Tuesday, May 31, 2005

hApPy eNding..

hApPy eNding..
the fairy tales stop here...a new life begin from here...
i'm glad dat a decision is finally made...me n ted are now friends.. some friends of mine might be happy with this decision, some may be not...anyway..sorry to let you guys down..especially willett n elaine..i didnt keep on holding on to this relationship..but i never gave up for all these while...i guess its time to decide and move on... i dunwan to hurt each other so much in the end of this relationship, may da best leave for each of us..deep inside our heart, we know the truth, we are lying to ourself all these time..perhaps now we are still..but if we really meant for each other, i believe in miracle dat one day we will meet again..i feel so relieve and i guess i will finally smile again without faking it...life is so beautiful when we are true to our heart, like wut ppl said, if you have a beautiful heart, what you are seeing will be beautiful too...woohoo...actually i'm kinda happy with this decision..i'm single again..i can do wutever i wan...i'm sick of sticking with ted 24/7 n we both certainly didnt like it at all..i believe we will be really good friends like we always be...hehe..i really missed those times back in inti, everyone is single n we are always go out n 'siao' together..haha..no burden..no worries...at all.. but i believe in a certain phase of life or time frame of life, things change and people change, we gotta deal with it as it comes along..i'm happy dat this morning will be da very last time i cry, i'm sick of crying..eew...never liked dat b4..hehe..i missed my friends..i missed hanging out with friends...i missed cooking porridge with friends...i missed half an hour bathing...i missed bbq with friends...n i missed going out late at nite to mamak or beach!! i'm not regret doing anything as ted had given me the best all these while..no complaint..except this shit...hehe..anyway..i really hope he enjoy himself as much as i enjoy myself in this relationship..last nite was da best memory dat u'd given me..hehe...i dun hate anyone..ted knows this better than anyone else...i just cant make myself hate u..i tried..but i cant..damn...haha...anyway..ted.. be true to yourself..u know wut i'm saying...you yourself know better than anyone else wut you want...dun shatter off your dreams...hehe...phew~...i wanna take deep breath n shout..."it's a happy ending.."!!...=)

nEw sKin..

*this is da new look of my blog..hope you guys like it...
*damn..willett got a nice blog...arghh
*anyway...this is a simple n nice one...Blogskins got too many choices...see until my eyes oso pain dee..
*dats all for now..till then...=)

Monday, May 30, 2005

SleepY sLeEpy!!

*so lazy to wake up for class today..aiyks..tired man!! thought of taking a nap..mana tahu!!slept for almost 6 hours..haha..its like at night...hahaha
*showed dat duh-duh sir my project today..glad dat he likes it!! =p
*happy to hear from G dat our magazine was da best in da class..we almost got full marks!!can u imagine dat?
*been thinking to re-build a homepage for myself...i had one when i was in f4? n i cant even remember my homepage address...haha
*hmm...have you guys wondering any friends around you are two-head-snake? =)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Windy Day..

*da weather is so cold today...i'm freezing!!
*met up with lickie yesterday in midvalley..hehe..hope dat we r free to go back to penang with you on June 10...
*watched Madagascar with ted yesterday..well..it's a movie for kids..wut to do..i'm still a kid..haha..i like the animation though...=p
*doing nothing much today...neopets..lazying around...n gotta finish up my project later..hopefully...
*anyone can tell me who have scanner?? i need to scan dat freaking stupid year book cover..
*"gap: i'm not gonna be around in penang during June 10"..WUT?? wuts da point going back to penang then... i thought of meeting everyone up in da same day..but now...aiyks..!!
*Race day: wut happen to you Schuey??

Friday, May 27, 2005

my sisters n i...we do look cute..arent we..hahaha Posted by Hello

during holidays in pg.. Posted by Hello
i'm too free lately...i only take one subject for this summer semester...it's intro to design...one week 3 classes..every class 2 hours each.. we dun have midterm n final for it..just need to pass up 3 projects..so u can imagine how free i am...haha..actually i'm so damn sien..basically i got nothing to do..no text book to study either...haha..so right now my life is just about sleeping, eating, swimming, reading, playing, online chatting, watching movie, n dreaming..haha..

damn...i dunno when only i can go back to penang to meet up my friends...i miss u guys a lot er..n shitty pam n shitty gap not in kl...n dat onneh pam ran away from me..she is in perth now..n she is meeting dat penicillin n dat broomy there...arghh...they even went to esprit to shop..*errghh..damn tak shyiok*..anyway..pammy n elaine..dun forget my gift...ehhee..expecting something from u two...*ngek ngek*.hmm...i'm KINDA perasan..haha...

YippIe..tmr gotta go out for whole day..gonna meet lickie for lunch in midvalley..(aiyks...midvalley again...it's really my second home..haha)..then later evening gonna go ONe-u to watch madagascar...yeahoo..cant wait for it...but but but...gotta spend money again...eiks..

been looking for friends to chat with...ei...gap..where have u been?.. u dun call me in toronto..then maybe it;s becos pretty expensive for da call..so can be excused..but now..u r in penang..!!! ErrRRRrrRrrr....

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In the beginning of the 4th year..

wow..the 4th year..finally.. anyway..the 3rd anniversary was great...get to celebrate with ted for whole day without any disturbance..hehe..went to shopping..makan..star wars..n ted get a new tattoo..a nice one!!..really nice..i'm really happy for him too..i really had fun yesterday n this morning was great too when receiving flower from ted..=p.. anyway...3 years...well..not easy..really..not easy..lots of great times together, lots of broken promises, lots of heart brokens, lots of learning experiences too...no regrets in every single day... although ppl trying to convince me i;m stupid for staying in this relationship after all these shits happen...well..u guys are wrong..i'm glad that i'm still holding on to this relationship..i guess we just shouldnt give up something dat we long for easily.. i guess he needed my trust n support da most when he is lost in here... i'm so disappointed at myself for wanting to break up.. i thought we should be there for each other when things like this happen? just take da star wars for example.. anakin did not gain trust from jedi n he dunno whether should trust jedi or da dark side...n his wife dunno wut to do..in the end he joined da dark side as he not sure which path is better for him..so i guess i should be here to do my part (be a good gf) in order not to let him join da "dark side"...muahaha... well..i'm glad this shitty thing happen too..it really makes me stronger n makes me realise a lot of stuff..firstly..dun trust a person easily..n dun ever judge a book by its cover..dun treat a friend like a best friend when u dunno her well...n make sure u dun tell all ur secrets to her..as one day ppl will backstab n betray you without ur notice...yup..some ppl are dat mean..anyway...gotta thanks this shitty ppl..becos of u..i'm now stronger..be it mentally or physically..with your competition..it makes me more alert n awake...with your backstabbing..it makes me to look at things n ppl around more carefully..becos of your existence...i'd learned to cherish my bf more..becos of your action, it makes me realise how childish you are...=p..i guess enough dee kua...hehe..but truthfully...i really learn a lot tru this experience..i dun really care anymore..in my heart..i only have few things dat really matters me now.....ted, studies, US, my diet..=p..

anyway...few words for ted,
darling..thanks for everything..not only for yesterday...but also today and tomorrow..
lots of things we have been going tru, hope dat every each experience had taught us to be more mature n learned from every each of them.. i really enjoy every single lil time with u together..hehe..as u promised to love me more in this beginning of the 4th year, again, i'll have faith in your words and i'll try my best to be an understanding gf ( but i'm always like dat..haha)...lastly..dear...really..thanks for everything..be it good or bad..i really love you..i really do..=)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Penang 2

eish...penang..such a boring place... n it's damn hot here..so damn hot..the weather sucks..errrghhh...anyway...i'm not saying Kl is fun too..haha..nothing much happen in penang..nothing much changes too...dat batu feringgi still looks da same after dat tsunami thingy..hehe..but the stuff here getting more expensive.. i dunno why...da hawker foods..n everything la..i guess Kl stuff even more cheaper..hehe..

anyway..i'm in coffee bean now..i dun really like frap nowadays..cos dunno why it seems to be too sweet for me..so i just ordered an ice tea...hehe..guess what..i met gap's mom here..hehe..i'm already finished checking my mails n all dat..dunno anything else dat i can do..gosh..so boring..but i'm paying 5 bucks for this line..i dunwan to go yet n moreover ted not here yet..

Ishh....i baked a cake for my mom just now before i went out with ted..hehe..a cake for mother's day..blueberry cake..hehe..with help from ted n sis..hopefully it gonna taste good although it looks sucks..A LIL BIT messy...haha...hope dat my mom gonna love it..hehe..dat cake kind of specials becos we put in the messages from me, bro, sis n dad on a paper dat inserted between da layers..hope dat gonna give my mom a surprise...n hoping dat my bro will bring us to Parkroyal for buffet...or equatorial..i dun really mind..as long as not tambun..cos i have enough of dat..hahaha...

dats all for today i guess...later going to have dinner with teds parents..see u guys around...Gap!! i'm waiting for u to come back...=p