Sunday, January 15, 2006

I seldom blog nowadays..cos i have a new pal, my sketch book. Every single thoughts of mine have been keeping inside the book.

neway..i hope one of my friends read this..

i dunno why n i still really dunno why..i didnt pick up ur call n i didnt even reply to ur call and to ur messages. its been a while since we last met n chat, to be honest, i do miss you n do miss the times dat we have spent together.. but i really dunno whats make us, or perhaps only me, that lost contact. haiya! i guess you left for states during thursday..i dun even have a chance to say good bye..i dunno wut kinda friend i sad.. once we were so close n now..aiya... missing those times in kl..=( .. well.. i hope its not too late to wish u all da best..gotta take good care of urself in states k afterall u r a small little girl..hehe..i guess u r going to towson university or something like dat..good luck girl..all da best ya..=)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

your phone calls have been brighten up my days, and have helped me to heal my tiredness...hahaha...=p

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

aiya..i'm back.. been really really busy lately.. n have not been going out with friends...soree kachuak i was in kl when u were free...n didnt even reply to all my friends messages..soree...i have my own reason er.. cos see.. i dun have time..ok..this is not an excuse... the second excuse is..i havent reload my maxis phone for very long...n not been charging my phone as well.. i have been using my digi phone lately.. cos its cheaper to me rite now.... if wanna know da number msg me la...

er..its finally year of 2006...dunno how my life will be like in this year..just pray dat everything going smoothly...lead a healthy life... n wealthy life too..=p oh all my friends..belated merry xmas n happy new year..wishing u guys all da best in wutever u guys r doing.. n thanks for all da xmas n new year messages..i'm really really happy when i know dat i'm still on you guys fon list..=p

All da best guys! be happy n everything will be great i guess? hehe... have fun n enjoy wutever u r doing...most of my friends already working n i;m still studying...aiya =( nvm nv, least i still can enjoy study life..=p blek!