Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Midterm sucks..Hope it doesnt dat bad as i thought... *finger crossed*

Thursday, October 20, 2005

i wanna ask my mom to cane me ade... ming not being a good girl lately.. lazy like hell..haha.. accounting midterm had over..i screwd it..totally..i guess this is da first time in my life i didnt complete every part of the questions on da paper.. =(..crap..not enuff time..2 hours for 4 accounts? crazzzziiiieeee ar... nvm..i dun really bother bout accounting..grrr.. 3 more subjects coming..but i'm still lagging around..haha..went shopping..playing guitar...drawing... cleaning the huz...=p.. yea..i'm trying to learn guitar on my own..kinda hard, luckily got help from my cousie.. its addictive..dammn...i always put aside my text book n go for da guitar..=( its fun playing guitar..but my fingers hurt like hell.. i cant really feel my fingers rite now.n my fingers all are so so short, its very hard for me to reach for certain notes..haha.. n i usually playing it during midnite..like 1 or 2 am? *Shhh..SSshhh..*.. i hope the neighbours wont hear me..=p

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My cousin called n told me i;ve got a mail.. was thinking is it gap or willett..*haha*..cos only 2 persons know my new add..then..then..then...hmm..it's Willett da penicillin..=p..ahh..thank you elaine n ah lett..for da desperate housewife vcd or dvd? i havent check it out yet..=p will finish it in 2 days after exam..muahaha..
Was lagging around at home yesterday when i'm supposed to study..*haha*.. then i started to dig out all da old memories.. here are some pictures..

guyz dat mean so much to me..

ok la..You too... Guyz who never failed to make me laugh.. my Girls.. you 2 are da best..for always..=)...quiny n pammy... kachuak n me high school best friends..
Shitz..i miss u guys..when r we gonna meet up again.. It's gonna be so hard for us to meet up, maybe in 5 years time? Great friends back in Inti..wynx, khyl, yewchien, Vmin, ah jen How many girls in here actually crazy over you? *hahaha* i guess only 1 person understand wut i said.. Aup-erz..Aup Rocks! Spot urself in da pic.. A piece by Willett..nice huh! =p A piece of art by "Picasso"=p My 17th birthday msg from Pam..after 4 years, still here with me =) *hehe*, my new guitar n my first one..=p My favorite- froggie freddo, love freddo with mints too..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

When will the shutter bus be here? i'm damn hungry..i wanna go home..=( anyway, since everybody posting up the Seven Wonders...n since i've got nothing to do..so here's are some random facts dat you may or may not know bout me..

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
1. Graduate with a degree, at least
2. Wedding dinner in the garden
3. Own a farm that filled with Tulips, or Lili, maybe?
4. Travelling around the world with someone i close to
5. Own a child care center
6. Stay in a small island for one month, not pg of coz..=p
7. Master in one of the music instruments

Seven things I could do:
1. making ppl smile/laugh
2. talking on phone for a pretty long time
3. be very quiet until scare you out
4. be very annoying until you ask me to stop
5. cooking
6. sms pretty fast?
7. draw some really childish stuff..=p

Seven often repeated words (OR sentences):
1. haha
3. Really?
4. You know wut..
5. Shitz!
6. hehe
7. dun bluff me la...

Seven traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. hair.. i dunno y..
2. personality
3. eyes..dat can kill u..
4. attitude
5. da words dat he speaks, how good is he in melting my heart with da words.
6. style, tattoo maybe?
7. know how to make me smile and not make me cry

Seven dirty little secrets/confessions:
*would really love to keep it to myself, as it written there "secrets".haha*

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. Craig David!
2. David Tao
3. John Mayer
4. Jack Johnson
5. Gavin Degraw
6.Ron Thomas
7. Bsb..Shut up!!

Seven Current/Recent Books
1. To Kill a Mocking Bird - my birthday gift..=p
2. The Zahir by Paolo Coelho - my pressie too..=p
3. The Undomestic Goddes by Sohphie Kinsella - another pressie of mine..
4. Principles of Accouting - i think i'm gonna flung dis midterm
5. Sophies world, for da understanding of philosophy
6. Ethics by Jame Rachel - a really good book
7. Principles of management - i hardly open da book..=p

Seven Favourite Food
1. Steak
2. Vegetables, all kind
3. Lecka-lecka ice-cream
4. Lamb
5. Sup Kambing or daging
6. Fried Rice by someone
7. Mom's curry fish head

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. Being too nice to others
2. Easy to satisfy
3. Stubborn
4. Not assertive enough
5. Dumb
6. Sweet *tsk tsk tsk*
7. Procrastinator
First of all..gotta thank Mr. Ashok for making my dreams come true by changing the midterm time table..i’m one hell of a lucky girl..=p, becos of you ceo I got a chance to go back to penang! Yay!

Everyday was a wonderful day since I was back in penang on Tuesday. Been receiving loadsa surprises, birthday wishes n so on since then.. The best one is when dis guy asked me to open da car boot to get his bag for him, guess what I saw.. a guitar!!! Oh my gosh.. I was so so so pleased bout it.. it’s da guitar dat I dream bout day n nite.. thank you baby..=p *haha*..i’ll learn it with my heart n soul n my hand n fingers of cos..=p even my fingers are bleeding n the blood is splashing everywhere I’ll still holding on..=p *hahaha*.. thanks for da books n da white dress as well.. yay!! Lik..ya..i got the white dress..=p.. I’m really speechless.. really really really happy..*muacks muacks muacks*..=p

Had dis small bbq n steamboat at home for my family n relatives n friends..yea..friends..Andrew Tan Kian Lam aka beh chim poh, you gave me a really big 747 air plane..hmm..i’ll remember you..isnt dat sweet, cos I’ll remember you..=p ya, everything was great, food, ppl, birthday song was good, especially da one was sung during washing dishes time one..=p..great great..tres bien!

Then Saturday.. went to feringgi garden to have dinner with dis super duper guy (can I describe u in dis way?) *haha*.. gosh, da food is good.. I had surf n turf, n he had t-bone steak..hmm..deliciux~ anyone wanna try, I’ll bring you guys there but u gotta pay la..=p then we ordered this love boat (papaya with ice-creams on top) as my “birthday cake”..*hehe*..dannng.. I was kinda embarrassing cos when da waiter delivered us da love boat n da birthday song was played at da same time..oh my godddddd…so many ppl there..n da mat-salleh beside all started clapping n singing the birthday song for me..kinda embarrassing but I’m really really really happy bout it..*haha*..cheh, their birthday song not dat good, yours better..i dun really dare to look at you when u sing for me cos you can kill me with your eyes…*haha*.. abit exaggerated but true..*hahaha*..anyway, when you were singing it how I’d wished u quickly finish da song n I can blow da candle cos I was really blushing badly ade..=p well..thanks for da dinner..a great one! While I was typing this, I’m already back in Kl..n it’s now 00:00 oct 17th, again, you’re da first one who call me..=p..thank you…* muacks muackkkksssss..*

So..21 year-old finally..nothing really different as before.. just dat my mom didn’t nag me when she found out dat I didn’t go home last nite..=p..nothing to be proud of anyway..haha..i got da key of freedom since so long ago....i wanna stay 21 forever.. I started to have this peter-pan syndrome I guess, da syndrome dat wanna stay young forever..i mean..i dunwan to be young..but 21 is perfectly fine..=p

Oh yea..not forgetting to say thank you to all my friends..thanks for da birthday wishes..=p you guys are da best! And Suz..meow meow..Happy birthday to you too..n Samantha.. n ah yhan..happy birthday… n stupid Andrew also..wish u guys all da best..=)

幸福的瞬间。。谁站在旁边都无所谓。。因为。。在这一刻, 我感觉到好幸福, 好幸福。。终于学会了知足,知足叫我忍受心痛, 知足让我感受到快乐, 知足也让我看到了幸福。。 darkened until very cacat..haha..hope u dun mind.. dats da love boat..i look stupid..=(

This is Surf n turf...a bit messy though..=p

Da so-called t-bone steak..haha..

dis is da picture taken while i was playing with da haloween toys in toys r us..=p

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today gonna be da last blog i'm gonna post up until my midterm is over. I really really have to stop doing things dat not really important to concentrate on my exam. Midterm gonna be on 17th oct, yup, my 21st birthday, n i'm gonna have 3 subjects to test on dat day itself. How sad is dat huh? This year been a really bad year for me, nothings beengoing on smoothly. I can't even go back to pg to celebrate my birthday with my family, relatives n friends due to dis stupid exam, of all times, on my birthday..hmm!! It's only one week left and i'm only 20% prepared for da exam i guess. I'm really really worried dis time, i dunno how am i going to face da exam.. moreover, i cant even celebrate my birthday, n have to stay at home alone as my aunt will be off to kuching. Everytime i think bout dis i'm gonna screw up my whole day as i cant even concentrate on anything. arghh..forget bout it..

Anyway, these people been so so good to me.. chong seng kor kor, xiao mei jie jie, tatz, samantha.. we went to redbox at sunway yesterday to celebrate my 21st birthday and samantha 22nd birthday.. it's an early celebration for both me n samantha as her birthday on 14th n mine on 17th.. we celebrated on yesterday becos most of them will be off to sabah on 17th.. anyway it was so fun yesterday..*hehe*.. my gosh,,everyone can sing so well!! we had dinner later at this sky land restaurant. its a vegetarian restaurant...awww....da restaurant is so "pretty" n romantic..*haha*..cos when you walk in you feel like you are in Rome or somewhere in Europe..*haha*..really..no exaggerating..=p.. da food is nice n they even have this eggless cheesecake for vegetarian..so sweet! of cos we did cut our small little cutie cake there..=p..will upload da pictures later..

Thank you to - chong seng kor kor, xiao mei jie jie, samantha n tatz..you guys been so great to me!! =p thanks for da dinner and da treat in red box.. i'm really really really really happy n had loadsa fun with you guys.. hugs n kisses to you all..=)

不知道为什么不知不觉的哼起这首歌。。暧昧让人受尽委屈, 找不到相爱的证据,何时该前进,何时该放弃, 连拥抱都没有勇气。。。

Friday, October 07, 2005

I used to say midvalley is my second home, but now..*hehe*...must be replaced by Klcc..*haha*..went to klcc with lik today.. went for a drink at coffee bean n girls talk as usual..=p.. arghh.. i saw n i tried dis little white summer dress from topshop..oh my god..so sweet...i want dat i want dat..but i dun hae enough money..=(....i saw a few nice blouse, dress, skirts in Zara too...*sigh*..money not enough...

neway..i'm so happy today!! get to take picturez with dis pretty girls samantha n xiao mei.. =p

-=Xiao Mei, me, Samantha=-

-=xiao meo, me, samantha, tatz, aunty xx=-

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Froggie Freddo from you is da sweetest!! OOooOOOooOO...so happy..i have 2..one lime and one strawberry...thank you..muacks muacks muacks muacks...*not him..dun be perasan!!..anyway..a great day.. you make me smile..thank you..=)

woohoo..happy day.. morning went swimming..but da water kinda yellowish d..hmm..need to complain..

oh my god..willett loves wathing japanese porn..anime...yer yer yer..use bit torrent to download h*ntai must be..=p *dun kill me..*sorry elaine..=p

i miss jamie!! i miss pam!! i miss elaine!! i miss xiao xiao jian!! i miss wei yong!! i miss chowlih!! i miss ah lik!! i miss ah ted!! i miss andrew!! i miss quiny!! yes...dun have penicillin name..=p

ok..my day isnt dat nice and great actually. cos i realised dat i alwayz caught in da middle. like you see..i have these two friends. let say A n B..both also equally "ok" to me. but A n B like to complain to me when one of them is not around. A will talks bad bout B. n B will does da same thing. but both to me are friends. i have at least 4 or 5 pairs of friends are like dat. Its really hard sometimes, cos you really dunwan to speak ill of others n if i could i really dunwan them to say anything to me, i dunwan to listen.. so..tell me wut to do? wut to do? WUT TO DO!!.. is it becos of me being too nice or wut? is it true dat some of them are really like wut they said? do i have to open my big big eyes to look at da ppl around me? hmmm..but eventhough i found out dat he or she isnt a nice person, its not a big deal for me, i will still carry on with my smile whenever i see them, its very hard for me to hate one person..if i hate you one day, you must be really really bad n had done something really really extremely bad to me (dats y ppl always take advantage of me..since primary sch i guess...even as a monitor in class i ask them dun make noise or pass up homework, no one will listens to me..=p)..anyway..so far..there is only one person in da list.. dun ask who..if not you gonna be da second one..=p

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

As Willett said dat i'm actually "tua-han" already, i guess i suppose to post something more like what a big girl should write. =p..obviously i have to squeeze my brain juice and come out with something like this..*how i wish i'll spend da same amount of effortz on accouting*

People come into our lives and change it forever. There exists individuals who we wish we never met, never loved, or never hated. Then there are others who we wish we had the chance to meet, to love, and to help. Thinking back, we can`t help but recall several people who hurt us or who we emotionally destroyed. Most of the times we wish it didn`t have to be like that. Whenever we open up to let the good in, it`s like breathing a fresh breeze of air yet forgetting that there can be bacteria rushing in us. But you see, for every breath we take in, we become more alive. Thus fighting ourselves and figuring ourselves out helps us find a reason to become better people. Knowing that life in this world isn`t so perfect gives us the opportunity to pick out the sweetest details. Then, we won`t be afraid to embrace what ever tomorrow has to offer.

Everything been so slow today, to me, at least. The Lrt is slow, taxi is slow, streamyx line is slow... *hehe*.. neway..i got dis melody's friend orange sumthin sumthin soft toys from mc d. so cute..been so lazy today..nearly cry becos of accouting..cos i dunno where to start, n how to start..it's something really easy but i dunno y its like so tough for me..no wonder i never thought of being an accountant since young. *haha*.. went to swim a while in da evening, just to let myself feel fresh n alive (exagrating)..*haha*..downloaded a few albums today, namely Nickelback's All The Right Reasons, The Click Five's Greetings from Imrie House, Ryan Cabrera's You Stand Watching, Hilary Duff's Most Wanted, S.H.E's 真命天女, 梁静茹's 丝路,杨称琳's暧昧,南拳妈妈's二号餐,张智城's快乐,温岚's爱回温,同恩's找自己,金沙's空气,梁咏琪's 顺时针,蒙恩天使's感应,and there are two albums da best among so many. Which are...

BonJovi's Have a Nice day (Highly Recommended)

KanYe West's Late Registration (awesome)

Actually The Click Five not bad too..maybe it's because i like punk rock.. wanted to download desperate housewife..but its like so many episodes to download..buy dvd would be easier i guess..*hehe*

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

YaY! It's da beginning of October..! It's tIme to make a new wish list n to do list..

*scorez my mid-term with flying color'z resultz..
*able to swallow all da philosopherz famost quotez..
*have a clear idea wuts accounting class goin on before midterm..
*mOOOooOOore pocket money..
*sWim 5 days a week..
*a new backpack..
*BonJovi latest cd, be it pirated or original..
*Special Relationship by Robyn Sisman..
*The Zahir by Paolo Coelho..
*spend more timez with friends..especially suz n ling..
*Ted gonna hv good result on toefl..maybe 297/300..=p
*e-mail my friends more often..
*a guitar..
*able to join dance class or yoga class with 66 n 3 other pretty galz..
*able to do sumthin dat can make everyone happy..especially YOU, who r reading my blogz..
*continue to bring fun to all da classmatez with the "real" ming n lame jokez.*haha*
*receive a really pretty white lily from anyone..or maybe chanpagne-color rose, one will do..
*a yellow or orange-color sunflower too..=p
*join my cousin for singing class..
*read more..as in study more too..
*hope dat everyone around me doin fine in wutever they r doin..
*cook for my friends..
*learn to appreciate otherz more n always feel thankful..
*beach strolling with friends/gossiping by the beach/playing under da rain with frenz..
*bring my bear-bear from pg..missing him..miss touching da fur on da head..
*more mamak timez, but dun eat at mamak..=p
*visit perhentian island during holidayz..
*write more letterz n draw more picturez..
*speak good english like Gracia, who can speak english in Uk, Us, Aus, indo,m'sia slang..=p

wow..wut a long list..actually i dun hv many material stuff to wish for..i already have everything dat i suppose to have..=p.. i guess da most important wish among so many is..i wish dat i can spend more timez with you..you..you..you..n..you..=)

Monday, October 03, 2005

So many things to do, yet so little time
So many things to buy, yet so little money
So many loves dat received, yet da space in my heart is limited
So many....hmm..dunno..=p

Been really busy lately, too much works, seriously, its killing me.. i need a rest..long long rest..*haha*.. I miss *meow meow* suzanne n ling ling so much..*woof woof*..really wanna go out with you guys but my timetable kinda pack for da time being..really hope dat gonna meet up with u guys soon..maybe this sunday bangsar market? *hehe*.. sometimes i really miss those timez in Help becos of you guys, especially ling n suz, jon jon n g, n winnie (da only lecturer dat i am really missing..) *sigh*.. suzzzz..i wanna keep on meow-ing with you...*haha*..

Really happy n suprised when received msg from khai seong..woowaaa..he finally appeared dee.. never seen him since f5? he said he got caught by alien..*hmm*..nothing special bout him just dat i got "okui" dis nickname becos of him!!! hmmm..!! eh, but i kinda like this nick er..so cute, tortoise is such a cute living creatures afterall, isnt it? *hehe*

Was talking to 66 the other day bout her experience as a tutor in Us summer camp..i hope dat i can apply for da job for da coming summer next year..i'm not worry bout anything, just dat, i guess i'll be really really nervous for da interview..it seems tough..i guess i really need to work hard on english language...hmm..wutever it is, i will face da challenges confidently..*haha*..well, i'm already well-trained in this..=p

I'm in da computer lab now..as da class was cancelled..*grr*..sometimes really frustrated with these lecturers.. 66 is sleeping beside me..both of us like stupid for dunno y come to college during this time..hehe..i have presentation later, but i'm so lazy to read tru my notes..*sigh*.. show u guys a few pic on da place i'm staying now..
It took so long to upload those pic today..i dunno y.. i guess must be da server down or something like dat..ish...later go home only upload..lol..lazy to wait..=p

So.i'm back at another home..not da one shown in pic..i'm actually online-ing outside of da huz..cos i forgot my key..waiting for my cousin to come back.. it shows dat wireless line at home not a good thing..se..i can even online at outside of da huz..anyway..here's da pic..

This is da place i usually i spend my morning at...

I will spend my evening by reading in this small little hut when i wan to save electricity by not turning on the air-con.. natural air is good..haha

My bedroom..simple enough huh... the paint is combination of light yellow n baby yellow.. there's another side of my room..its not messy but hv lots of private stuff on da table n sticked on the notice board..=p

The only accessories that i brought to Kl.. kinda unbelievable huh..=p.. cos i still have 3 big boxes of stuff in pg dat gonna bring to here soon..

The living room..da sofa looks comfortable but i dun find it dat way..it is soft..but to me its not comfortable..weird..

Part of the living room.. i love this little bicycle..

Oops..there's no toilet n bathroom pic..hehe..come to my huz then i'll show u..=p..if whoever wanna come stay over let me know yea..cos most of da timez i'll be staying alone..cos aunt will always be away..i'm not lonely though..=p..but but but..no meat are allowed in both places i'm staying..=p..so if u stay with me you have to eat vege n fruits everyday..*haha*..*meow meow..suz..come stay with me! so you can run away from ur mom...haha.i'm really bad..