Sunday, May 30, 2004

movies day~~

i watch "shrek 2" n "da day after tmr" today.. both equally good is funny, well not really, but still funny to me, and the other one is so touching..heeehee...gosh..i dunno wut to continue..but i have to say dat "da day after tmr" is a must-watch movie..haha..da movie help u to realise loadsa stuff ..after u watched dat movie, there will be loadsa questions appear in ur mind..

Saturday, May 29, 2004

instead of writing a few sentence... i think i should write
plan of the week:hahahahahaa

Monday 1/june: no class today..planning to cook steamboat for everyone
Tuesday 2/june: class la..maybe i should do revision on human motivation n get
some information for tmr group meeting.
Wednesday 3/june: group meeting..sure have loadsa work to do after dat..=(
Thursday 4/june: should start do some works on the english literature..
Friday 5/june: wanna go genting to celebrate matt n jin's birthday..
Saturday 6/june: should be in genting if nothing goes wrong..heheh..
Sunday 7/june: bangsar sunday market!!

eeee..from the plan can tells dat i'm not a hardworking person...wut i have is pplaying n playing n playing!!


i'm finally here again..after so long..=p.
i wanna continue writing this..but my friends ask me out to mamak in hartamas!

p/s: ur blog too long la..=p..hard to read