Monday, May 29, 2006

yer!! shit u Suz! why u never told me Help does offer minoring subject in business..=( i miss help..i miss winnee..i miss dr goh..i wanna be one of his baby too..i;m jealous..not fair not fair not fair suz! i wanna go back to Help uni to get help!!!

Ish! missing those friends in Help..jon jon..oh ya..shitty aaron too..n who else ar..wei..a lot la! but Suz is the one i miss the most!!

wait wait! i cannot go to Help..cos 66 a.k.a ah ling will be so lonely in Igs..aiya..macam mana? wei..damn susah woe...=p

Monday, May 22, 2006

it's 23rd may..say peace to the world!

Friday, May 19, 2006

feel like changing my blog lay out..but kinda lazy lately..n have been really really busy..n pls dun ask me wut i am busying at, cos myself have no idea as ppl been wondering wutsup with is a lil bit update on me..if u wish to know..haha..

So,...ming is..doing, or busying, at....

-work...i'm currently helping my uncle in his restaurant in Penang, i started working with him from 30th of december, n gonna have my last day on 31st of may.if u start wondering y this date, n pls stop thinking wut u r thinking..cos u gonna be wrong..*haha*..n of cos i get paid (not much honestly, but enough for me to survive, enough for me to be a small little very little rich girl, *haha*) ooops, dun come n rob me, becos i'm kinda broke lately..

-piano n guitar.. learning both instrument..n i'm suck at both..the guitar tutor always shakes his head whenever i make mistake..pls la..everyone makes mistakes ma! shitz him..he always laugh at my face expression n my mandarin, i dunno whats so funny bout dat..n my piano teacher..aiya, ok..i admit i'm a little bit dumb..wait wait..i'm not dumb..i'm just slow la..slow everytime when i have my lesson at home, my youngest sister sure laugh at me, cos she can plays better than me...*sigh*..poor baby la ming...hahaha... oh yea..the other nite was playing with ted's Er hand very itchy,,yes yes,.i admit..becos of my damn hand..i have to pay a few bucks to get a new string..aiyks..=(.. yes yes..i kinda broke the string..*haha*..shhss..i hope he doesnt read this....

-reading..cos i found this second hand book shop in one-stop...since then i alwayz go "pong-chan" the shop..hahaa...

-yam char...yes..yamchar with friends...nice nice...

-oh hair..busy with my hair!!!! ish...everytime i wash my hair i have to spend 30 min to do the stupid hair...cos it's very hard to get the curl, the big wave dat i like..geram nia... always la..cos its really hard to earn money..*sigh*...

else from the stuff i've mentioned...erm..i think nothing much ade la.. cos i really dun have much extra times...hehe..or maybe u can say i dunno how to manage my time well..aiya..=p

oh a great news from a great great great friend (kamtong boh, describe u in this way)... he brought me this great new dat he finally found a gf...wooohoo..finally..yea..finally..blek..yes.finally..=p..after so long..yes..after so long...(i know u feel like killing me n calling me si o kui rite now..) anyway, i'm really really happy n glad to be the first to know ( proud!) you'd better be a good boy yea, n erm..well..your ahem..but wait..perhaps you've lost your virginity like few years back...*wakakaka*...ok..i think i;d better stop before everyone have a clue on who i am talking bout..*hehe..*..

n lastly..before i say byebye to belated birthday to lik n wei yong..aiya,'s a really really late wishes..but better than none hor? =p muacks! paiseh huh ,u guys have to say byebye to 21 ade...but i'm still 21 years old..=p

ok la..dats all for now...till then la..miss u guyz a lot..a lot ..a lot..=)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

good newz!
* my dog finally understand the command of "sit" n "stand"...=p
* my lighter for pam didnt burn down her, her eye brow chao-hui-ta already? =p