Monday, March 31, 2008

I have so many things to say!

Where shall I begin?

I shall begin from yesterday. Airene and I went for grocery shopping after work. We only have beers in our fridge basically. The most important thing is we are out of toilet rolls!! As we have to take bus to H-mart (Asian store) and Wal-mart, we decided to bring back pack. Ok, fine, I brought my hand carry luggage. At first, Airene laughed at me, she thought I was a mad woman or something. At the end of the day, you know how "powerful" and useful is my luggage la! If not because of my luggage, we had to carry all the groceries like gila and had to catch bus at the same time.

See!! The result!! It will be enough for us to eat for 1 month or maybe more than that. *Haha* We have everything, fruits, vege, pork, chicken, fish, ice cream, aiyo, a lot la. Then the beer, we bought that month ago for the Bemidji-gang as they are from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) one. But they did not drink it. =( It's been so long since I had a good drink with a bunch of good friends. =( The other day I had 2 shots of vodka at colleague' farewell party, that's it, only 2 shots. I have been really really good lately. =)

FInally lahhhh...!! The washer and dryer are here. Landlord is the best mannnnnn... He is the best!! When we were back from shopping, the new washer and dryer are just sitting inside the bathroom waiting for us. So cute! The landlord some more helped us to fix the dishwasher (don't know whats wrong with it even though we did not use it!! ), helped us to change the light bulb, and I don't know what else he had helped us to fix (why he is so secretive one!).

They are both white color one, so matchy-matchy with our toilet theme! =p

*sigh* Mom called and said that it is most likely 80% of chances they will not come for my convocation. I was not really disappointed as I kinda expected it. I mean since the first day I left home and studied in KL, they never paid me a visit in KL, so.... you know la.. what to expect when I am even further than in KL. Since young, my brother sisters and I were expected to be independent, or you can put it in this way that my parents trust us so much that we are allowed to do whatever we want as long as it is not involving killing people or robbing a bank or raping someone, you get what I mean la. Whatever that I have just mentioned are not related to why they are not coming to US, haih, whatever la. Anyway, if Suzan or Beledees you guys are reading this, please tell mummy that my bf is Edwin not someone she has been thinking all the while, although I have been trying to tell her like 197928739203827 times. It's been 1 year plus now, and I think Edwin is such an easy name to remember in mind and at heart. Jeez. I know you guys constantly check my facebook, friendster and blog, why mummy can't remember his name? Gawd!

Just a picture to entertain you and myself.

I have been very OCD la, not to the extend of very anal though. I need to clean my room like million times a week. I just cant stand the amount of dust in my room. Seriously, I don't know where are they from! No matter how many times I rearrange my room, it just seems to be imperfect to me.

On the other hand, seriously, do not underestimate 2 girls. Look at the shoes we have. I still have another box of shoes in Portland. Airene, I think you should just stop buying shoes lo. =p

Ok la. If you are wondering how small my eyes look like now. It's like this la. This is not bad already, last week was like ten times smaller than this. And you can tell from the picture that my face is still swollen a little bit. I don't know when only I can recover from this allergy allergy thingy. =( Anyway, I love my jacket. Especially the logo. Thank you very much.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lovin' Seattle....

Why Seattle so Pretty one?

I have been sick for the past 2 weeks. Hebat or not? After the Bemidji Gang left, I was caught with cold, flu, fever. I recovered after 4 days. Then, the best thing happened. I have hypersensitivity reaction on my skin ( My self conclusion la). I guess I was having severe excessive reaction to an allergen or allergenSSsssSSSSss. On my off day, I went to downtown with Airene and Valarie (That's when the above picture was taken). At the evening on that day, I noticed that my skin suddenly get terribly dried and itchy. When I reached home I went to bed after I brushed up. The next day when I woke up (at 6am as I had to work at 7am), I found myself looked like a Korean or someone that I did not recognized at all. My face was swollen! My eyes was swollen! My skin was like a snake changing their skin. =_+ I almost cried when I looked into the mirror! I went to work still. I talked to the supervisor that I really did not feel comfortable working as I did not want to scare the kids away. As I was supposed to work for 16 hours that day, i was asked to go home to rest and come in to work again after 8 hours, to work for at least one shift. So I went home to rest and went to worked again after that. The kids made so many comments when I was at work, they said "Ming why you wear glasses today.." "Ming why you skin so dry..Ming you have dry skin..Ming you need moisturizer...".. "Ming how come your eyes are so small today.." I was like OMG ok. =_+

My skin is recovering slowly. But the swollen part, haih, my eyes are very small still, and I definitely look like a Korean right now. It's proven when Airene and I went to eat Korean food and at church, people spoke Korean to us. =_+

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Be appreciative, be contended of what you have now.
Every pain, every joy, is an experience.
Let us be grateful of today's pain.
Let us be even more thankful of tomorrow happiness.

"Let your future's joy overwrite your current pain." - JYJL

Winter has gone. A new season has come. A quarter of new year is passed. Spring is here. What have you achieved, and what have you yet to be done? Are you the "duck that seems calm on the surface but kicking like there's no tomorrow underneath it all"? Or have you figured out a way for yourself seeing that "tomorrow happiness and achievement going to overwrite today pain and hard work"?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Do not bother to read

Finally I find some times for myself to write something. I have been busy working. Well, not really, it's only 40 hours per week, but it's killing me. I used to work 13 hours each day during the summer, but now I feel exhausted every time after 8-hour of work.

There is no doubt that I love my current job. But sometimes I do ask myself, is this job too much for me to handle? You know that most of us worked hard in our job hoping our boss to notice our effort; in this job I was hoping the other way round. Instead of wanting my manager or supervisor or other staff to see how hard I have worked, I am hoping there is someone to see or witness together with me whenever there is incident happening. How if I was accused that I abused/treated the kid badly? How if the kids plan a trap for me to fall into and later accuse me with whatever reason they have come up with? How if it was my mistakes that have made the kids suffered? How if...How if...?

Every night before I go to bed, a lot of things go through my mind especially on the day when a lot of incidents happen. Kid pulled the fire alarm, kid tried to run away, kid punched his/her peers, kid bit staff/peers, kid got restraint, the kids' screaming, crying sound. A lot of us as a counselor would have asked ourselves, would the situation have been better if we handled it in another way, could we have done differently to control the situation, could we...could we..?

I definitely do not feel good when I listen to a kid screaming at me telling me "I hate you Ming" like million times. I definitely feel sad whenever I heard that the kid whom I thought he was always been good blew up in school by hitting the tutor, throwing chairs and tables, and screaming like nobody business. I definitely feel helpless and depress whenever I thought I could have helped them better but actually I made it worse. I definitely feel weak and dumb when I don’t know how to help them, or cheer them up. I definitely feel sad whenever I can’t offer them the kind of loves they want to receive from their family.

Days like this I just feel like talking to people who close to me. I chose not to talk to Airene as she has her own things to take care of (we have the same job). The person who I wished I can talk to or at least try to understand me, never seemed to have some times for me. Sometimes it makes me wonder how much he knows what I am going through. My best friends are all in Malaysia. I wished that time like this I can just chill out with Pam by eating jagung. I wished that I can have LilGap’s words that always keep me comfort. I wished that I can have Jacob to share with me words that always keep me hopeful. I wished that I can have WeiYong’s singings that always keep me warm. I wished that I can talk to Ted more as he can understand me like no one does. I wished that Andrew can provide me free petrol (Ah, this is so irrelevant). I wished that WeeJian can just be here but not in Malaysia. I miss WeeJian like gila only. How can he run back to Malaysia when we are sharing family plan for our phone? I miss those days of our daily phone conversation where he can rant to me about his job while I can bitch to him about school and my relationship. What I love about my best friends are they do not judge, they listen, they help me to see the situation better, they help me to analyze, they care, they share, they try to understand, and the best thing is they do not make decision for me. Gawd, I miss them.

Maybe I should stop rambling.

Not long ago, WeiYong sent me this message.

This is the kind of message that always makes my heart goes.....AaaaWWwwwww.....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Home!

This is my new home in Seattle! Airene and I have been staying here for 2 weeks now (before this we were staying in Kelly's house for one month or two). It has 2 bed rooms, kitchen, living room, bath room, and a small tiny little dining room. It's definitely a cozy place to live in. We love it!

Welcome to our house!

My room! Nice queen bed. But..underneath the quilt, it's actually an air bed. Yup, poor Ming. Donate me a real mattress, anyone? please? Oh yea, the turtle was from you-know-who-la. And the green hippopotamus was from AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiReeeeeeeeeene.

The chi-lang-chang (means 'everything' la. =p) I know I need to do laundry already. =_+

My closet with mirror! That's me in the picture =_+. Anyway, I have a smaller room with big closet.

My workstation.

Airene's room. Not gonna post up the pictures because of privacy issue ok. haha. She has a bigger room with small closet.

Our 31-inch Tv! It's free from Craiglist! Thanks to Airene-the-craiglist-slave. =p The landlord provides us Cable Tv. Hehe! The small little thing beside the Tv is the wireless modem.

Yup, we have bath tub.

And the pretty bathroom. We work hard to keep it clean, make sure it is "hair-less" =p

We have a fridge too!

And also a complete kitchen with oven, dish washer!

After seeing so many pictures, did you notice anything?

Let me tell you.

We don't even have a chair in the house. And, I did not show you the living room. Because, I did not take picture of it as it looks really sad. The good thing is the landlord donated us a dining table lately. We told him we have no extra money to buy chairs for the table, being such a nice landlord, he chopped off part of the legs of the table. So now at least we can take our meal on this big "coffee table" by sitting on the floor. =_= well, better than none rite?

So, do you like our new home? You are always welcome to come to stay with us when you are in Seattle! Hehe!

Friends visit Seattle

My pig dog friends come all the way from Minnesota to visit us in Seattle. It's always good to have visitors you know!! =p Airene and I have been very lonely here. =_+ Too bad that when they were here for 5 days I had to work for that 5 days!!!

Airene and I wear the same shoes today. She was in black socks, and I didn't wear socks! =p This picture is irrelevant. haha.

Seattle is behind us.

The sky. The buildings. The sea. The Land. The city of Seattle!

Seattle at night.

We had Yu Sang. Natalie brought all the way back from Malaysia. I was really HAPPY to see all of them again. It's only a few months I last seen them but I felt like it's been years!

Another view of Seattle. EH, come to Seattle to visit me LAH!

Nat, Airene, Me, Chloe at Olympic Sculpture Park.

5 of us on the bench.

Visited Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee.

Us with pretty boy.


I'm at the highest point this time! =p They took like thousand pictures-lah, it's definitely not easy to choose 10 out of them. =p

This is funny. I love it. Everyone was posing.

But ooOOOOooppPPpsss. It's video.

Friday, March 07, 2008

i love the scenery

The place where I am working at is just by the lake side. A pretty view that I managed to capture with my phone when I was on the way walking back to the Children's cottage.

Cherry Blossom. It's a sign of the Spring season.

Have a great Spring break! Till then.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

love notes

I received this the other day. All the way from Malaysia. Usually when a girl receives this will feel butterflies in the stomach. As for me, I was extremely tired after work on that day, but honestly I had that feeling of "zsa zsa zsoo" that a girl should always have in a relationship.

It's a jar filled with love notes. Ya, I know, it's not a fresh idea. Probably like tones of BFs did for their GFs. But when you actually received one, you will feel differently. I can't tell you how exactly I feel, you have to experience it on your own. Haha.

I must give credit to him on folding the love origami. Because, I do not know how to fold one. =p

I cheated a bit la, I should have not opened more than one per day. But I was all excited to know what he can write in there. So I open one by one. =p

so one of it was saying:

"There's no special reason for this message today. I just wanted to steal a single moment out from your busy life and hope that this can make you smile. Miss you."

Awwwwww....Here is another one....

"Do you know why God created gaps between fingers? So that someone who is very special to you comes and fills those gaps, it's just like me holding your hands and walking through the whole life. Love you."

HAHA. How about this one?

"VIP Calling Pass. Call me now, no matter what I am busying at now, I will put aside and just talk talk talk talk talk to you. Enjoy the special Privilege."

So I picked up my phone and called him. "Hey..I am doing something, call you back k." This is what I got from him. Apparently this VIP Calling Pass is expired. Or you know when you shop online, you have to type in the Promotional Code before you proceed to check out, so I guess next time when I call I have to say "I want to use VIP Calling Pass", maybe it will works.

Oh Well. I know I should feel contended, which I am.

Happy Anniversary, D. Love you.