Sunday, August 29, 2004


got a new hair cut today.. i keep my finge short.. i'm quite nervous when i first step into dat saloon...but after dat,..ahh..quite a relief..n everyone praise bout it..i'm so SooOooo happy..=p.. n there's another thing dat makes me happy... dat is testimonial from just makes me fly high up to the alot....neway, i'm gonna go to baskin robins to get my ice cream now..31% discount for 3 days...yeahoo.....bubye..will be back laterz...=)

Friday, August 20, 2004

Happy birthday Gap..!!

Happy Birthday Gap..hopefully u gonna read this..
hehe..dun worry..i didnt forget ur birthday..i still remember..fresh in my mind...18th of aug,..10:37am..+800Gmt...haha...just dat i dun get to online this few cannot send u my wishes....anyway...wish u all da best la!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

sien sien sien

life without him really really boring...=(..wanted to wake up early in the morning but ended up at noon...heh...went to college to collect my result n time table..but the management dun allowed..they asked me to come back again tmr with everyone...arghhh..just one day only they also kira so much...nvm...hehe...i realised dat having lunch alone is so so so wu liao n lonely..argg..i dunwan this happen to me again...when i reach apartment..oh no..someone moving psycho..same major..luckily different room from me...haha..anyway she is a nice girl..just same like me..hahaha...after dat go back into room to finish up reading 11 minutes by paulo coelho...i tot i can finish reading it today...but i just cant ended up online here....ted gonna reach here tonight..yeahoo..finally i can go back to normal life....=p

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

sob sob

count to tears going to drop....i dont feel easy is da 1st day that i dun see ted for more than 24 hours since we get together...*sob sob*.. he have to go back to penang cos his uncle passed away..wut a sad thing...i really dun feel comfortable without his companion..i guess i'm too reliable on him..=(

Monday, August 09, 2004

it's just another day's just another boring day to me..i woke up at 2 today..gosh..i'm a sleeping pig...hah..must be last nite played online game until too late...after taken a refreshing shower, ted n me went to midvalley.. *oh my god, this place again*..heh..wut to do..da nearest place from here... bought some "personal stuff" and da ingredients for tom-yam soup tonight....after dinner, i played simpson hit n run for awhile, n ted keep on saying dat i'm so weak at driving car..ok..i admit..i'm suck at this kind of racing might just give up...hehhe...there is a girl gonna move into my room soon, so i have to clean up my stuff n move here move to fit 4 ppl in this master bedroom..i really have no idea... all girls here have so many's just impossible...nvm..i dun care...i can only say dat da new girl is so unlucky..heh...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm back...

so long never been here.. i dunno wut bring me back here...guess i'm just too lonely lately so i have to find away to share my feelings..i read gap's blog before i came here to type something, he reminded me dat i'd got punk by him..ahh..dats really scared me out.. i just couldnt imagine if everything happen to phei yee..cos she looks so innocent..i'll feel very bad if she got deported from canada..i'm gonna blame myself.. =( .. and..when he mentioned bout the sherbet, it reminds me bout da mc d sundae cup.. haha..i still remember gap n me once discuss wut to mix with da sundae..dried shrimp, sashimi, french fries, they are all in our even said dat want to blend it all i think about's kinda gross..haaha.. put dat bout my life've been suxx n miserable lately..i dunno wuts going on... suddenly god is like treating me so prob, studies prob..everything just come to me in one time..*sigh*.. nevermind..everything is over..dunwan to think bout it anymore... afterall it makes me realised dat cry aint going to cure anything..and there is alwiz a guy dat gives me endlessness supports..and he definitely makes me feel stronger... gosh..i'm really really miss all my old buddies... sometimes i find dat Kl is such a boring place.. yup..a boring place without any friends of mine.. i really miss those friends back in high sch, tuition centres n inti...until now i still couldnt find any friends in kl dat we are belong in da same channel.. some friends even said dat ted n me is like living in our own couple world... not dat we dunwan to hangout with friends here..well..sometimes u know..u just dun feel like going out...even staying at home whole day online, playing ps2, or much more better then hanging out with whole lots of new friends whom u dunno them really well.. i just feel insecure when i;m meeting new friends..u just dunno what r they going to talk bout u behind ur back..n u dunno how much u really impressed them..n u dun even know how much u can count on them..well, maybe i just need more times for myself to accept these new friends here....=)