Thursday, October 30, 2008

24th SurpriSe biRthDay PaRty!

so ariney and noriko worked together-gather to organize a surprise birthday party for me. i've got so touched ok although it was not expressed on my face. lol. aireny even created a private event in the facebook and invited my friend which i had no idea at all. T_T

i kinda know there's a surprise for me on my birthday but i didn't know it was that extreme T_T. i was really really really happy can. their mission was to get me drunk as their mission accomplished T_T. it's a bad idea to show your friends that you are a high tolerance drinker on normal days, because some day they wll revenge one T_T.

so they got me to puke a few times, and until today i denied that i was drunk. because i remmbered what i did on that night. i remembered dialing edwin's number and aireney talked to him and i also rememembered telling them i wanted to go for dimsum the next day T_T.

to cut the story short, lets look at the pictures!

i think the balloons look lovely.

everytime i was given a new drink, i had to check it out what was that first.

too happy i think.

pressie from eric!

notice the different drink everytime.

these are the reasons..... T_T

i totally ruined the cake. lesson learned, never asked an almost drunk birthday girl to cut the cake.

a new drink.

hmmm..yummy drink.

hence, a happy girl.

i got so touched after reading all the messages in the socks?

my bucket of drink and aireney.

i was so so so so so so surprise to see them!!!!

noriko and kahlua in the choco cup!

1 year old....~

haaha.. a really great surprise to see Jayme on my birthday!

and of cos kelly and peh keong!!

Amers and Doney!!

Lindsay and shellieeeee~


almost gone liao la T_T

it was really really great to see both of them again!

Nori, me, shellie and someone behind who was acting cute.

austin and anna the therapist!

Aaron!! He is very sweet!
ok i noticed that i did not upload eric's picture. but i am lazy liao. well.... it was a fun fun fun fun fun night!! I love it!
the greatest thing is, i did not have hang over and airney woke up later than me!! LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Saturday, October 18, 2008

ming turned 24!!

what can i say? i am the luckiest girl ever! having all the lovely people around me, i am feeling so so so blessed. thank you people for making my 24th so special. thank you Dee for saying the warmest words to me, thank you roomie for planning the birthday party, thank you noriko for helping airene in the surprise birthday party...

i definitely have more people to thank to.

thank you all for the phone calls and messages, from back home malaysia, from down under, from Uk, from all over the states, from hong kong, etc etc. although you guys like woke me up in the middle of the night just to wish me happy birthday, i was really really happy. thank you all for the different versions of birthday song, no matter you sang it to me through phone, or web cam, or in person, it definitely hit my heart.

talking about the birthday song, i have to thank the Bemidji-gang!!! so yesterday i received a call from an unknown number. i picked up the phone and what i heard is a lot of people introducing themselves, probably like more than 10 of them, telling me that they were from fm90 or something. after that, they started to say all the wishes individually and ended up the phone call with a birthday song. i didn't even have chance to say thank you and they hung up the phone. so i re-dial to the same number, and again they were telling me they were from fm90 and started to sing birthday song again, and then hung up. i was like wth!! but it was really really creative and meaningful to me!! CHLOE TAN, if you are reading this, thank you so so so so much, i so know that you are the leader of this bemidji gang.

ok back to the thank you list.

see how lucky i am! and they are all in pink or purple, so ngam!

my first pressie from that sweetie roomie (for once i dont call her bitch). it was an early birthday surprise, like 2 weeks ago.

all the lovely messages from you guys. i was really touched after reading through. i didn't know all my colleagues like to work with me so much. they probably just wanted to make me happy on my birthday. lol. anyway, one of the messages saying that i am getting old!!! don't let me find out who is that!!

the birthday cards and gift cards. so so blessed la!

thank you for all the messages that you guys left me in msn.

thank you all for the sweet messages that make my day!

thank you all for the messages on my facebook wall!

thank you all for the gifts that you sent me through facebook. lol

thank you all for the text messages!!!

thank you all for the pressies!!

thank you for organizing this surprise party!!

last but not least, thank you guys for coming to the party!!

i had a blast on my birthday, without you guys it won't be that meaningful at all. i sincerely wanna thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. i didn't know that even old people like me can have such a fun-filled birthday!! thank you thank you thank you and thank you. i love you all!!

i am gonna post up the birthday party pictures on next post! Heeee!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

silver lining shots

i don't know whether silver lining shot is only for the sky or what... but oh well, below are my own definitions and collection of silver lining shots. lol

oh btw, they are all taken with iPhone!



towson university.

my latest one, when Ling came to Seattle.

another one, at Ballard Locks.

at the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.

even camwhoring can get silver linings!

in the metro bus. i really make good use of my phone.

at the universal studio, LA.

another camwhore picture. can see that tiny tiny linings?

at the art festival in Burien.

the sky one.

can you spot the silver lining for this one?

so how do you like it?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LingLing visits Seattle!

pretty ling ling came to visit pretty seattle.

everything and everyone are so pweeeety.....! we had a fun filled weekend!