Sunday, November 28, 2004


haih..i'm so tired....tomorrow will be the first day of the final exam...haih..i just finished doing my literature review n self management project....i havent started studying french yet.....and the subject gonna be tested is french..=(..i'm hopeless...die die die......i'm so tired by the am i going to continue studying.....?????

Saturday, November 27, 2004

hehe..playing with ted's phone,....ahh..but da quality of the photo blur blur one... Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004


Love is not alwiz easy, but there's nothing greater. When u r in love with someone, it doesn't mean that you r perfect in any way. We will always have our differences, but love encourages us not to despair. Being in love doesnt mean dat we wont hurt each other, but that is because sometimes we tend to hurt the ones we love the most for granted. It doesnt mean dat we will always think alike, even though we do. but wut loves mean is dat we will be by each other side no matter wut the circumtances is. love is worth the price of pain and hapiness, it may always not be easy, but there's nothing greater than love.

sweet sweet smile..~ Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Life is wont be fun when u still have aliterature review paper n a self management paper to write n hand it up on da same day with ur final exam paper...tell me wut to do....=(

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

finally i realised dat i gotta be more hardworking....especially during this final exam week...but...*sigh*...i'm still lack of motivation....i dunno wuts wrong with myself la..sometimes i'm very alert on doing something, but it wont last long..n it never last long...else for da relationship of ted n me (hopefully it will last very very long until the day i die..haha..)..haiya...i need alot alot alot alot of motivation in order to do something la...i need someone or something push me very very very hard then i only will have da "will" to finish something...i'm so useless la..sometimes i really do think so... hehehe... i hope dat i will have a friend like doraemon so he can always be there to help me...hahaha....ahh..dunno confusing..i dunwan to be free n i dunwan to be busy also....haha...if i'm too free ar...da ppl around me die la...i'll kacau them until they surrender...hahaha...dat's ming power...=p...if i am really busy....hehe..u better dun come near me..i'll scare u away...dat's also ming power....hahahaha....dunwan to crap dee..better go study...becos today i have da "mood" to study..better dun break da mood...hehehe

Saturday, November 20, 2004

bf n gf

when girls or boys look for their desire partners, they wished to have someone who will be loyal to them, love them, care for them, be there for them. nowadays, i realised something dat, people r so selfish.. they want their gf or bf loyal to them, but did they really do the samething on their partners? at least, most of the ppl around me, they sad...( but some r really really loyal to their bf/gf)...i dunno..hmmp..i just dun like ppl betray their love one...if you dunwan to commit into one relationship then u just dun promise ur love one wut u will me..these betrayers r so irresponsible...these ppl are just hurting their love one without realising it...well..i really cant stand this kind of behavior...anyway..this is only my point of view..hehe...well..i mean, dont we have to love our gf/bf as much as possible, try our best not to hurt them? dun just give urself lame excuses such as u r lonely when they r not around (for long distance relationship) or u guys just not "click"...if you already knew u guys r not meant to be together or dun share the same personality then dun mess around with da girl/boy la..gosh..i really cannot stand it....hehee..=p...i wrote this is becos lately, so many ppl around me or around my friends r acting these way...shit man...
*once again..this is only my point of view*......

Friday, November 19, 2004

I am God...

Why am i calling myself god?...ehhhe...there must be a reason...well...i finished doing one psychology lab report and one couselling case study in one night...erm..from 10p.m to 6:30a.m...woohoo..not bad huh..people use weeks to study their past research but i use..erm..*kind of shy to say it out..*.... 1++ hour to read everything..ahem ahem..proud of myself...well..i'm not sure da final result will be good or wut..but i'm confident to tell u dat i'm not confident whether i can get good grades for dat or not...muahaha..sounds funny huh...dats da way i cheer up myself...ngek ngek....actually i'm not proud of myself on doing that u know..i mean finish assignment in last minute...this is a reappy really bad habit...friends who r reading my blog....dun learn from me.. =p .. well...well...well...the truth is..before da night..i'm kinda worry dat i cannot finish my's really really worried...eventhough i always look like happy happy and nothing big deal..but deep down inside my heart...i'm really really worried...haha...i really dun understand myself...sometimes, not dat i wan to be a procrastinater, believe i really want to prepare my works earlier before da due date, just dat i dun have "ohm" or inspiration to write anything on my paper....but...during the last day before da due date of the assignment...da idea..da insparations just suddenly bombard my brain...eeerrr...kind of strange yea...and during dat time is da best time for me to finish up my work...."yeah...i'm dat....*cool*..."...haha..

hmmp..sleep at 6:30 in the morning and i woke up at 12 noon... went to class then to hand up my both assignments...i'm so so damn lucky dat today it;s not our group to present the french sketch...if not i'm gonna die la..i just cant imagine myself doing so much things in just a lil time... lepak-ing in the college...seeing everyone busy preparing for their drama enactment today... i'm really really interested to go have a look on their play..especially valarie group..cos he is dancing man...haha...but before dat have to go to research method n french class..well, lately, i mean these few days, all da lecturers seem not having a really nice mood...even da students too...everyone have loadsa work to do n da lecturers eventually have loadsa assignments to go tru better dun piss them off...especially dat miss lady winnie cheong..haha...basically i like her la...but sometimes i feel dat she is really really bitchy...dunno whether should like or hate her...quite confuse bout her personality...ahh...dun care bout after class right away went to see their drama thingy... dat "dean" and "jac" group consider not bad la..i mean good also..haha...the script r funny n their acting is quite ok...hehehe..the group i prefer the most is valarie group...gosh....rachel is really a good actress man...she is really really really the time i wanna go back to apartment i only realize dat it was already 9 o''s nite...hmmp...quite worry dat we cannot get taxi...but..erm..without hue yeen there...sure we can get one taxi....haha..yea..i mean..erm..everytime when she is with us..we sure cannot get a taxi..just wondering why...muahaha....
my hand kinda tired ade...hehe....will keep on wrting n writing bout my daily life on tmr..da next day..n always...( well, i said this a lot of times d...but...everytime also end up...few weeks write once..hahaha..)...well..we will see....

Sunday, August 29, 2004


got a new hair cut today.. i keep my finge short.. i'm quite nervous when i first step into dat saloon...but after dat,..ahh..quite a relief..n everyone praise bout it..i'm so SooOooo happy..=p.. n there's another thing dat makes me happy... dat is testimonial from just makes me fly high up to the alot....neway, i'm gonna go to baskin robins to get my ice cream now..31% discount for 3 days...yeahoo.....bubye..will be back laterz...=)

Friday, August 20, 2004

Happy birthday Gap..!!

Happy Birthday Gap..hopefully u gonna read this..
hehe..dun worry..i didnt forget ur birthday..i still remember..fresh in my mind...18th of aug,..10:37am..+800Gmt...haha...just dat i dun get to online this few cannot send u my wishes....anyway...wish u all da best la!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

sien sien sien

life without him really really boring...=(..wanted to wake up early in the morning but ended up at noon...heh...went to college to collect my result n time table..but the management dun allowed..they asked me to come back again tmr with everyone...arghhh..just one day only they also kira so much...nvm...hehe...i realised dat having lunch alone is so so so wu liao n lonely..argg..i dunwan this happen to me again...when i reach apartment..oh no..someone moving psycho..same major..luckily different room from me...haha..anyway she is a nice girl..just same like me..hahaha...after dat go back into room to finish up reading 11 minutes by paulo coelho...i tot i can finish reading it today...but i just cant ended up online here....ted gonna reach here tonight..yeahoo..finally i can go back to normal life....=p

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

sob sob

count to tears going to drop....i dont feel easy is da 1st day that i dun see ted for more than 24 hours since we get together...*sob sob*.. he have to go back to penang cos his uncle passed away..wut a sad thing...i really dun feel comfortable without his companion..i guess i'm too reliable on him..=(

Monday, August 09, 2004

it's just another day's just another boring day to me..i woke up at 2 today..gosh..i'm a sleeping pig...hah..must be last nite played online game until too late...after taken a refreshing shower, ted n me went to midvalley.. *oh my god, this place again*..heh..wut to do..da nearest place from here... bought some "personal stuff" and da ingredients for tom-yam soup tonight....after dinner, i played simpson hit n run for awhile, n ted keep on saying dat i'm so weak at driving car..ok..i admit..i'm suck at this kind of racing might just give up...hehhe...there is a girl gonna move into my room soon, so i have to clean up my stuff n move here move to fit 4 ppl in this master bedroom..i really have no idea... all girls here have so many's just impossible...nvm..i dun care...i can only say dat da new girl is so unlucky..heh...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm back...

so long never been here.. i dunno wut bring me back here...guess i'm just too lonely lately so i have to find away to share my feelings..i read gap's blog before i came here to type something, he reminded me dat i'd got punk by him..ahh..dats really scared me out.. i just couldnt imagine if everything happen to phei yee..cos she looks so innocent..i'll feel very bad if she got deported from canada..i'm gonna blame myself.. =( .. and..when he mentioned bout the sherbet, it reminds me bout da mc d sundae cup.. haha..i still remember gap n me once discuss wut to mix with da sundae..dried shrimp, sashimi, french fries, they are all in our even said dat want to blend it all i think about's kinda gross..haaha.. put dat bout my life've been suxx n miserable lately..i dunno wuts going on... suddenly god is like treating me so prob, studies prob..everything just come to me in one time..*sigh*.. nevermind..everything is over..dunwan to think bout it anymore... afterall it makes me realised dat cry aint going to cure anything..and there is alwiz a guy dat gives me endlessness supports..and he definitely makes me feel stronger... gosh..i'm really really miss all my old buddies... sometimes i find dat Kl is such a boring place.. yup..a boring place without any friends of mine.. i really miss those friends back in high sch, tuition centres n inti...until now i still couldnt find any friends in kl dat we are belong in da same channel.. some friends even said dat ted n me is like living in our own couple world... not dat we dunwan to hangout with friends here..well..sometimes u know..u just dun feel like going out...even staying at home whole day online, playing ps2, or much more better then hanging out with whole lots of new friends whom u dunno them really well.. i just feel insecure when i;m meeting new friends..u just dunno what r they going to talk bout u behind ur back..n u dunno how much u really impressed them..n u dun even know how much u can count on them..well, maybe i just need more times for myself to accept these new friends here....=)

Monday, June 14, 2004


been reading gap's blog.. shitty, it's too long ler.. n u havent updated it for some times...ehehe..
it's mid term week again..arghh..i hate this... i prefer final u least after final u have holidays n u get to go any place u want...but ..mid term..haih..after mid term have a few presentations to present and term papers to pass sucks man...=(
lets have english 2 midterm..then thursday have human motivation mid term..after this week,..obviously still have loadsa stuff to do..haih..sometimes i just wondering what for studying so much..

Sunday, May 30, 2004

movies day~~

i watch "shrek 2" n "da day after tmr" today.. both equally good is funny, well not really, but still funny to me, and the other one is so touching..heeehee...gosh..i dunno wut to continue..but i have to say dat "da day after tmr" is a must-watch movie..haha..da movie help u to realise loadsa stuff ..after u watched dat movie, there will be loadsa questions appear in ur mind..

Saturday, May 29, 2004

instead of writing a few sentence... i think i should write
plan of the week:hahahahahaa

Monday 1/june: no class today..planning to cook steamboat for everyone
Tuesday 2/june: class la..maybe i should do revision on human motivation n get
some information for tmr group meeting.
Wednesday 3/june: group meeting..sure have loadsa work to do after dat..=(
Thursday 4/june: should start do some works on the english literature..
Friday 5/june: wanna go genting to celebrate matt n jin's birthday..
Saturday 6/june: should be in genting if nothing goes wrong..heheh..
Sunday 7/june: bangsar sunday market!!

eeee..from the plan can tells dat i'm not a hardworking person...wut i have is pplaying n playing n playing!!


i'm finally here again..after so long..=p.
i wanna continue writing this..but my friends ask me out to mamak in hartamas!

p/s: ur blog too long la..=p..hard to read

Monday, April 12, 2004

never been here for so long.. quite busy for da past few days..hmmp..not really busy la..just dat lately go swim alot then when i'm back i'll be very tired, so.. lazy to online is coming er..n my point is i'm not talking about the final exam, when i say final exam is coming dat means holiday is coming too..hehehe.,..cant wait to go holidays with all da new friends here..i;m really looking forward for dat..=p..we wanna go langkawi island, genting highland, thailand.. n of cos my hometown penang..hehehe..i really really cannot tahan i better go sleep now n dream about it later...=p

Saturday, April 03, 2004

50 1st dates, just watched it today.. nice movie.. not too funny, but it's very touching.. i wanna watch along came polly n scooby doo2 tmr or before wed..hehe..i'm going insane dee...siao liao..crazy liao..i dunno wut i;m typing also

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

woohoo..psychology midterm finally over.. .30% er.. i really hope dat i'll get more than 25%..anyway..i'm so relaxing now although there is still one more to come (statistic)....i'm gonna play game for whole night starts from now...!! hehehehe

Sunday, March 28, 2004

early early wake up in da morning n go for breakfast with ted, huiling n jonathan.. after breakfast wanna study in ted's place but ended up studying star bucks, cos ted's place too messy dee..ehhehe.. hmmp..actually i dunno how much information dat goes into our brain, cos we keep on chatting in star bucks only.. then bout 2 hours later, we go round round at bandar sunway, go have a look of sunway lagoon, sunway pyramid..then from there we drive all the way back to sri hartamas have our lunch there..after dat everyone go home and have a short nap..da weather is very nice, cos it's raining, i feel like skeeping longer , but then i have to wake up to go night market with them again... yea..we go NIGHT market at 5:30p.m..hahaha.. have dinner n buy some vegetables there..ted buy me 2 dozens of white roses..i love it so so so smell so nice n looks so good... n it only cost 12 ringgit..hehehe..anyway, i have so much fun today, i really enjoy my sunday with all my friends here..hehehe

Saturday, March 27, 2004

psychology midterm on tuesday..but i'm still here playing game n online..i'm hopeless...=p

Friday, March 26, 2004

that's something very odd in everyone of us, thats a stubborn mind. for example, i know what's the reasons why i have difficulty in sleeping, but i still want to deny it..even ted told me so, but i'm still being stubborn enough to convince myself dat maybe dats something wrong with my body. this not only happen on me, basically everyone have dat kind of experience, but in different another situation, like, sometimes not dat we cant achieve or success in something, just dat our minds keep on telling us dat we cant make it. do u guys know dat our mind is playing a big game with us? whether u can achieve something or lose urself to ur mind, it depends on how you play da game or in another words how u control your on.. it's just ur mind, dun let it control you..keep telling yourself dat u can make it instead of ur mind telling u dat u r loser..i know say is easier than done, but if you r not helping n motivating urself then who gonna help you? .....
yeah..goin' to watch american idol n survivor all star later...hehehe

Thursday, March 25, 2004

a guest lecturer for word say it all..teruk...i'm not good at biology n the worse thing is she is teaching biological psychology...=(
tmr morning still have another class of her..gosh..someone please help me out of her class...her class is so damn boring, she dunno the material well, she tries so hard to speak her english with dat kind of slang, but it doesnt work..ish...half of da class just sleeping while she is teaching la..=p

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

watched Hidalgo with ted at Gsc midvalley just now..hmmp..nice movie..i dun expect it will be so good anyway...hehehe..n i got new shoes from ted..i'm so so happy...................

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

suddenly feel like meeting up all old friends of mine.. although u have loadsa new friends here, old friends are always the best still...but it's kinda impossible now, everyone in different place, doing different things.. what i can only do is, put everyone of them in my heart n cherish them...=)
i miss... talking gossip together..
kachuak..i dunno.. i just simply miss her..
wei yong.. enjoy talking with him, n listening to his problem... lazying around in her house... sharing his worries n all kinda problem with him..cos he seems to have so much of them..
rishant...he is so so friendly dat makes me like him so much...=)
willett n elaine...miss them so so much..i dunno y..maybe me-ted n them are alike in certain ways..
ah suat... alwiz serves us all kind of food.. n it taste good though...
whoelse...hmmp...basically i miss everyone la..=(....

Monday, March 22, 2004

have to finish psychology weekly reading assignments..'s all related to biology... i hate biology so damn much,,,yucks!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

woke up kinda late today until i realised it was already 11:30p.m..last nite went to mamak with ted n his housemate, then continue doing statistic assignment until 3a.m after came back from mamak .. was playing honey cave until 4:00a.m then..hehe.. now i'm really a night person..=).. loads of clothes waiting for me to wash them after i woke up, after finised doing all da girl stuff then went to ted place to have lunch.. had hotdog n starfruits..yummy...~** continue finishing up da assignment after lunch.. i spent like one hour to wait for the stupid printer to works so slow..just like tortoise...cant help it, maybe it's because of me..=p..lazying around until time to cook dinner, spaghetti for tonight dinner..taste good er..hehehe..was chatting with new guy here after dinner..everyone here cant stand on all da vietnamnese.. ted's apartment is like a hotel, everyone can come here to cook if they want to, n they never clean up, it;s so messy in da kitchen..yucks! all of them just tak-tahu-malu ler..aiyks! checking out da election result, hope dat Bn will win again..=)

Saturday, March 20, 2004

11:30a.m - wake up ( last nite watched survivor until very late)
12:00p.m - brush up n take bath
1:00 p.m - take lunch at ted's place
2:00p.m - go one-utama with ted n joanna, wanted to buy printer refill ink but ended up buying unagi
5:00p.m - go online n check out taiwan's election
7:00p.m - cook dinner at ted's place again..had curry n fried vege
8:00p.m - still wondering what am i going to do next.. i guess i'd better finish up my assignments n weekly

**~Life isn't about finding that perfect peron; it;s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly..~**

Friday, March 19, 2004

i'd rather have bad times with you...
than good times with someone else....
i'd rather be beside you in a storm...
than safe and warm by myself....
i'd rather have hard times together...
than to have it easy part...
i'd rather have the one who holds my heart..
than no one holdin' it at all.....=)
8:00 a.m class this morning, so lazy to wake up ( as usual, dun have a good sleep last nite..)..*yAwN*..see..i'm still, i'm just so tired la...wanted to go to class with my roommie by using my 2 feets this morning, but heard dat there were some robbery, rape n flash cases happen in our place for da last 2 better not walk to class..cos dat might happen on me..(i'm just thinking too much..haha) pretty psychology lecturer gave us a surprise early early in da morning..guess wut? dat was a pop quiz after she started class for half an usual, i just simply answer da questions cos i really really already forgotten wutever she taught yesterday..=p..i swear dat i;ve already tried my best to squeeze my brain juice and tried my best to open my eyes bigger to "refer" to my friends' answer, but it didnt work..=(..aiyks, just forget bout it la, only 1% who cares...hahaha....class ended earlier today, went to fitness first with ted right after class, i'm so hardworking today..hehe.. but only spent about one hour there, cos i'm going to shopping after dat...! is more important to me anyway...=p.. went to Ikea n Cold storage.. i need a bath curtain, bathroom rug n a pillow ( my pillow exploded few days ago..i dunno y..dun ask me) from Ikea...nothing else left in da fridge so we need to get some food dat enough for us to eat about 3 days, anyway, election day is on sunday, who knows wut gonna happen on dat day, so better be prepared..=p.. after back from shopping..haih...still have another class, dats da stupidiest class dat i've ever taken --->statistic..class should be started at 4, but this indian fella came to class at 5, he spent 30 min explaining da outline on midterm, n 15 min on reading da text book..amazing huh!, statistic "(which is one of a math subject dat have loads of long long formula) also can be teaching by reading words by words from text book, i tot dat only apply to social sc or humanities, wut a cool lecturer..=p..anyway, he is not consider as a lecturer la, he is even worse than my high sch ended at 5:45.. then..cook dinner at ted's usual..two dishes n rice..but it taste so good....perasan la me..! =p....i've been writing dis for a few days , hopefully i'll continue doing it without fail..i know i always "head hot hot, tail cold cold" (which is a hokkien phrase) like wut gap always says me.. i know i only updated my homepage once, dat doesnt means dat i'm always in dat kind of habit..anyway, gap himself also not dat good as well..blek..! it's true wut..=p

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions can tell u alot about da way dat a person is feeling at da moment. But it also can be a 'front'. When i smile does it mean dat i'm content? Or does it mean dat i'm doing it for your sake? When i frown does it mean dat i'm sad? Or does it mean dat i want you to be sad for me? So when people say dat they can tell you how you are feeling from da look of your face, well, to me it's all b*ll shit..=) (doesn't it sound true?) Dont tell me dat i look happy or sad or silly because....hey! it could just be my face...!
quiz over, well, it's not dat tough as i i'm quite relaxing right now..but..hmmp..but..yea, loads of assignments due on monday..*sigh*..i'm such a poor girl..=p..anyway, i guess tonight i must take a good sleep, and a long one, and hopefully without any disturbance..=) i dun have a good sleep lately, i dunno n i dun remember when was da last time dat i really enjoyed my sleep..i have insonmia, everytime i sleep i just cant reach the 3rd n 4th stage of sleep, i dunno why ..maybe dat's something wrong with my biological clock, well, i guess..*sigh* you just imagine dat you are really sleepy n tired, but still, you cant sleep, it's so terrible, sometimes it makes me feel like taking sleeping pil ( but i dun have one, luckily)..

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

psychology quiz tomorrow.. no time for this today..=(

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

i'm new here...

ahh.. very tired today.. 7 hour class non-stop.. pretty tired.. so i guess i'll only leave a few words here later..yea.. i mean..later