Saturday, February 25, 2006

i'm loving jose sway n elliot's voice..

american idol finalist-chris has dat kind of charisma dat attracted me..

i love gap for the determination that he hasfor his future..
i love andrew becos he is so..erm..naive..hahahahaaaa...beh chim poh..
i love wei yong for the sexiness he have..muahaha...
i love think of one rite now..=p
i love rishant..for being so 'simple' at all da time..haha

i love ted..for being ted all da time..=p

***i love all da girls for being my girls' friends...hahaha..lame..

Thursday, February 16, 2006

allooozz fren..i'm back after chinese new year n valentines day holidayz..
nothing much happen on chinese new year, pretty sienz, else from going out with a few friends, visiting relatives, ted huz warming, aiya, really nothing much la..

This picture was taken with aunty during ted's huz warming on chinese new year.. aunty got this really nice red color blouse..*hehe*..n i get them this... nice huh? its a fake-bonsai dat looks like dinasour..haha

oh yea.. went to red box with work mates during cny too n had lotsa fun there n sang a lot a lot too..*haha*..
For the past 2 months i've been helping my uncle in his restaurant while waiting for my internship, work like hell n of cos got pay la..i started working with my uncle right after the day ted went to states, amazing, i dunno how i did are 2 of my work-mates.. picture taken during our working hours in the restaurant..anyway, for friends who are in penang dun forget to visit me in Young Heart Restaurant, the environment is really good n comfy too.. =p
Before chinese new year my uncle got me a toy poodle as a gift for dunno wut reason, maybe he afraid dat i;ll be missing ted too much so he bought me a pet..*haha*.. he is really really cute n is now 3 months old.. i spent a lot on him though..=(

I had loadsa fun during valentines day..woke up early in the morning to talk on fon with tek tek n then baked a chocolate cake to bring to shop to share with friends. we had a small valentines party in shop during break time, dun have much food though, we ordered pizza n i cooked spaghetti.. i dunno wut valentines day gift to get myself with ted's angpow..walking around in gurney plaza n in the end went home with empty hand.. aiya.. the day after valentines day i was really pissed off with fed ex service.. got to know from ted dat he received a wrong package.. his package been exchanged with a singaporean gosh!! i'm really afraid my stuff for him will kena curi by the singaporean..=( i was really really upset for the delay of the delivery.. was crying at nite for this stupid thing..*haha*..the next day ted asked me to tell da fedex guy to claim for the wut had ted taught me, i told da guy dat the package supposed to be a valentines day gift n now he have to wait for another week n becos of this we both r really unhappy bout it.. then later on the fedex guy called back n promised to give this shipment for free, but i gotta wait for one month to get the money back..wut the hell..=(..aiya, but better than none hor... haiya..i guess next time have to consider company like ups n dhl..grrr...

*haiya*....its late at nite n i started to miss this guy la..

time for me to go n lastly, to all muh friends..happy valentines day.. n for those who still owing me a lot a lot of pictures,..wei...quickly send to me la...aiyo..*hint,,,ah pam ar!! =p

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai..Happy Chinese New Year, n where;s my angpow huh?

Loadsa things happen in this new year.

I have a new puppy, it's a toy poodle, n we call him baby..
I'm still the Ming that you guys know..
I have lots of fun during new year by getting lots of angpows, meeting up frens..

*haha*.. am i crapping or wut?

ok..its late at nite.. i feel a bit dizzy..

I;m missing everyone.. especially you..

muacks to everyone..happy chinese new year...

a great year ahead.

nite baby..