Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tomorrow gonna be 30th, the last day of September. Lots of friends been complaining how bad n how bad about the month of September. To me, September was a great month for some reasons. *hehe*..i guess i gonna wake my friends up when september ends. =p ..anyway, Wake me up when September ends by GreenDay is a really nice song. Tres Bien!
Yesterday was a great day too.. Went to 66 huz to get our accounting homework done..while doing the works half way she suddenly told me dat.."ming..isnt it is sad dat even during my 21st birthday i have to stay at home and do this really stupid assignment.." then i was like oh my god..i totally forgot bout her birthday.. i felt really bad though, for wanted her to come n pick me up from my huz and didnt even join her for lunch.. but things got better when we went for ethics extra class..when da lecturer found out dat its her birthday, mr. ari decided to treat all of us for dinner. it was awesome. this was da first time i joined a lecturer for dinner and surprisingly i talked a lot. at the end of da day, i guess 66 was really happy n she was even happier when her bf called her..*hehe* sweet.. anyway, 66 is a really great girl, she is so cool, she can plays drum!! friends were saying me dat i always stay in "grey" zone, neither black or white. 66 was saying i always give good reasoning when arguing in ethics class, but everytime i surely will ended up contradicting my own point..and jeevi said i always couldnt make up my mind, said dat i couldnt just choose either being positive or negative, always has to be on da middle. Even ted said so, he said i never believed my own instinct, my own thoughts, always being skeptical on my own view. I totally agree with them, yea, i always cant make up my mind, i dunno why, its really frustrating sometimes. i guess maybe to me nothing is perfect, at some points someone might be correct but at another point someone might be incorrect. thus, its really hard for me writing a good argumentative essay during ethic class. i cant take any stand, to me, at some points, either sides have their goods n bads; isnt dat da reality ? for example, a disabled guy breaks into a house becos he needs money to take care of his mom who is very sick. so, the act is wrong, but his intention is helping his mom, can u say dat he is totally wrong? See.. things like dat always make me so confuse, dats why i am always in da grey zone. =p

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

*sob sob*...i dunwan go to another home...there's no line for me to go online there yet.. i dunwan to go i dunwan to go i dunwan to go...grrrr....
anyway..friendster is getting more complicated..n i dunno where to click n which to click...i wanna check my message i also couldnt find a button to click..haha..i'm like a idiot..=p.

Today, reached home pretty late..around 10pm..tired as usual..thought dat wanna continue doing my work but ended up playing around with dis pretty girl..*hehe*.. today was a great day though..get to know new friends n so on.. there was dis lecturer accompanied me to take ktm somemore..*haha*..he was talking all da way..kinda annoying..all those college politics..but me oso kaypo la..wanna know also..=p..although dis afternoon kinda pissed off at someone, in the end, my day still not dat bad though..didnt really affected by her..muahaha..instead, it was a great day..but during ethic class, i was pretty depress when i knew dat i have so many works yet to be bout dis..i guess..i have to go finish up my work...

Monday, September 26, 2005

I went back to Pg last wednesday again..of cos I went back with a cousin sister tired..i reached Kl home at 1:30am last nite..=p So last wednesday after i reached pg (in the evening) straight away went out with friend without going home..sometimes, i think i'm being too much..=p..then thursday..woke up early in the morning to go makan hokkien mee near by my huz, hmm..yummy yummy..then went to work with friend by helping to clean clean n wash er..tired but really run..worth it.. perhaps my life can be best described by david's tao "我喜欢".. 我喜欢这样的感觉 我只想要简单的快乐 希望和你一起拥有 轻轻松松的享受 常常欢笑 做个好朋友 我喜欢这样的感觉 我只想要简单的快乐 希望和你一起拥有 轻轻松松的享受 我喜欢开心的感觉 给好心情留一个角落 想想过去想想未来 回到最初的感动 常常欢笑 我的老朋友... =p..Its really great..i had all i want..lok lok..rojak..movies..sup kambing..roti naan..fried rice..hokkien etc..*haha*

Friday.. my cousin a suprise visit before heading to alor setar, where the wedding dinner happy! So, reached there quite late due to my stupid brother..ish.. during da dinner, i realised dat its been really really long since i last met most of my cousins from my mom side..a few new-born babies..they are so cute..made me feel like having my own baby only..*jealous*..=p

Saturday.. I forced myself to stay at home to finish up my readings and assignments although quiny's invitation to gurney plaza really tempting..*haha*..yay..i made it, i finally could sit down at home n study n finish up my works...then during nite i watched malaysian idols..*hehe*..nice show er..bravo really doesnt matter to me who won it..

Sunday...woke up quite late then quiny said wanna go to gurney we went there and had sushi at sushi king, n looked for our beloved aunt but she wasnt there..too bad..then we sat down at coffee bean n i tried to listen to her story..=p..*hehe*..then later we left for this apartment nearby..oh my god..then everything made me realised dat guys can be really a coward sometimes..frankie..i really look down on you..*ming shakes head*..disappointed..grrr..anyway, girls should be pampered n sayang n guys should listen to girls, but everything has its limit, guy should never never never be like a dog to a girl, its just so "not-guy"..*haha*..wutever it is la..ish ish ish..frankie..ish ish ish...=p.. then later, quiny had to go work n she dropped me home..n my friend picked me up to go kayu then makan then left for Kl sad!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dis is something for quiny the Oh Hoay Thua..

girl, dun revenge, its only for temporary satisfaction and it wont heal you permanently. The next guy gonna be so innocent and maybe he gonna be da guy who is perfect for you. as for the old guy, just set him free and let them be wutever they wanna be. as a buddhist i guess you should know bout karma very well.. dun let ur parents disappointed k.. i only seen dat guy twice so its not fair for me to judge wutever ur decision is, we will always be here to support u, but never never revenge, it really wont ease ur pain..*hehe*..when you feel like crying, just cry it out loud..or maybe u can come to kl to look for me, i will cry together with no..i wont cry..but i'll give u tissue la..or maybe we can go red box together..missing those times dat me, u, n ted dat always go to redbox right after classes in Inti..yea..we can go sing k together..or or or..maybe we can go shopping!! ask ur dad to give u extra money to shop as u need to give me some of happy k! It's not only still have Pam the onneh, ah ying, mr yong ..hehe..lots more la..aiyo! =p

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today I missed my class as i only have 2-3 class n its really no point for me to pay 18 bucks transportation fees just to attend one class..=p i'm getting better n better in finding excuses..great! i forgot to mention dat yesterday when i went to Help i met huiling..*hehe*..ling ling u r getting prettier n prettier...really proud of u gal...u r my role model..*haha*..heard da u r preparing for da prom..all da best yea!

So..wut did i do today.. oh ya..i went to Klcc...from 2-8..amazing..i spent plenty of timez in kinokuniya reading..lots of books to buy la..aiyks..really tempting..then was walking around to look for one pressie for my friend..n n n n n i met one stranger.. girls, you guys gotta becareful when u go to klcc alone... so there was one south african guy came up n said Hi..i thought he wanna ask me bout how to get to another place from I just said Hi la..this was our conversation.

Brian: Hi.
Ming: Hi.
Brian: Are u a japanese?
Ming: No..I'm a malaysian.
Brian: Wow..but you look like a japanese.. are you still studying..?
Ming: yea..studying.
Brian: is it a university?
Ming: Its kinda university.
Brian: I'm studying a college call "Goon"??( i never heard of it n i dunno wut he was saying too)
Ming: oh ok..
Brian: Can we be friend? i'm Brian.
Ming:oh..i'm Ming
Brian: How old are you..
Brian: wow..but you look like cute.(aiyk. its disgusting when he said it)
Ming: no..i'm 21..
Brian: do you mind to have dinner together later? you know..i;m single..u r u have a bf?
Ming: yea..i HAVE a bf..=p
Brian: oh ok...can i have your number?
Ming: sorry..i dun think its convenient for me to give you my number..maybe email add?
Brian: is it becos of your bf?
Ming: yea..sorry.. actually i;m kinda rush to another place.
Brian: ok then..hope to see you again..

Then we said bye bye la..girls, gotta be more careful when such guys approach u..cos after i left..i observed him from another corner..i found dat he started to approach another one know wuts his be smart la...i was quite dumb though..talked so much to him..=p..hehe..after i bought the pressie i walked home..grr..i studied awhile and i came across this..
Can you live a happy life if you continually do things you know deep down are wrong? There are lots of people who lie and cheat and speak ill of others. Are they aware that these things are not right--or fair, if you prefer? Do you think these people are happy?
Socrates didn't. Well, ming did not too..=)

After reading then made a call..suddenly no was so dark in here n i was alone at home..luckily da friend over da phone keep me calm..*sigh*.. i dunno when only i will learn to be more independent..shitz..

Monday, September 19, 2005

Today the accounting class nearly makes me go insane..the credit debit thing was so confusing.. dats y i was not concentrating on lectures all da time...then i talked to da girl sitting next to me, n we become friends..*hehe*..when she was in Help, ted used to refer her as "66" girl, n this is our secret code during mass comm class..*muahaha*.hopefully she doesnt know bout dat....anyway, now in different college, friends around calling her different nick name..ppl here call her miss malaysia..*haha*..i wonder why..i need to find out still..oh yea..the accounting class was so damn sienz so me n 66 started to take out our food to eat..she ate a peach, n i shared with her my chocolate cookies..haha..then i took out my notebook to write was something i had written on my book...

a drunken guy

When you're drunk,
every words you speak, you speak with nobility.
and your eyes look exeptionally sexy.
When you're drunk,
every movements of yours are so gentle.
and your voice sounds deep and mature.
When you're drunk,
your singing is so good n it makes me cry
and looking you in dat way it certainly makes me wanna fly high.

*haha*..crapz..i dunno wut am i writing too..=p.. this is da proof dat how boring da accounting class is..=p

Sunday, September 18, 2005

while waiting for call (well, dats an excuse..=p..actually i'm just lazying around..i'm so lazy..i'm gonna be dead if i dun start doing my assignments)..i'm here to write something..

If money can buy love, I rather dunwan any love..If material love can last long, I'll chop down my head and let you sit on it...If money really can buy love, why do you need to put so much efforts n timez in love?..If money can buy love, those wealthy uncle will have no difficulity in finding lady and Bill Gates certainly can dates million gfs at one time..=p
Recently, i'm really really sick you know..i have this really really terrible sickness..i have short-term memory lost..It's only takes 5 seconds for me to forget something..really..i guess i need to see doctor..its getting worsen..i'm worry of cos..=(
I'm so sO so 幸福 (xing4 fu2)today..yea..幸福..i dunno wuts da english word for this. I checked on dictionary, its written there "hapiness", but i dun think its da exact word i'm looking for.. anyway..sitting in my dream car today was so great..n looking out from da car n found dat so many ppl get married on mooncake festival..well..last week was my cousin brother engagement party..n this coming week my cousin sister is getting married too.. I used to dream n talk n plan alot about my wedding day..but recently i re-thought bout this, is marriage dat important? I mean is it necessary to get married? I thought bout this during the ethic class when da lecturer ask us to write an essay on why should we or should we not get married.. mind was blank..i found no reason to get married n i found no reason not to get married. *haha*..well, i mean, wuts da point getting married when you can stay with your love ones happily under one roof even without getting married, and girls always dream bout their wedding day cos they will be treated like a princess on dat day..but you can be a princess or can be treated like a princess everyday if your bf are sweet enough to do so for you..*hehe*..

So I am back from Penang again after so many days..*hehe*..its really fun...I met 4 new friends..they r my "sensei", molly, nino, and nana..muahahaha..they are really cute though..*wink wink*...n now i have more friends..haha..=p during this trip i learned a lot of new sensei taught me bout philosophy, ethics, n accounts..well..i'm a dumb dumb student..and i realised dat an intelligent guy or a guy who speaks or talks intelligently can be so attractive..yup..attractive..=p.. mom cook curry fish..pam said da maggie goreng in taipan is best in the world..then to me my mom curry fish is best in da world...=p..its really really doubt bout it..*hehe*..then wut else happening in pg..oh yea..this guy keep on asking me what i want for my 21st birthday..grrr...i really wish for something money cannot buy..=p..yea..i;m dat greedy..*ngek ngek*..dats all for tonight..i'm tired to type..haha..i'm tired but i'm happy! =p

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I was told by someone dat I only have one friend in Penang.*LOL*...oh my gosh..I'm so pitiful..yea...I'm dat kesian la...=p..anyway..can't wait for tomorrow to come..*hehe*..yay yay yay yay!!..oh yea..was so glad dat I found a friend to take Lrt n Ktm with me to class.. i'm not lonely anymore...*hehe*..wonder why life've been so good lately..*ngek ngek*.. =p

Monday, September 12, 2005

I never knew that I'd love this place so much. I never knew that I'd miss this place so much. Until the past weekend, I only realised dat I dunwan to leave this place, it's a place dat so great to stay in, I feel so protected staying there, I feel so warm living there, I feel like been *sayang* by everyone during back there.. *hehe*..n not forget bout my family n friends there..n also my aunt n uncle dat brought me to red box..n da sup kambing n my mom's cooking..*hahaha*..yup yup, dats da place dat I wish I can go back more often....---> Penang!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hate those people dat look down on people when the people doesnt rich anymore... it's a behavior dat should be punished..i do believe in karma dat one day they will be punished by god..

Monday, September 05, 2005

Today is my very first day in IGS..hmm..nothing special..lots of Help students there, so basically know most of them..da worst thing is..they r all those smart ass when they were in Help..sigh..i need to work harder then.. first class was accounting principle..grrr..i hate accounts, so damn boring..then management class..da lecturer with strong american slang, but da way he teach like a tortoise..then philosophy class..i was late for class..when i just stepped in, da lecturer said..hey girl, you r late for class, i want to know what do you think of life..omg..i was quite for 5 sec, then ronan keating suddenly came across my mind..then i replied to him..sir, life's like a rollercoaster, ups n downs, good times n bad times, no matter what, life goes on..then he said..good good..have a sit please..Phew..~ luckily..thanks to ronan keating..haha.. =p.. my class was from 1pm to 8 at break in between..muahaha..i'm god..=p..

Sunday, September 04, 2005


(This little boy was looking at his friends drawing.)
Boy: Why is an ass face with boobs?
Boy 2: Because she is a bitch.
Boy: How about this? why is an ass face with a dick then?
Boy 2: Ohh..Thats because he is son of a bitch..
Boy: ........


*...Lots of Great Timez together...*

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Just got back from Pelita mamak in Jalan Ampang..went with cousie n we walked there cos its pretty near to our place as we just stay behind nikko hotel..guess wut we saw when we walked back.. while we were walking pass the citibank, there were 2 security guards sitting outside of da bank...both are guys ok..then we saw one of them grabbing the other's balls..*wink wink*...muahaha..keep on grabbing n touching u so sick of them..we wanna laugh but hmm..we control..control ourselves...*haha*...n my cousie was whispering to me like..ming dun look dun look.. but..i cant help it..i just look la..come'n..who doesnt want to look? *haha*...Eeeeeewwwwwwwww....wut happen to citibank's workers???
...I'm in LOVE with Jack Johnson... been listening to da songs again n again n again. It did help me to "heal" my really stressed mind and body *hehe*.. Woke up early in da morning like maybe 8? agg, my cousie alarm kept on ringing for almost 2o times, its really really noisy. Besides, i got fever, didnt tell anyone as hmm..i dunno..So woke up n continue doing da shifting huz thingy...dust dust n dust..aiyks...While moving stuff i met dis white guy, took da same elevator with me n went into da same huz with me then only i realised he knows my aunt..a really good looking guy..but later i found out dat..hmm..he got a korean gf staying upstair..n recently his gf got pregnant..i was like..wth..hmm..ok ok..its so lucky for him..*hehe* later went to dis new huz n found dat there r lots of pretty gals n my neighbour is a korean family..great, so i can get to know more ppl later..*ngek ngek*..then tok on fon with dis guy, sorry 2 make u angry, perhaps u know y i keep on questioning, sigh, wutever, maybe dis is da chance n time u've given me n hope dat i'll change...after done da works in new huz then came back here. my aunt who is a cosmetic surgery doctor, have lots of clients today... seeing those pretty girls come here n hoping dat they will go back with even prettier face, make me wonder y ppl always ask for more n never got satisfied. Hmm, wutever, but seeing everyone come out from da room with a satisfied look then i feel happy for my aunt too. *yawn*..really really tired today, just finish da cleaning job, grr, lots of exercise enjoying my sweets dat got from someone, it's exceptional sweet becos its from u..muahaha...anyway, so sorry to those friends dat i didnt reply to u guys msg for these 2 days, been really really tired n busy n lazy, haha, got lots of excuses one..oh yea, my cousin was telling me this, got excuse no success, no excuse got success...hahaha

Friday, September 02, 2005

Today been so crap..crap crap crap..and i'm mad mad mad...damn tired n stressed..*sniff sniff*..

Thursday, September 01, 2005

-My Daily Boring Life-

I'm so tired today, exhausted..woke up early in da morning (thanks 2 someone 4 waking me up..muahaha), slept at 3 last nite as waiting 4 ppl to call..but i guess i didnt sleep quite well as I started to have home sick, although the bed here is way much comfortable than the one at home..i dunno y i always find dat cheap mattress is more comfortable than those freaking expensive one, like da one in Spb..*hehe*.. So woke up n took a bath n went to my aunt new huz, its still under renovation, its some where in kuchai lama, damn near to ted;s aunt huz, although this place is like so damn far from college, i love the place though, with big n nice swimming pool, fresh air, nice trees, nice view, etc etc..*haha*..after dat aunt drop me at midvalley ktm, dats when all those spooky n freaky stuff happens..She dropped at a place dat got no entrance to da Ktm I have to walk across into one of the midvalley parking lot..while i was crossing da road i almost met an accident..i didnt notice well enough there was a car dat came to my way so so fast, n it was raining heavily dat time, so i just ran n cross da road, while i was crossing half way i only realised dat SHIT i will get knock down if i dun run faster, so i speed up my pace, well, too bad, i fell down, luckily da car did stop immediately, so i faster stood up n walked into da parking lot while da car driver kept on honking me..*idiot*..well, i'm saying myself..*haha*.. so i finally managed to get in to da station n headed to da destination, which was serdang. Damn, was raining heavily when i reached there, so i talked on fon pretty long to wait for da rain to stop. when da rain stop i asked da ppl there how to get to South City Plaza, n da person was like "Walk? jauh sangat la.." so i took a taxi n it took me 5 bucks for such a short distance. Then go tru da registration stuff n took a ktm back to midvalley. Been walking in high heels for whole day. Although it;s tiring, da journey today have gotten me come to realise that I was so strange to this place, KL. I didnt really come to appreciate n notice n learn about dis place in the past one year, I realised dat i have neglected so much bout this place, been concentrating too much on studies n my love life. So, today was sitting inside da train (dis was my very first time!) observing da ppl around, its really interesting to look at ppl like wut r they doing n stuff..*hehe*..So dats all 4's almost 9, i have to wait 4 my aunt n cousies 4 dinner..we gonna have vegetarian steamboat..yummy yummy....

-sOme words been running around my brain-

You've been asking me what i want for my 21st birthday, if i could wish for something from you, i hope you dun lie anymore, it's aint cool..really..=)..anyway..i know wut to get u for ur 21st birthday..if i can do it, i'd be really happy for myself too..=p..its strange n weird u know..i know how much u care for me, like yesterday when u sending me off, i can see it from ur eyes (a bit perasan d..haha).. you know wut..aiyks..i better dun write it here..=p

-Wish List-

umbrella can be folded one

the billabong sch bag (although i dun like aussie stuff..haha)

an intelligent mind -muahaha

The Zahir by Paolo Coelho