Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kelisa became Sa-li-ke

Ming says: It's been some times. Laziness. This says all. =)

Was looking at all the pictures in my comp, and I found this picture.

That was my car back in year 2004. Ted was that guy in grey shirt. The Kancil which can be seen from far far away belongs to Jin. Matthew was the one who took this picture. Where was I then. I was standing beside the road, crying.... *sob sob*

It's not some severe accident. Just a car crash between a small little Kelisa and a big Mercedes, and of cos an aunty who had no idea what she was doing at that time. Making a U-turn down the hill of Damansara Heights? CRAZY!

Ted never late when comes to picking me up after class. That day was SUPER-late. Over the phone he told me that he met an accident. *ping pong piang*.. Oh, that's my heart-breaking-sound. =p

When I knew that, the first thing that crossed over my mind was How's Ted, *bish, damn worried man*... then the second thought was, How's the car... And then How am I going to tell my parents.

So I had to walked up the hill to see what's actually going on. Then I saw Ted, my car, another car, and an aunty. Was worried bout him cos I was afraid there will be internal injuries that couldnt be seen from outside. And I was sure that he bang himself on the steering very hard. BUt he insisted that he was ok. Fine then. =p I was crying during that time cos I really dunno wut to do. So, me this cowardy-ming only dare to sms my brother. *haha* Guess what, my parents didnt even scold me or neither blame Ted for anything. So nice of them. =p

In the end, we dont have car for 2 months? During that period, you can see those nice people around that who always offer to send us to school, to any place la.. Especially JonJon and Jin.. So sweet of them you know..*hehe*

Oh yea, why am I posting this up when this is already an old story. Because, to tell you the truth, back in those days, I do not dare to look at this picture. *wakakaka*..Seriously, I dunno why la, just not dare to look at it.. Dun la ask me why cos i really dunno why...=p

p/s: Ted is a nice guy with good driving skill. =p