Monday, April 12, 2004

never been here for so long.. quite busy for da past few days..hmmp..not really busy la..just dat lately go swim alot then when i'm back i'll be very tired, so.. lazy to online is coming er..n my point is i'm not talking about the final exam, when i say final exam is coming dat means holiday is coming too..hehehe.,..cant wait to go holidays with all da new friends here..i;m really looking forward for dat..=p..we wanna go langkawi island, genting highland, thailand.. n of cos my hometown penang..hehehe..i really really cannot tahan i better go sleep now n dream about it later...=p

Saturday, April 03, 2004

50 1st dates, just watched it today.. nice movie.. not too funny, but it's very touching.. i wanna watch along came polly n scooby doo2 tmr or before wed..hehe..i'm going insane dee...siao liao..crazy liao..i dunno wut i;m typing also