Sunday, January 27, 2008

shOuT ouT to SeAn-SeRmEng

~kan ku jadikan kau kenangan, yang terindah dalam hidupku~

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New York Trip I

From Maryland, Airene, Jamie and I went for a short trip to New York City. It only took us 4 hours by bus. I was an intense trip, we reached Manhattan around noon and we had to leave on the next day evening. To make sure we make good use of the time and visit all the tourist places, we planned it out like the places we wanted to visit and the transportation subway/walk/bus.

The 'well-planned' plan. =p

From our hotel, we walked all the way from Broadway to ex-World Trade Center. Basically you can't see anything in there because they are rebuilding the new WTC.

But.. there were a few small holes that allowed you to have a peek inside.

Nearby WTC, there is this Century 21 Department Store which have a lot of big brands that selling for low prices. You need to spend like 24 hours in there to look for whatever you want.

Then we walked to Trinity Church.

When you are in New York, don't forget to get yourself a hot dog. It smells extra good at night. haha.

In New York, there are a lot of small parks that allow you to have lunch in there/read a book/walk your dog and so on. I guess this statue is showing us how busy a NewYorker can be.

Wall Street. The Charging Bull. The symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.

From there, we walked to Battery Park. This is The Sphere. It once stood in the area between WTC towers and it was relocated to Battery Park 6 months after 9-11. The eternal flame is as a memorial to the victims of 9-11.

There were so many 'fake' statue in the park. You have to pay them to get a picture with them.

Street performance.

When we told this uncle we were form Malaysia, he played us Negaraku.

From Battery Park, we went to the ferry terminal nearby to take a free ferry ride to Staten Island. The purpose was to take pictures of Statue of Liberty (We cheapo la, didn't want to pay for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty Island. This was the picture taken we were on the way back to Manhattan. The sunset view.

Took a bus from the ferry terminal to South Street Seaport.

The night scene near South Street Seaport.

Brooklyn Bridge behind me.

Took subway to Rockefeller Center. The Christmas Tree and many of them were ice-skating in front of the tower.

The Top of the Rock which is located on top of the building of Rockefeller Center.

The whole point was to look at the view of whole Manhattan. The tall building is Empire State Building.

The Grand Central Terminal. Crowded. People are rushing to everywhere.

On the way to Broadway, we saw the shooting of new series Lipstick Jungle. =p So, I assumed she is Lindsay Price la, taking the role of Victory Ford in Lipstick Jungle.

Ta-Daaaa... Broadway.

At Time Square area in Broadway with the policemen and horses.

Met up with WeeJie who has been working in New York for a while. It was really gooooood to see him again. =)

Ate ice cream at Tasti D-Lite. The shop was in shows such as Sex & the City and The Apprentice before. The ice cream is really nice, because it was not super sweet!

HerShey Store in Broadway.

Inside of the HerShey store. Looking for limited edition chocolate, go there!

In front of M&M's store, in Broadway too!

SooooOOOooo colorful~ It makes you happy right a way!

The Toys'R'uS in Broadway.

To be Continued. Tired already. =p

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's that time of the year again...


How can I tell you how much you mean to me and how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful mom? I love you and I hope I will be home soon.


Taking a little step further

Next stop: Seattle, Washington.

Going to Seattle tomorrow for job-shadowing at Ryther Child Center. I hope it all turns out good as I really hope to work with kids.

See the yellow cab? *hehe* Taken on the busy street at somewhere around Times Square in New York City. More pictures later. =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

just a thought

I open up my heart for you, but have you ever taken the initiative to walk into my heart?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland

The trip to Baltimore, Maryland. I didn't get to visit a lot of places though. Well, I mean the whole purpose there was to attend Ling's graduation. So here are the pictures!

She looks really sweet. Love the balloooon, cos it's from me! lol.

Oscar has been really sweet to Ling. So he deserves a best-bf prize.

Lovely Family. The mom and the sister-MomoChan.

Then we visited Inner Harbor.

There's really nothing much there, so I had to take picture with a fish!

That place has really nice view though.

Every time you see HardRock Cafe, you take picture.

Desmond-me-Airene. It's been a long time since I last met him.

We went to this place that sells a lot of crabs to celebrate Ling & SinYee's graduation.

A lot of people la. I try to name all of them. erm. JaZs, SinYee's parents, SinYee, Desmond, Jolie, Williams, Oscar, Ling, Me, Airene, Warren, Jason, Chris.. I can't remember the other 2. =_=

Chris had been very helpful during our stay in Maryland. He picked us up from the airport and carried our super heavy overweight luggage, like 5 of them, then brought us here and there in Baltimore. Same as Warren and Ike, but I did not upload any pictures of them. haha.
I had lots of fun in Ling's place. The family was really nice, and the friends was really friendly to us else from keep on teasing us for coming to Oregon. We had lots of food. MomoChan cooked us really nice dinner and baked us super yummy cheesecake. We had Japanese, Korean, Thai food when we were there. OMG. We ate a lot. Jeez. =_=

Anyway, I am missing Ling and her family already. They should come to Oregon. Haha.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost there!

I am flying to Oregon tonight to start my job hunting adventure!

More updates on Maryland and New York City trips soon!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

GoodBye 2007. GoodBye Bemidji.

Year 2007 has ended. It also means that I have been living in Bemidji for one year. My one year experience here has been a pleasant one. So let's see what I have done in this past one year. =)

I left Malaysia in the beginning of the year and came over to this place name Bemidji in Minnesota at United States.

This is the place I experience the weather of negative 40 Celsius. This is the place I see snow for the first time in my life. This is the place where I get to go for snow tubing, sledding, ice fishing, skiing, and so on.

It is the first time I celebrate Chinese New Year outside from home. During the Chinese New Year, I was missing home terribly, I missed the company of relatives, the laughters, the mahjong's sound, the kids, the food, and not forgetting the red packets!

I met this American family through Family Friends Program. They are Steve and Bonnie, their family are great people! When I leave this place, I will always miss Steve & Bonnie, Keren, Luke, Abbi, Ken, Aaron, Mara, Jonathan, Megan, Martha, Derek, Molly, Heidi, Lars, and so many more!

I stand on the frozen lake for the first time! This is the place where I go for Ice-fishing.

For the first time in Us, I was on the newspaper with my floor mates during Spring semester.

I met a lot of awesome people in Bemidji. Natalie and I.

Blake, Patrick, Natalie, Me, and Justin.

Natalie and Choopi. I love them la. It's so sad that this semester we did not get to hang out that much as compared to the last semester.

I am really glad that I meet this family. =)

I decided to walk out from the past and let myself to fall in love again. Love the dimples!

Aunty Doreen is such a caring person. Same as the son la. I like guys who love their mom la. =p

Then, during the Spring break, I met this old old old old old friend, Wynx from Penang in Indiana. Was so happy to see him!

During the Summer, I joined the Summer Internship Program. We all worked hard together and hence we are the number one team! From the left: Terry, Evelyn, Me, Kristina, KoFen the Manager, Candice, Zoe, Sung, and Eva. There is more people in the team that not in the picture. I have no regret joining this program, it is not about how much money we have earned, it is about how many friendships we have made and how many families that we have helped and touched throughout this program. I am really glad that I have really really good managers: Kofen, Gary, Kailing, FuhLing. They are good leaders!

I received a few awards for the Internship. yay!

After Summer, I went back to Malaysia for a really short trip like one week or so, to attend my brother's wedding. And I realized that my sisters have both grown so pretty! I mean they are always pretty but now prettier!

My youngest sister. Beledees. She is the sweetest girl I tell you. She can be my really good friend and we usually chat a lot before go to bed. =)

And then Suzan, also my younger sister. She is now a more understanding daughter and she is finally done with her F5!

Then my brother. He happy la! Finally get married after like 11 years of courtship.

I never seen my dad and mom were so happy before. =)

Then, after came back from Malaysia, I grew closer to another group of friends. Airene, Yvonne, ZhengBin or I usually refer him as MyPet.

They are the friends that I will always remember and hold on to in my life. Natalie, Me, Chloe, Airene. I am gonna miss Chloe this small-little-pocket-Asian big time.

Last year had been a great year for me. I have a lot of 'First' in my life. Also, I am graduated. I met a lot of nice people, met a lot of new friends. This doesn't mean that I have forgotten all my old friends. I grew closer to WeeJian too (what to do, we share a phone plan. =p). I got to know WeiYong better too, I will always remember he is the one who spent the night at my house watching me packing my luggage =p. I talked a lot to Jamie too but I wished that I could understand him better. There are people that I hardly keep in touch with but they are always on my mind. Friend like Pamela, we just need to chat once in a while and update each other through our own blogs. Then Jacob or also known as Jake, I remember he helped to comfort me a lot when I first came to Us, somehow I find him pretty interesting. lol. Jake, you should stop tempting me to go back to Malaysia.

In the past year, I traveled to many places in Us. From Minnesota to Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and some passing by states like Alabama, Wisconsin, Kentucky. Some of the places I went to travel, some I went is because of my work. And tomorrow I am flying to Maryland and New York. Then next week to Oregon! Yay!

In this year, I have set out goals for myself, I hope it all turn out good! It is also a new chapter of my life where I have to step into the work field. I can't wait for the challenges and I can't wait for all the new experience!

Anyway, I am leaving Bemidji tomorrow. I will be back to Bemidji in May for the Graduation. I will definitely miss the crazy weather here!

So long Bemidji. Bye 2007!