Sunday, April 29, 2007

Super Busy!

Ming says: It doesn't matter who you are, what matters is 'Whose' you are.
It's been a super busy week. I had 2 presentations, 2 major papers, 2 exams, in the last 3 days, that was crazy! Besides, I was busy helping out the Festival of Nations 07' that organized by International Students Organization. On Saturday, we were glad that everything turned out great! A lot of people turned up for the feast and we were so happy to get good comments from everyone!

I wore the Japanese Yukata kimono that I bought from Ebay. Gosh. I took years to figure it out how to wear this costume and I got really frustrated over it. Luckily with the help from Ching Ching it turned out "pretty" nice on me. I had lots of fun before the festival by helping out preparing the food and decorating the ball room. Enjoyed myself on the day itself too! Because I get to take a lot of pictures with a lot of people and I get to sing on the stage and I get to help out at the merchandise booth! It was a really great experience for me and anyway, a bunch of us went to party after the festival just to celebrate our great work!

Ok. That was Saturday. Then on Sunday I was helping out in the sunday school. It's another great day! hahahaha! I get to bring the kids to have a walk by the lake. They are so cute I wished they are all mine! wakakakaka!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

...found hope, found life, found all I You...

Monday, April 23, 2007

For you, sunshine!

My Sunshine Pammy just got a new job, I am thinking of getting her something, and I think and think and think and think...Maybe this will be the best gift!

Kitty. Kitty. Kitty. Rat. Dead rat.

More pictures!

Ming: Captivated by You, again and again. You are amazing!

Last Wednesday was our school holiday, so we decided to WALK to downtown. Yes. WALK. And you can see from the pictures that how boring is this town, there is NOT even one cinema. And the street is always so EMPTY, traffic never been busy too! I doubt the people here know what is traffic jam. =_="
Last Saturday woke up at 6 in the morning to go to this trip at Walker (somewhere one and a half hour from this town) to see 'Walleye' spawn taking. Well, 'walleye' is a type of fish, and this is the beranak-anak season, so they kinda trap all the fishes to one place, and then they bring them up one by one and squeeze the sperm out from the male-fish, and eggs from the female-fish. Then, they mix the sperm and eggs with clay water to harden the eggs. After few hours they will put all the eggs back to the river and maybe few days later the eggs will become small fishes! It's pretty cool..=p I should go to the Outdoor Program Center to check out more activities...Heeeeeee..

Friday, April 20, 2007

eh peOple..I am StresS la!

Gosh...I am started to get frustrated over my works for this semester. I am really really really stress. So much works to complete, and yet so little time I have. Time management, Stress management, I dont know how useful are they to me now.

I have been working hard (Well, at least I think so), spending so much times on things that some I dont even have a clue on, spending sleepless night to finish up the work, waking up early in the morning to complete the rest.....but but but but but...still, my results are

Friends have been saying I am giving myself too much pressure, but I really dont think so..I really need someone to push me, put pressure on me, then maybe I can only do well. =(

I am not asking much from myself, I just need B for every subject, good enough for me to go into Graduate school (Well, if I want to go la someday..=p).. sigh..just a BBBBBBBB!!!

3 weeks to go until Summer holiday. Major papers and major presentations are coming up, and I still have to deal with some other stupid assignments and exams.... God, show me Your way how am I gonna do this this time, I need Your guidance, need Your strength, I will listen to you as Your way is always the Higher way....=)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Nice Day Out

It's such a nice day out. Nice weather. Nice weather to study out. And...erm...easy to fall asleep too.. =p

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Random Pictures update

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Visual DNA


Every morning when I wake up, I will look out from the window, look at the sunshine, I treat it as if it is just shine especially for me....
This is the way that I keep my smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Try it. You will believe what I say then. =)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Random stuff - updated!

I have been Missing In Action to many people. Aiya. Nevermind, let me update you some of my stuff k!

  • I have been really busy with my studies, believe it or not up to you...=p
  • I am broke. It's like "BROKEDED" broke. A-me-li-ka food is really expensive, you tend to control your expenses on food but later you will find that no matter how you save, it's still cost you a lot. Well, maybe I should just take one meal per day.
  • I am looking for a car. Actually I found a good deal, a few hundred dollars (not more than 1000) for Dodge-Neon year 2000 car. I really hope the owner will keeps his promise. *fingers crossed*
  • I am still figuring out how to finish up all my works in such a short period.
  • I should call home more often.
  • I am loved.
  • I learned to be aware of people around you, backstabbers are all over. Beware of GIRLS.
  • I get hungry easily lately. I eat a lot but in the same time I'm losing weight. =_="
  • You tend to eat a lot when you stay here cos of the temptation. The evils on this floor will just come in your room and tell you.."eh...i'm hungry"..then you will automatically reply to him/her "Let's go get something to eat" without thinking much. Grrr.
  • Stay in campus or off campus? It's hard to decide. Whatever it is I've already paid deposit for next semester to stay in the dorm. *haha* I'm hoping to get a roomate next semester. I know la, I am crazy... *aiya* It's lonely sometimes to stay alone..
  • I need to get a job in the campus. ISH! They don't want to hire me when they know I am graduating soon.
  • I want to work in dining hall. Not becos of the food obviously, the food there Triple-EEW. I want a job because I want a social security number. Ish, it's not like the job allows me to earn a lot of money or what.
  • I need a car. A car. A car. Car. Car. car. A car for summer job. Pray hard for that.
  • I can't wait to go back to Penang on October to attend my brother's wedding! Everyone is invited, just tell me if you can come, k? October 7th. I would love to meet up everyone when I am back, I will only be back for one week plus and have to minus 4 days on the flight. =_=". sad case.
  • It's still snowing in Bemidji. We have lots of rains and snows too. I know it's crazy cos it's April and it supposed to be Spring now.
  • I should try to fall in love with all the subjects I am taking. Heeeeee...
  • I'm missing Penang's food. Mom's cooking actually. Steamboat, indian curry. Hmm. Yummy.
  • I need more sleep. More. more. More. ZzzzzZzzzzZz
  • I need to go to play tennis more. Run. run. Runnnnnnn....
  • I want holidayssssssssssssSSSsssssssssss...
  • I am loved. I think I said it twice already.
  • I am loved. 3 times then. =p

Will post up some picturez later I have done my works for the day. Till then! =)


God is good. God is great.

Friend is sweet. Friend is LOVE.


After I posted up that I love sauces and I collect them........

See what I've got now!