Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I will shine for you...

Ming says: There's no single day that I live without your presence.

We will shine, shine like stars above
Shining in your light, guided by your love
let your fire burn in us
burning like the sun
as we glorify, show your kingdom come
in all the earth
oh man...I miss City Harvest...

Monday, February 26, 2007

I love Kids!

They are so adorable. Just like me.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A fruitful week.

Ming says: Busy. Busy. Busy.

I had a great week last week. I am glad that I get to study here and yet enjoy life at the same time. School work is never easy but in the end of the day I get to relax myself. I'm satisfy with what I have right now, I mean I have great life, great people around me, and I have a very supportive family too! =) The pictures sums up what did I do for the last one week. Enjoy!

First, we had Potluck for Oak Hall3b, the floor which I stay in. I cooked Tomyam Soup that nite.

They are some of my floormates. They are all nice n great people. The Resident Assistant, Danny (the guy in red shirt) is a really helpful guy.

We went to Ice Hockey Game. Basically we will go for everything which is free and fun...=p

Then Chinese New Year. International Student Organisation organised CNY potluck. I cooked Baked Potatoes with Onion. A lot of people turned up. It was a great night.

Yvonne,Airene, and me. I actualy got an Angpow..

This is Bonnie! She is my mom over here, she gave me a red packet too!

Some of the Malaysians students were invited to have lunch in Steve & Bonnie house during Chinese New Year.

I stay in Oak Hall, the Oak Hall council basically very active. they organised a trip to Buena Vista, a skiing place, so we went there for free snow tubing!

Then the international students went for bowling on Friday nite.

Some of us...hehe

Later went out for Patrick's Birthday with Natalie.

Birthday Boy.

Nice picture taken.

It started to snow heavily on Saturday, we finally have enough snow to build a snowman!

This picture was taken when we had less snow... it's nice rite...

This was taken this morning. We have the most snow today for this winter. It's really pretty.

It's Sunday, so I will go to Bonnie place to have lunch usually, and I meet new friend, Paul.

Molly, Bonnie's grand daughter. I love her so much as she is tooooo smart and sweet.

Yup, that's all for now. It's Sunday night and I have to stay up all night to finish up my work again. Tomorrow will be the begining of new week, hopefully I will have a great week again!

Friday, February 23, 2007

My Room!

Ming says: It's a great day. Cos it was snowing this morning. =)

I have been telling mom that I will show her my room, *hehe* here are all the pictures. I have a double room, I supposed to have a roomate but well I am lucky enough that no one moves in, so I have this big room for myself!

Anyway, I didnt purposely clean up my room just to take picture. It always looks this clean. *ahem* =p
Welcome to Oak Hall 342B!

The whole room view.

My clothes la! What I can wear else from long sleeves...hmmm....

Another side, where I hang my jeans; where I keep my shirts and pants; where I keep my laundry stuff; where all my bags are kept.

Water container, coffee maker, microwave, slowcooker, utensils....*heh* all in white..

Food! I'm sick of canned food honestly..but what to's cheap and convenient.

*heehhh* That's the place I do my works, chat with you guys, and blogging...=p

My Bed...tortoise is cute, it's a gift from someone special..=p

Another bed. It's more like my couch, I usually sit there to study...or erm fall asleep on the bed after studying...haha
My fridge..a white one! But I'm kinda regret buying this one, it's small and doesn;t have a freezer..want to save money in the end cannot buy ice cream and keep..=p As fr the cupboard it's the place I keep all the onions and potatoes an stuff like that la..
The place where I keep my ting-ting-tang-tang...*haha*.. oh ya, look at my phone, my gosh, it's older than my grandmother...

It's the place I look at myself everyday...=="
My shoes! With the price of your one Nike sport shoes in Malaysia, you can buy all my shoes here.. =)

The view from my window..

*haha*.. chicken+potato+bean breakfast+lunch+dinner for today. It's good but I'm sick of potatoesssssssss....=(

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ming says: I need to hold You close and never let You go.

I get depressed lately.
The weather is getting warmer. Snow started to melt. How sad.
Professor said I am trying to be a perfectionist, and asked me not to worry about my results, she said I have been doing very well in the class. Wth. Everytime the articles or assignments that I got back are all colored with red ink. ==" And why shouldn't I worry woe? She just doesnt understand I dont want to be an average student. =(
I want to go to New York now. They have snow storm. So unfair. We have cold n windy weather but no snow. Unfair. unfair. unfair!
Anyway, yesterday morning when I was walking to school with Natalie, it was snowing suddenly. It was so pretty. But for about 3 minutes only. Grrr!

I went for Free tubing with hall mates today. It was fun. Very fun I mean. I surely want to go back there again. Heh!

I have taken lots of pictures lately, for icehockey game, chinese new year, pot luck, nite out.... But I'm lazy to upload it right now, will do it on some other time. =)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I want too...

Ming says: Heh... I have one double as single room for myself, and the best thing is I'm paying normal rate..... =p
Why is everyone in a relationship?

Have been seeing a few friends changed their status to "In a relationship"


I want too.

Can I change my status for fun too?

I mean for real.


p/s: Yay! I am so happy for you girl. Hope you read my blog lately.. Am so so so so happy for you. Finally!! Phew~ *hugGGgZzzz*

Friday, February 02, 2007


Ming says: I am missing Kota Kinabalu, the very famous Po-Lor-Bao from the Coffee Shop No.13!

It's been a crazy week. It's like the week that we are having final exam and we have to hand in all our final papers. It's crazy but I'm enjoying every part of it. I do complain, but who don't? Ha! =p
Sometimes I feel like going to the lake side alone do some ice fishing, or sitting under tree and do some this super cutie bear...=p