move themselves like what the ladies in the video did.

Neh, that uncle in specs he was laughing and all when he was doing the moves. Then, this japanese guy with his socks, eew. Cannot sit properly one is it? =p

My dinner. My first meal. Some chicken breast la.

They gave ice cream sandwich for snack. Cheapo. This is damn cheap ok. Anyway, this is the last picture of the foooods they provided. I forgot to take others. I lied. I slept through most of the meals. =_+ I was too tired ok. I think they served 4 times.

Then from Japan to Singapore took about 7 hours. I slept again. I tried to sleep according to Malaysian time but I failed miserably.

I read this book most of the time when I was awake on the plane. After reading it, I missed school so much as it talked so so so much about psychology. I read another book named 'Plato and a Platypus Walked into a bar' too. It is a damn good book wei, I don't have the picture of it because the book is not with me now. The book basically helps you to understand philosophy through jokes, you must have some basic philosophy knowledge in order to understand the jokes though. Highly recommend this book, show you guys the picture next time or just google it la.

If you were wondering, I did bring your pimple-less picture along. =p

So I reached Penang around 2pm yesterday. OMG!! Like finally ok. 12 hours in Changi Airport was not fun at all. I paid them to get a small bed to sleep, yes sleep again. I also paid them to take a shower. Everything in Singapore Airport is expensive. The duty free is not duty free at all. If you wanna shop, shop on the plane or in Narita Airport duty free.

Ok enough about Singapore. So I reached Penang then, yay yay yay I makan at Kayu Nasi Kandarrrrrr, but they don't have garlic naaaaaaan in the noon. =_+ I ate kambing but still very very very nice. Met up with Ted then WeiYong then WeeJian then Andrew. OMG!!!! It's the best day of 2008 so far. LOL. So dad wanted mom to prepare steamboat for me. Uncles aunties all came and I made weejian weiyong and ted came as well so that I have excuse to run away from home for awhile to go to andrew house for another food gathering.

Anyway, I didn't take any pictures in Penang yet!!! I was too busy chatting with friends and forgot about the camera. I am still having jet lag. omggggggggg. I woke up at 7 am yesterday. I woke up at 5am today. This is driving me crazy.

Oh yah. I went to QueensBay Mall today. I saw the price in Forever 21. It's ridiculous!!! It's such a ripppppped off ok!!! I am not American wannabe but this is too much!! A simple blouse here costs RM99 or more when it's only costs like 15 dollars. In Us, Forever 21 price ranges from 5 usd to 32.90 usd. A most pretty and expensive dress will cost you 40usd at most. I saw the skinny jeans in the store (exactly the same one, same colors, same quality), it's ticketed at RM142 when it only costs 9.90usd. =_=

And don't make start on brands like Aldo, Guess, Gap, and so on. I am just wondering they kena tax so much by the government is ittttttttttt. But wait, it's not only those brands, I think brands like Seed, Padini, Vincci, they are all over priced!!

But oh well, it's just clothes and shoes la. I still love penang's foooood. It's not that expensive, it's something i can afford!! lol. I heart penang big time. I love my friends here, i love this place, i love my homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So I have high chances not going back to the State anymore. If this is the case, Airene you can have my tennis racket, tennis balls, some of my shoes if you can fit in them, and my external hdd.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Changi Airport revisited

Haiya. I am at Changi Airport right now. I was here since early morning 00:20am. My flight to Penang is at later 11:05am. =_+

I have a lot of things to say and pictures to show you people. But I am obviously very tired and lazy right now, so wait till I am at home la.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

very full liao

I am sorry if I couldn't help anyone of you to get what you guys want from here.

Because... My luggage is very full liao... =( I have to pay for overweight luggage for sure.

One big One small.

Really very full liao.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

quick update

House internet is down!! Somebody please tell me what happen.

Now what I have is my poor iPhone. I have to check email, go on MSN, check my bank accounts, blogs hopping, updating blog, sudoku, nintendo games, check calender, calculator,...everything la..everything have to depend on the phone right now. =(

I finally feel that I am paying AT&T to do something.

Anyway, just to remind Willett. I am not getting you in trouble. It's the promises that you have made. Friends do not break promises, remember that???????????? AND, Elaine needs friends in Perth ok!!! Pam and me are the best choice! =p

That's all for now. The next time I update should be the time when I am in Changi Airport!!!

See ya'll in Penang, KL, KK!!!!


p/s: bad news, weejian will be back to US when I am back to Penang. How pathetic is that?? =(

Monday, July 21, 2008

6 more days to go

I can't wait to see my 阳光男孩。

Because my day does not shine anymore. He tries hard to shine upon me, but I put up the blinds to block the sun. Jeez. What am I thinking.

Knowing that I am heading home in 6 days but I don't seemed to be happy.

There are so many things happened lately that I don't even know how I got myself into the shits. I feel as though there's a big wave keep on pressing and pushing on me, and I am drowning, suffocating and drenching in the water, waiting for a slim chance to get a breath of fresh air, hoping to be pushed to the shore. My guess is when I see the shore will be the time I see the person who picks me up at the airport.

I have been losing contacts with a few friends of mine. I did not pick up calls, I did not reply messages, or I tried hard to ignore or avoid them. Nope, they have done nothing wrong. It's just me. I hate to answer them how's things have been going, how's certain people have been doing. I found myself being uncomfortable answering those questions as I can no longer be my true self in front of them. I hate to fake the things that I am telling them, I hate the fact that I know what's been happening but I can't share with them, I hate to be a faker/impostor or whatever you want to call it as. When I can't share my true feelings/facts/things have been going on, I chose not to tell or not to say anything at all. In this way, I do not have to feel bad for myself, I do not have to be a faker as I say nothing at all.

Yes. I say nothing at all.

But, me, being a human after all, has to find a way for myself to unleash the guard dogs that have been staying in the hutch for a while. (guard dogs are big in size while the hutch is small in size; the stressors are enormous and strong while my heart is tiny and fragile.)

And I guess, this is the way.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the aussie people

Something to cheer up my day!
Saw this in the mail box and I was like...wahhhhhhh...something from down under!!

WaaaaRrrraaaooo... A mail from Willett and Elaine!!

Well, Elaine my daughter during college time got married last year and I couldn't attend. ;( I was having final exam that time (final exam during final semester!!). Willett felt so bad because he chose a wrong date and I couldn't be there, to make it up for this he PROMISED me to buy me and pam air ticket to fly to Perth to see them, some time next year. LOL. LOL. LOL. Anyway, they sent me the wedding pictures in a cd (very cheapo ar, didnt even develope decent picture for me!!!). =p

I likey likey this picture! Happy Family!! I miss Geron...I taught him a lot of good words where he can greet all the aunties and uncles whenever he sees them!

My budddddddies!! WeiYong, Pam, Gap!!, the couple, JC. I wasn't in the picture again.

Elaine called me mommy in the card. I missssssssed being called mommy!! Those time in Inti was sweeeeeet, when we started to pak-thor at almost the same time! =p

My best buddies! Missing you girls!

Last picture is outta topic liao.

Hey babe! The orangey cellphone "hanger/string". I still have my purple one with me!! =p

Friday, July 18, 2008

約書亞樂團 Joshua Band

I have noticed that a lot of contestants in Taiwan singing contests have started to choose songs from Joshua Band lately. I first got to know 約書亞樂團 Joshua Band from Randall and all, you know la the Sabah gang. He sent me all their albums and I was lucky enough when I was in KK 2 years ago was able to attend Joshua Band's concert. It was a tres bien experience! =p

This song is one of my favorites, and have accompanied me through the toughest time.


To me, TO ME la, 陳璽恩-Sien from Joshua Band is just like Darlene Zschech from Hillsongs. I love her voice!!

Here is another favorite of mua.

陳璽恩--Thank You For Your Love

A perfect song for mummy isn't it?


Thursday, July 17, 2008

fishmonger selfish in the market

human are selfish in general.



I am not happy, when I finally have time to do all the Taggies/meme, I accidentally deleted everything AFTER I typed them, and stupid blogger had to auto-save when my screen was blank!!

In 10 more days I am leaving (how I wish I can say something like..leaving for good)... I am excited yet... i don't know..I have mixed feelings inside.

This morning, I made decision on fasting for 10 days.

You are always there for me, aren't You?

I love You.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

do you need a self potrait?

Ok, so I usually don't do this but well, he is my friend, so....

Ok, so DelvinC, he is a freelancer who draws everything (self-portrait usually), and a photographer.

Ok, the last sentence sounds dull and lame.

Well, he is a friend that can draw really well and takes good picture.

Below are some of his arts.

Portrait is always a good birthday gift or for yourself or for whoever who you want to give during whatever occasions la. Now you guys know that I am so not an advertising student. =_+

Anyway, this is Delvin.

Whoever that is interested in getting yourself a drawing or need a photographer for any occasion, please feel free to contact him at his blog "I Like Green", or Facebook him...Ok?

His photography can be viewed at Flickr. HERE.

He is a very kind gentleman, he won't eat you or suck your blood. =p

Monday, July 14, 2008

Loving the blue blue sky

The pictures were taken at Marina, DesMoines at Seattle. I am so in love with the blue blue sky.

Actually iPhone can takes really good picture even it's only 2.0mp. Love my job partly is because when kids go outing (this is the fishing outing), I get to explore more places in Seattle and also get to take pictures at the same time. =p

Saturday, July 12, 2008

the devils are back from the heavenly camp

the kids are back from summer camp. For the past one week, all the staffs had hella fun cleaning up the house, and had really good staff bonding time. but now the little angels are back, no more sandals or slippers allowed during work, sigh.

Apparently they went to this Christian Summer Camp. All the kids came back from the camp claiming themselves got to know God a little bit more better, and at least know a scripture or two.

So one of the kids said.."Ming Ming MInnnngyyyyy... you know what..everyone is now a Christian after the camp..but I am different from them, because before the camp I am already a Christian, I read Bible!!!..."


So I talked to this kid, who is usually very rude to me, who likes to call me retard or stupid. He said..."Ming, you know what, I learned something form the camp, I can remember a verse...Listen.."

I was paying full attention to him. He was like.. "I can do all things...hmmm..hmmm.."

Then I was like "through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13". Then he was like "How did you know that? You are a Chinese but how do you know that??"

I gave him a smile.

Then he said.."whenever I feel I need strengths, I will always remember this verse."

I was like, thinking in my heart, OMG, please, do not remember this verse when you are escalated, because I can so imagine you assaulting staffs with your mighty strengths. =_+

OK. That's all about the kids.

Antoni and I brought our primary kids to the lake, and Antoni showed us how to skip a rock. He is awesome!!

A better one. See how far it skipped!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Song(s)

These are our songs.


Ever since you sang this song to me at the beach, it stuck in my heart and mind, forever.

Terimalah lagu ku jadi teman hidup mu
Untuk selamanya
Kau tahu bertapa ku sayang padamu
Hanya bidadari sebagai ganti
Hanya takdir
Menentukan ia
Oh belaian jiwa
No matter where we are, how far we are apart, we will always have the special place in each other heart.


I am trying to choose between a few songs, Yellow by Cold Play, If you're gone by MatchBox20, in the end I chose Menghitung Hari by Kris Dayanti. Remember those days that we stayed up late chatting in ICQ, or woke up early in the morning to study for SPM, turned on the radio before getting ready to go to school, and this song will always be playing on air on Hitz Fm.

Menghitung hari
Detik demi detik
Masa ku nanti apa kan ada
Jalan cerita kisah yang panjang
Menghitung hari...
I am menghitung hari to the day I will be finally seeing you again. I can't wait for the day to come, like you said, we have a lot of catch up to do!


Each time I listen to JackJohnson, I think of you. I remember it was one of the Summer when you got back from the States and every time we went out, you played JackJohnson Cd in your car. No doubt about it, I love JackJohnson, and it definitely surprised me that we enjoy listening to the same genre of songs. Ahh, that's not important. But I chose Where We Gonna Go from Here by Mat Kearney for our song.

All of your ways and all your thunder
Got me in a haze running for cover
Where we gonna go from here
Where we gonna go from here

Car lights in the driveway
I wonder who's going coming my way
Tomorrow we're turning down the highway
With another bright stage on a weekday
Green grass and a radio
Watching it fly past and away we go
Seven hundred places seven hundred faces more

We were so into this song, and it was on our play list playing over and over again. During that time, we were so uncertain about our future. You couldn't make up your mind on your decision on coming back to the states while I was involving in a relationship that I did not know where I wanted to head to. Our lives were a little bit, hmm, miserable. I miss you friend, I will be there soon!


When I thought of including you in this post, I was wondering will you ever realized this part is for you. Aiya, nvm la. As long as I know, that's good enough. I don't know whether we are close enough for me even to say this, but I have to tell you, when I need someone to talk to, you never failed to give me the positive boost. Until there was one period, you were missing in action, I did not know where were you, you were totally disappeared.

When I listen to Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade I think of you.

I swear it's true
Because a guy like you is impossible to find
It's impossible
I changed the lyrics a little bit. Yes, it's true. A guy like you is impossible to find. One day, a girl will fall for you, over and over again. I don't understand I have a lot of boy's friends who have good qualitieSSS like you but never have enough confidence in themselves. =_+ Boy, secondhand serenade is so good looking. I am looking forward to see you this trip back to M'sia. Hoping that you will serenade me with your voice. LOL.


My neighbor!! Our songs.... probably a lot from boys group...boy that was so long ago, since I was in Form2 or 3?? Omg...Nvm.. I chose Kenangan Terindah by Samson. The song you wanted me to sing for you. Haaa....

Kan kujadikan kau kenangan
Yang terindah dalam hidupku
You never failed to call me at the right time, when I needed someone the most, when I thought it's the end of the world, you never failed to make me smile. I love you big time my neighbor! I will sing you this song, when you get married one day. lol. Anyway, you will 'jadi kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku'. Ok, this is your birthday gift. lol.


We have so many "our songs" I didn;t even know which one to choose!! I will go with You'll think of Me by Keith Urban first.

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories I don't need 'em
Take your space and take your reasons
But you'll think of me

We were heartbroken because of our boys. We wished that they will take away all the memories (bad ones) and think of us at the same time. But we failed big time (sometimes la), we thought of them badly instead.

Another song... Home by Michael Buble.

May be surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

I miss you babe. I miss the midnight curry beehoon. I miss the midnight roti telur & maggiee goreng. I miss friendster-ing together. I miss doodle-ing and post them on your door. I miss million things about you, and us. I will be home soon, love you ela-21.


I was sad that we don't have a song until I listen to this song, OurSong by Taylor Swift. It reminded me that we actually share million songs, just that we don't have one significant song. Who to blame when we only see each other for 2 days when we have been together for 87739273 days now.

Our song is the slamming screen door,
Sneakin' out late, tapping on your window
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow
Cause it's late and your mama don't know
Our song is the way you laugh
The first date "man, I didn't kiss her, and I should have"
And when I got home ... before I said amen
Asking God if he could play it again

This song totally says what I want to say. Remember those nights sneaking out late and Pam got mad bout it. LOL. Remember those nights spending together in KK. Remember...hmm..that's too much to write it here. One thing I know for sure that, this trip back to M'sia, we will have our song. <3

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Burien Style Party

Since the day we moved into this house, Airene and I never brought more than 2 friends home (the Bemidji gang is different, they came for holiday). On last Tuesday, we decided to have an open house, invited friends and colleagues to our place for a small hang-out/party/gathering or whatever you want to call it.

Airene did a really good job inviting people to our place by texting them. lol. We had a really great crowd, and we had good foooooooood and drinksssssss too!

I call this devil-egg-boat! Cute huh!

Strawberry dipped in chocolate.

My little raspberry cupcake with lavender color icing!

This is Norik-ian style fried chicken wings. From Noriko. lol

Banana dipped in chocolate.


A glass of Sangria.

Vietnamese Spring rolls



Some of the people that showed up!

Noriko and I with the peace-yo-sign. Love this girl. She helped us so much, in every way, or whatever way she can. =p

We had every guests took picture with the paper plate. This is Lindsay! She was smiling behind the plate!

Me. Aaron. Airene. Love him!!

Antoni. He is the nicest guy, ever.

Amy..omg, i love this woman.

Lindsay tried to finish up the Sangria. She cracks me up.

Austin is down. What is a party without a restraint?

Just chillin.

Hookah Hoookah and more Hoooookah!

When things...get messy. Lol. They were totally having fun!


Last but not least, a "restraint" video for you guys. A party without a restraint is not a party (it only applies to people who are TCI trained). =p

Now you know, a restraint can ends up really ugly.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Independence Day

This is my second year celebrating 4th of July in US. This year I spent it at work with the kids!

Went to the parade at downtown Burien (Where I live). It's fun for kids, not for me though. I almost teared when I saw Lion Dance!

Before FireWorks at the Lake Burien. The Lake Burien is just by the place I work. And the FirewWorks were based on our dock. I love the view!

A few pictures of fireworks with iPhone.

A short clip of fireworks with iPhone. Not too bad huh?

Went to Mark Restaurant with Airene after work. Two lonely girls. We had Calamari, Chicken Wings, and Lavender Orchid Cocktail.

在你我之间 有时说变就变
就像烟火 下一秒消失不见
想起你的微笑 这画面 短暂纪念
放在心里面 你说过的永远
留在昨天 就当它是 我最美的纪念