Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I love this picture so so so we are advertising for KFC..muahaha..anyway..yup..elaine n pam..we had lots of fun!!! but if with u guys around sure we will have more fun..=p
Best Mom Award goes to.....Jamie's mom...woohooo...
I met him the other day at gurney plaza. I'm kinda surprised when I dun see any girls beside him. I mean, he was alone. And I was alone too. I was window shopping while waiting for my aunt after work. Then i saw him at 2nd floor? but I didnt approach him, instead I quickly hide myself by walking into FOS immediately. I dunno why I did that, I was shy to see him I guess as it;s been some times since the last time I met him. So, I am surprised that he did not bring any girls along with him. *haha*..Well, I'm not exceptional happy for not seeing any girls with him, just dat it;s just weird...Cos he is always good in "sweet-talking", so many girls die on his hand..yup..i was one of them..damn..well, we used to be really good friends, seldom meet, always chat online, he treated me like someone special, but due to he always have lots of girls around him so he asked his best friend to take care of me when he is not, as times went by, I talked to his friend more than him. Although we seldom chat or meet up, every meeting with him will always makes my day. So..there was one day.. he asked me whether wanna visit a famous chinese temple in penang with him, he said he got something to talk to me..weird..y not on da fon or icq, then of cos i didnt go with him..muahahaha..So when we chat he asked me to be his gf, i said yes wihout much thinking..well, was too young n naive back then..haha..Ever since we were together, we only met once, not even went out, dats even worse than we were friends. We met only once outside my sch during valentine's day..i dunno y, everytime he asked me out i refused to go, it;s just weird, weird n weird..=p..days by days...after 3 months...he seldom call me...then later he didnt even call..n i didnt call him i assumed dat it;s a sign of break up..well, i was not sad or upset or disappointed at all..i guess dats not "love" kua..haha..cos i dun have any special feeling for breaking up...moreover, none of my friends know we were together either..only his friends knew bout it..funny huh..=p wutever la...then we met up when he joined our tuition class, at first he was shy to talk to me, but after he knew i'm totally ok bout it then we become good friends like we used to be again...but things changed again when we step into college life, we went into different path of life n since then we seldom chat until today we almost lost contact....*sigh*

Friday, August 12, 2005

from hui ling journal..

things that are unreachable are the most beautiful things...

well, i used to agree with this..but recently..i dun think so..i guess it's more like a phrase dat keep us feel "good" or a phrase dat comfort us when we cannot get something dat we wanted to get..*hehe*..anyone agree?
woohoo..i'm back..i'm doin this for elaine again..cos i know she is sien sien in perth..=p elaine..i'm here bugging your hubby n ur'm actually here to see whether he is noti noti or not..=p;s been a month in penang i guess..but most of da timez i'm not staying at;s either aunt huz, friends huz, or kl..yup..i went to kl last week for 3 days...then last tuesday i went there with friends shows dat i'm not sick with kl's not becos of my friends i wont be there..=p i had lots of fun with them lo..seriously..hehe..but da weather in kl suck a big time..

I am happy becos
my friends are always there for me
I received gummy bears from xiao xiao jian
get to go to kl with my best friend, good friends..
get to eat good foods in penang..
got someone who cares for me so much..
learning new stuff everyday..
filled with loves everyday....
get to start an independent life soon..
I am sad becos
i miss da dogs at gap huz..
i dun get to talk on fon with sean dat much..
hotlink eat my money...haha
i miss da timez in college studying..
dats all dats should be carefree n fun..nothing worth to be sad of..=p