Friday, October 23, 2009


we bitch, and bitch, and bitch. she is still a darling to me afterall.

they are the reason for me to remind myself how blissful i am. very blessed.

not to forget edwin. he is in my heart, always.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

hey. it's not dead.

this blog is not dead like what tinki said.

i was just lazy. and now there's facebook, twitter and all that.

but i will start to be rajin again.

how about start from right

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Hello people! It's been so long! I can't even keep up with the project 365. T_T

anyway, it;s going to be a long post.

it's 22:13 now. i am feeling lonely. very very lonely. edwin is not here. randall is not here. darren is not here. the mat-salleh floor mates are all not here. the fact is, everyone has gone to Ibiza, Spain for a 3-day holiday. without me, yes, without me. well, edwin did not leave me here alone on purpose. i chose not to go and i didnt want him to stay either. reason 1, the visa issue. reason 2, its time for us to have some space from each other and i need some quiet time too. ibiza is famous for sex and drugs. sweet. its not like he will do either one of them, i am just missing his presence in this room you know. i feel so much more colder in this room without having him here with me. weird as i usually feel very hot at night and sometimes i even sweat. whatever, he will be back tomorrow night and i will be working from morning to the evening, time will go by very very fast. i hope.

you know what is weird. from seeing each other zero day to sticking by each other 24/7. from celebrating none of the big days together to spending valentine's day, his birthday and our 2nd anniversary together. ok, lets start from feb 4th, the day i left seattle. i was feeling anxious then. very sad as i dont think i was ready to leave america. very excited as i get to see bf in another 12 hours. actually i was very worried and tensed on meeting edwin again. i was worried about the first meeting after so long. worried about his OCD-ness, talking about this, i even had to call noriko when i was at the airport to have her to bring me the lint roller, because i didnt want edwin to see there were like plenty of my hairs/dog's hairs/dust on my coat. =_=

so i arrived in london on feb5th. weird. the british slang and everything. saying cheers instead of thank you. then i flew to manchester. finally, after so long, after heard so much about manchester. i was very excited to see edwin and randall. the first hug was great. the scenes back then seemed kinda blur to me except the scene where the two poor guys with my heavy broken luggages. then i reached the place where he lives (it's a student accomodation). i have always seen his room through the webcam and finally got to see the real room. ehhe. it's kinda spacious (not anymore, cos it's filled with my stuffs!), he has his own bathroom, 6 rooms shared a kitchen and living room. very nice, just like a humble hotel you know. i am very glad to see all the letters from me are pinned on the board, our picture frame is on the table. (:

i still remember the moment when he picked up my hand and then held me close. i was shy then as we last held hand was like months and months ago. everything is great. we go grocery shopping. we cook and eat together. we go travelling together. he introduces his friends to me. he shows me the places where he usually hang out at. i attend classes with him (i kinda sneaked in. =p). all in all, we spend quality times together.

so yea, i am here in manchester for almost 2 months now. he makes me fall in love over and over again. everytime he smiles, my heart melts. i hate to say this but i can tell you that i am afraid or dont even want to be in a long distance relationship anymore. having your love ones by your side is just so great, when you are sad he is there for you to hold and you feel as if everything is going to be alright, no more virtual "*hugz*" which you can only receive from msn. its true that we often have quality conversations on msn but what is different now is we can look into each other eyes while having those conversations. i used to be so shy that i cant even look at my love one when he is singing (be it to me or just singing for fun), but now i just cant take my eyes off him when he is singing as he is so cute that i cant resist. hahahahahaahhahaha.

i think i have crapped enough. lemme upload some photos!

this was taken on my last day (supposingly la).

deli randall never failed to cheer me up. the person that i constantly talk to, be it when i was in america or now here in manchester. i never feel bored with him by my side eh. when edwin is not available for me, he is always there for me to disturb! he is that kinda friend that i want to keep like, erm, forever. (:

the city/town hall in manchester city center.

i think we took this when we just gor back from Edinburgh.

the tower bridge. it was so windy and chilly.

nah. my favorite person.

darren on the left. the person i hang out with other than edwin and randall la. ish.
i feel so blissful, feel so loved, and i think i am under a love spell. (:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


div align="left">project 365 #5 March 14th, 2009: dimsum

yummy dimsum. good company of friends. but upset stomach. damn pms.

project 365 #6 March 15th, 2009: kennysia

it was a very very very very brief meeting. it was so embarrassing as i did not know the direction of manchester town very well considering i have been here for a month plus now. =_=

project 365 #7 March 16th, 2009: banana pancake

"Can't you see that it's just rainin' There ain't no need to go outside But baby, you hardly even notice When I try to show you this song It's meant to keep you From doin' what you're supposed to Like wakin' up too early Maybe we could sleep in I'll make you banana pancakes Pretend like it's the weekend now And we could pretend it all the time Can't you see that it's just rainin' There ain't no need to go outside"

project 365 #8 March 17th, 2009: good friend

i miss you all. i miss you weeeeeejiannnnnnn.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


project #2 March 11th, 2009: farewell

it supposed to be a farewell for me but i chose not to fly. (:

project 365 #3 March 12th, 2009: out of boredom

he crafted my name with the banana skins. and i made his with the orange peels. sweet.

project 365 #4 March 13th, 2009: refreshing

a pretty flower, a happy me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

project 365

Ha! I am doing it too!

so here it goes....

project 365 #1: March 10th 2009

today is my very last day in manchester. aih. time flies. it's been like 5 weeks? to stay or not to stay? uh.. and.. that's the roses on our 2nd anniversary. (:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

stupid cupid

Happy Valentine's Day ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

gong xi fa cai

wishing you a prosperous year!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

on LDR, again

watch this video for those who are in LDR. it's so trueeeeeeee (at least to me la!), and it's hilarious at the same time.

have you taken notes:
-remain social
-talk it out
-VOIP (very useful and cheap! msn or skype not that bad either la actually)
-express yourself

good luck in your ldr!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

for Airene

Bitch (this is just how we call each other...), this is for you!
I walked in the cold winter day to the Starbucks to do this!!
I went through pictures in the facebook one by one as I dun have my external hard disk with me.
But it's all worth it!!
Call me when you see this!! you'd better huh!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


this is the first post in year 2009. lets make it sweet.

remember there was once i received those love notes from him like back in some time last year? i finally finished reading them! they are too precious to me and i actually only take them out to read when i am really really really extremely upset about things or missing him. i am busy packing up lately cos i need to ship my stuff like tomorrow, so i decided to read all of the notes! i was smiling all the way when i was reading them, i was thinking like, gosh where did he copy the notes from, gosh why is he so adorable, gosh no wonder i love him so much, lol. anyway, now i read all of them, unfolded the love origami obviously, and i didn't know how to fold them into love shape again!

btw, this is one of my favorites:

Dee (now you know what he calls me), you must be really tired today as you keep 'running' through my mind, and on the other hand i must be a really bad 'shooter' as i keep 'missing' you!hahahaha i love you ***** (this one too geli, lol). love, edwin.

lol. anyway, he promised to fold them into love origami again the next time i see him!

anyway (why so many anyway one), i finally opened up to him yesterday. like you know, the anxiety that i am having. honestly, i am getting very anxious as i am going to see him again, erm, like very soon. i told him i am getting really worried about things like how if the flight crashed and things happened and i don't get to see him. and i really dont want to be like what happened last time. T_T like i get very very sensitive over things.. T_T.. paranoid.. and all those very stupid things...

T_T then he called me silly girl, always think of those nonsense, always get other people business into our relationship (which is very true la. hahahaaha), and let others influence our relationship then la la la la ( he is very long winded one!). but truthfully, ever since we got into those drama last year (wow, last year..hahaha, as if it was so long ago), he is now very very very caring. oh well he claimed that he has always been that caring. hmm.

there are times that we have serious conversation, but there are times we make fun of each other. like you know lately he calls me daisy and i call him donaldee, lol.. but the other day he called me duckling and i hate it because somehow i think that duckling is ugly... T_T ... ooohoooo i love that guy so much.

enough of craps, i should go to bed now. more packing tomorrow. byebye!