Tuesday, January 27, 2009

gong xi fa cai

wishing you a prosperous year!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

on LDR, again

watch this video for those who are in LDR. it's so trueeeeeeee (at least to me la!), and it's hilarious at the same time.

have you taken notes:
-remain social
-talk it out
-VOIP (very useful and cheap! msn or skype not that bad either la actually)
-express yourself

good luck in your ldr!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

for Airene

Bitch (this is just how we call each other...), this is for you!
I walked in the cold winter day to the Starbucks to do this!!
I went through pictures in the facebook one by one as I dun have my external hard disk with me.
But it's all worth it!!
Call me when you see this!! you'd better huh!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


this is the first post in year 2009. lets make it sweet.

remember there was once i received those love notes from him like back in some time last year? i finally finished reading them! they are too precious to me and i actually only take them out to read when i am really really really extremely upset about things or missing him. i am busy packing up lately cos i need to ship my stuff like tomorrow, so i decided to read all of the notes! i was smiling all the way when i was reading them, i was thinking like, gosh where did he copy the notes from, gosh why is he so adorable, gosh no wonder i love him so much, lol. anyway, now i read all of them, unfolded the love origami obviously, and i didn't know how to fold them into love shape again!

btw, this is one of my favorites:

Dee (now you know what he calls me), you must be really tired today as you keep 'running' through my mind, and on the other hand i must be a really bad 'shooter' as i keep 'missing' you!hahahaha i love you ***** (this one too geli, lol). love, edwin.

lol. anyway, he promised to fold them into love origami again the next time i see him!

anyway (why so many anyway one), i finally opened up to him yesterday. like you know, the anxiety that i am having. honestly, i am getting very anxious as i am going to see him again, erm, like very soon. i told him i am getting really worried about things like how if the flight crashed and things happened and i don't get to see him. and i really dont want to be like what happened last time. T_T like i get very very sensitive over things.. T_T.. paranoid.. and all those very stupid things...

T_T then he called me silly girl, always think of those nonsense, always get other people business into our relationship (which is very true la. hahahaaha), and let others influence our relationship then la la la la ( he is very long winded one!). but truthfully, ever since we got into those drama last year (wow, last year..hahaha, as if it was so long ago), he is now very very very caring. oh well he claimed that he has always been that caring. hmm.

there are times that we have serious conversation, but there are times we make fun of each other. like you know lately he calls me daisy and i call him donaldee, lol.. but the other day he called me duckling and i hate it because somehow i think that duckling is ugly... T_T ... ooohoooo i love that guy so much.

enough of craps, i should go to bed now. more packing tomorrow. byebye!