Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Brother

This is a post dedicated to my brother for his 27th birthday.

I have known my brother for 23 years (yes, that's my age). He was my playmate when we were young. We played hide and seek. We played doctor and patient (we will mix the Johnson & Johnson baby powder with water and it becomes some kinda gel form as our medicine). We played bus driver and passenger (Grandma will always collects the bus tickets for us as our tools). Mommy will always bring us to Botanical Garden to take picture. We have lots of pictures taken together that he kisses me on my face! *shy* He is mommy's boy, mom sayang him so much and I get really jealous sometimes. Grandma loves him too, always cooks him his favorite dish - dark soya sauce pork. Haiya, to cut all the grandma stories, basically we 'hang out' together a lot when we were small and naive la!

When my brother went to high school, he never forgot about me...I still remember there were days that he brought me to internet cafe with his gf. Well, my brother is a really sweet guy la. He is smart. He is caring. He is thoughtful. He is understading. A lot of people did not know that he actually gave up the chance to further his studies in overseas because of me. =) When I was studying in KL we hardly talk but he will always send sms or email to ask hows things going on. Whenever I am broke, I just need to send my korkor a msg saying that "bro, i am broke", and he never make me disappointed. Actually he helped my parents to pay a big portion of my college and uni tuition fees. I am very blessed with a brother like that. =)

My brother isn;t that good looking kinda guy, but not ugly as well. To me he does not have that special kinda charm too. But since high school, a lot of girls are actually attracted by him. Maybe he is smart, good in sport, king scout, flirticious. Haha. I really dont understand sometimes. Few years ago, I saw my brother cried for the first time. He called back to mom and said that he was very sad because he just broke up with his gf who he had dated for several years. But things worked out not many days after that. And because of his loyalty, they are going to get married this October after 10-12 years of dating. Yay!

Sweet hor?

My sister-in-law to be is a really nice girl. My parents love her. I love her too! =)

Kor Kor! Happy Birthday!



This is a PAID post. This is a Sponsored post. This is for...Hmm...advertising purpose.

I do not know how many girl's friend read my blog. But it's worth a try. You will love me WeeJian!

So, in the last post, I talked about my friend - WeeJian. I do not remember how long we have known each other. My friend introduced him to me during high school. We went to the same tuition center and we gave him a nickname as Mickey. He looked like Mickey Mouse back then. We were kinda Hi-Bye friend during high school time until we went to Inti College Penang. We hang out together with a group of friends sometimes, and not long after that we all became very good friends! Then not long after college years he went to US to further his studies. So when I came over to US I thought we can meet up again but then he went back to Malaysia right after he graduated with a degree. So my dream of singing karaoke with him and another friend of mine never come true. =( But now, he is back to the land of Amelika again to work as an engineer.

Ok. They are all not important. That was just some history of me and him. What is more important is what kind of person he is.

He is a down to earth kinda guy. He is caring, whenever you have any problems just vomit out everything to him and he will give you a bunch of useless comments and solution, but his lame jokes nonetheless will make you smile. Because of this, I can say that he has sense of humor. He loves himself a lot. He has a big dream, it's really good when someone has a dream of something he or she wants to achieve, that means he or she will works hard to achieve it. He is loaded, he is from a good family background. He is nice. He sings well. He is sweet, he is that kind of guy will make cards for his girl friend. He is secretive, he hardly tell us about his love life but sometimes he will accidentally split it out to me. And he has short term memory loss, which is a good thing to me. LOL. He is smart. He is humble. And last but not least, he has that special kinda charm.

So, so, so, you guys must be wondering how does him look like rite? Well, I am sure he does NOT use Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, and MySpace. =p

So now, you must be wondering, if he is so good why not I just keep him for myself. Well, he is TOO HOT for me to handle. =)


Ah! I am expecting a call from him after I published this post. =p
XiaoXiao Jian, dont be mad k. I am waiting for my free phone as the reward of this post.=) *hehe*


A little bit update

There's nothing much to update....

My job is kinda blah. Hot sun and thunderstorm. Rejection and more rejections everyday. Sweats and tears.

I am currently reading 'Battle Field of Mind' by Joyce Meyer. A chapter a day before I sleep everynight. It's a brilliant book, she relates everything to daily life very well. Everytime when I read I would be like "Oh my gosh, this is so me..."

There is really nothing much about me to talk about. Same old boring me. =(

Anyway, there is something to get me excited is my friend-Vjian finally back to California...